How do I self-publish my novel?

Independent writers should choose all the options they need for the best path to success. However, self publishing is increasingly becoming far more than just another alternative for publishing traditionally.

Author David Gaughran spent 18 months calling all agents in English-speaking countries asking all his questions and they never got anywhere. Self publishing means going through the publishing process yourself all the way from editing until the final design until marketing. The goal of self published books is to put the successful publication completely in your own hands. Let’s get digital: digital self-publishing is an option that many authors made from the beginning on. You can learn to make the best use of digital mediums.

Format Your book

Amazon has a software product called Kindle Create that formats books for ebooks. You need just download the software and put it into your PC. Once an application begins it will open a Word document with Kindle Create. The program scans your file looking for things such as chapter names. Pass your book through your program so that it looks as right as possible for you. Use the preview option to view your book as if you are reading an app and viewing it in the background. When you have your book ready you can publish it, which requires a file that can be uploaded to


Representative image of the software Kindle Create.
A representative image of the software Kindle Create. (Image:, 2022)


Pricing and rights

You may sell worldwide in different territories Amazon is in or you can only sell in United States and then choose one royalty plans. Royalties show the percentage of commission that books earn from them. Books for prices of $0 — $2.9 have 35% royalty rates. After knowing this royalty amount, you can determine the price.

Amazon will provide a recommendation on price depending on the length of the book and genre of the purchase. SYou can change your pricing later. There’s always a possibility.


Amazon cover creation is one in Amazon KDP which allow you to design your own cover. Canva is a software to design books and book covers. Get someone to cover them for free or send them to me for $5–20. Make sure your cover looks similar to other cover in your genre. These thriller cover looks like a thriller. Sci fiction cover looks like sci-fi novels. Romance Cover allows you to know very much what are on each page that you can read. 5rr gives you the cover of your choice. If you have a friend who is a designer. ask them and they will lend a hand with some inspiration!


The Canva app is great for easy and efficient cover designing.
The Canva app is great for easy and efficient cover designing. (Image: @canva, Twitter, 2022)


$32.25 — An awesome cover design is where everybody gets something done at a dirt-cheapest price. Fiverr originally suggested freelancing for 5.30 if you could sell them for a few cents. Base rate is only $5.5 and I’ve ordered an expensive package. It would be about $32.25 for a cover design and very different from everything I wanted to change personally. The money was spent and the design was a good job for a Nigerian freelance designer that created it for $32,000. You can hire people to design the cover of your Kindle not only for you but you can find the work on an insanely cheap basis.


With ebooks, you could publish right away or place it on a pre-order. Pre-ordered books still have their own Amazon page like other products sold from Amazon.

Some authors use preorders as motivation to write better, great. This is very real, considering how Amazon puts you on probation once you finish something and you will likely miss out on everything you’ve ordered. You then submit the book for consideration to Amazon, before they take them to test out your writing ability. Once it’s ready to be marketed they create a page of details and then you can start sales.


How to publish an eBook: Step-by-Step eBook Publishing

KindleDirect is the market-leading self-publishing platform, available to you for free. About half of all eBooks sold globally were published by Amazon. You can get global audience by writing your eBooks and making up to 70% royalties. But there are many steps to consider as you learn how to become an eBook author – so in this guide we will show you exactly how to write an eBook on Amazon. In 2017, eBook sales exceeded 266 million!! If it’s true that ebook-only writing is essential to anyone then eBook publishing will take hold by 2020. In our guide we show you how to.


KindleDirect is the market-leading self-publishing platform, available to you for free.
KindleDirect is the market-leading self-publishing platform, available to you for free. (Image: @AmazonKDP, Twitter, 2022)


How do I publish a book on Amazon?

As Amazon has always known self-publishing Kindle Direct Publishing can be a convenient option if it can be done on its own with Kindle Books . You don’t need to go through long negotiations on the job to land book deals that lock you into unrealistic deadlines and cut you out of most of your hard-earned income.

You can now fully control your publication via self Publishing – using Amazon’s KDP system.

How do I become a best-selling author on Amazon?

Set up your account

You first need to create your own account with Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. You can link the file to your amazon accounts if you want. You may want to log in or open up an Amazon account. Once your Account is created, please enter the required author information.

That’s your actual name even when you write under your pen name. Don’t worry, you pen names writers; when you submit the book you will have to tell us the author name. Then you could have a pen name. Possibly twelve. You must also enter your banking and tax details.

Doing math

My book is already available for sales from Kindle for a week and I bought copies of several books in several formats. I’d make a decent amount of returns in just less than three months. The next goal will be creating enough income so I can say I got $100 an hour for time invested with my book. I spent around 150 hours on that and now I have to make $15,000 for it to state he’s making $100 an hour. Of course my sales could change since then, but I hope they increase. There are a bunch of marketing attempts which should help.

$150 — Editing and Proofreading

The author paid $150 for editing and proofreading her story. The person who I selected was my friend editor of the High School Journal that was to have a great amount of writing experience. My cost was 150 but I liked having a friend whom I knew help me out at some stage. Find someone to help on the project but the prices are pretty flexible so it’s not always easy find someone to do this on fiverr but it just appeared fair. The pricing for $150 wasn’t so complicated and I proposed it to her and she accepted.


Once you have the manuscript and covers ready to publish you are prompted to upload them in Amazon KDP and start using Amazon Author. You will have to put in the details of your book (author, title, subtitle and book description). You will also select the groups that it will belong to. When someone searches a product on Amazon you can use as many keywords as possible.

How much does it cost to publish a Kindle book?

Amazon allows people to upload books on the Kindle free site. Amazon will take a portion of your publication income – leaving you with 50% after the print rate. Subtract the printing cost from your royalties rates to get a take home paid on a 300 book: $9.80 – $3.25 = You pay no upfront costs but print fees are subtracted to obtain your entire earnings: $17.99 x.60 =.10 royalties per book and $3,012 per page.

eventually paid nearly $200 for my first book on Kindle. I paid for an Amazon Echo bookshelf for $200. Now if you can afford it, it’s cheaper. Here’s just what happened. Please follow this link as a reminder of the ‘spybook’ download link and find a Kindle for reading.

What about physical books?

In addition, Amazon KDP allows paperback. This program is print-on-demand meaning that Amazon prints your book if someone orders it. So you don’t need to pay inventory.

How do I publish an eBook on Amazon?

People are constantly plugged into their phones to access information from a laptop or mobile device. This is an easy one because it is cheap. The invention of Ebook Reader makes the notion that digital books exist on an electronic device much convenient. Nowadays many self published writers control all aspects of their writing career, allowing them to manage the entire publication process for both print, audio book and ebooks/

Shopping for help

A typical cover can cost around $300 which could be higher if the need comes up. If you want to get into this online community ask for free help and get e-mail alerts before making any purchase. The Editorial Freelancers Association provides both a list of freelancers and advice on rates and other hiring considerations. Google additionally offers lists of professional lists from vetted lists like Reedsy and then there’s Google. According to Gaughran, he warns not using businesses claiming they could do everything for you for tens of thousands of dollars. Visit the author be aware site sponsored by FWA.

Amazon Self Publishing – Why is it the best option?

Traditional publishing will soon go away. Amazon Self Publishing is the best solution in every area. There are significant differences between traditional vs. self-publishing with the majority of authors taking their talent in Amazon instead of through a publisher from the Big 5.

Amazon Self Publishing Summarised

Self-Publishing school teaches people how to become bestsellers on Experiment with these strategies to determine price for your book, it will lead to long-term success. Certain of the links above may involve affiliate relationships whereby school earns a commission by linking to a product page without a subscription cost to you. Keep yourself abreast of every Amazon algorithm upgrade. All our services are continuously updated with the latest algorithm updates. Get information in depth about how to write & publish your book on Amazon.

Choosing to self-publish

Before the mid-2000s the only alternative to mainstream publishing for the could-be author was expensive and often scammy “vanity presses.” Print-on-demand POD became affordable for authors and small publishers. The 2010 release of the Amazon Kindle 3 revolutionized self-publishing.

Melissa McPhail the author of A Pattern of Light and Shadow is due to release her sixth novel. They have won various awards for indie fantasy. While the mechanics of publishing a book are not easy there is plenty you need when looking to become a prosperous independent writer.

Selling your book

Amazon enables self-published authors with two ways of publishing ebooks. While KDP allows you to sell your book on Amazon KDP Select allows you access to several marketing tools with higher royalties. Kindle Unlimited is a subscription program which provides readers with free books and the ability to loan up to 100 books. Authors who have books published with Kindle Unlimited make royalties based on the number of pages read and the amount of money in the global fund. According to author Michael Ewings, “Amazon clearly does the bulk of the US ebook sale.”

Do your research

There are groups on Facebook and social networking and a variety of books and blogs which can give you a start. “Face-to-face contact can also be helpful,” said Aukes and Gaughran. “And be serious about your goal as a writer. You must have a good plan and you have to show what you want to write for the industry,” said McPhail.

Be professional and use professionals

Your book will go through the full publishing process if you still do it yourself. The cover is the first thing that someone sees and it’s easy to get you looking amateur. You can also hire somebody to do the formatting for you such as Vellum and Draft2Digital. If you cannot afford to hire a copy editor he says there are several techniques you can use to help you catch errors by reading a piece of writing out loud or listening to a text reader read. It says there has been no bush league in the publishing industry.

Book Launch: Step-by-Step Guide (with examples)

You might think your launch happened when you published your book for Sale to Amazon. The launch process is much more involved than simply clicking the publish button. It all starts with your first massive promotion and sales of your eBook if possible.

Below is the period that I used when developing this book. Feel free to copy it, tweak it and share it as you want. Use it as a guide to launch your book and sell your book to the United States. The launch process starts long before your official launch.

Format for book publishing

Your eBook files must be formatted correctly in order to be uploaded on For help determining which eBook you can use, see this guide on EPUB vs MOBI. If you plan on publishing more than one eBook you may need to invest in ebook software like Vellum. It is relatively low investment and it’s easily accessible. If you want to publish multiple books you can invest in book-formulation software such as Vellum. It is easy to use and easy to download to the Kindle store.


Self Publishing is also known as visibility. BookBub helps readers find books using recommendation by the authors they like or updates. Book FUNNEL and MailChimp offer assistance with promotional mailing lists. There can be sites for readers to join discussions and promote their books such as Goodreads.

“In the end, it’s up to old-fashioned marketing,” writes author Mark Rogerson. He uses KDP Select to market his recent book and says it’s down to good-fashioned advertising.

Choose eBook keywords & categories

Keywords are the terms the customer put in Amazon’s search bar to search for relevant content. For each Book you will be given seven keywords on Amazon. For example when you’re looking for a book on how to write a children’s book you can type in the keyword “How to write a children’s book” and this will give you the result you want.

Select your Amazon categories

Amazon presents a choice of categories and subcategories to choose from. Your goal should be to look for trending regions without huge competition. If you do not have a stable website with important downloads and reviews try a category where the book rank within the range of 10,000 – 30,000.

Check the Best Seller Rank Of The Top Books In Your Category

It depends what books sold in a given category. Aim for categories whose average best seller rank is also not too low or too high. You don’t want a category you find too competitive and with low sales figures. When you publish your book in the top three the chance that it will be included in Hot New Releases will dramatically improve. People tend to scan the pages of the book based on categories. More you are in an entry category the greater likelihood someone clicks on something to buy your article. Assist with categories where you think you can break down most bestselling authors.

Send free samples email (Minimum 4 Weeks before launch)

It is a good idea to send a free sample once a week to the subscribers. That’ll give them another taste of what’s in your book. Of course they will not require the whole first chapter. Send them the portions that will make a reader’ come back for further.

Get a cover that grabs attention

You have to have an aesthetically pleasing cover. Covers give first impressions of the book to prospective buyer. If it looks sloppy and cheap then they will assume it doesn’t cost much. And if you are tempted to design your own cover please don’t use it. Unless you’re a professional designer you’d be better off leaving this job behind something else. Happy self-publishing managed to strike a nice balance: professional quality and value. I hired a graphic designer to design the cover and it is now a new book. You shouldn’t be willing to take an extra penny for it.

Make your book look pretty inside

You should format and save this book in the format Kindle readers can follow such as .pdf or .mobi. Alternatively, books can be viewed at any device using the Kindle app.

I formatted my book myself using simple software called Vellum. If you lack the technological knowledge and you want to ensure the book’s format in a proper manner you can hire professional editors to do that for you. Happy Self Publishing offers an affordable formatting service. You will get to proofread this book on your Kindle tablet or mobile device and print it out as soon as possible.

Choose a title and subtitle

In your Kindle Direct Publishing account you must write the title and the subtitle for your book. It may be difficult to have a great subtitle. Look up the title your publisher should offer it and ensure it has not already been scooped up in one of the best books ever. Consider what you’d be interested in a book title. Make his point clearly clear – and unique for you. Search for the name you want and do not make competition for yourself. It’s important to make a clear name and to be unique so we can attract more visitors and make it effective.

Map out your launch plan and prepare promotional materials

You shouldn’t wing the job once you get a book. Obviously you plan every detail to the end to prepare for the launch and the days and weeks after which. There needs to be a schedule so that you know exactly where / how to promote the business. Prepare beforehand and you will hit the ground running! Plan ahead and prepare prior to launching and feel frazzled & tired throughout. For the promotional articles I also prepared some new incentive geared toward promoting the book. If you’re not sure how you’re planning for the book you’ll probably have.

Price your book

A popular strategy for beginners is to price your book at $2.99 and gradually increase to $1 a week. I think sales may actually drop. For additional information, see the KDP Select Pricing Page. The best range to have your book priced varies from 2.99 to $99.99. The remittance payment varies according to the country but you can learn in the end.

Write a description that sells your book for you

Your description shouldn’t inform potential buyers about its contents — it should convince them to buy. If a description is weak and has no writing, you may not convince readers to click on the Buy button.

This guide will help you understand the steps for writing a good sales and customer description. See links in article

Verify your eBook publishing rights

As a publisher your rights are necessary. The books you write are copied by the original author as soon as they’re finished. How can one improve his/her ability to publish ebook on his or herself. Learn the necessary steps to improve his/her digital reputation. Take the steps below to explain how to use a copied copyright on your work.

Title your eBook

Your title and the subtitle in your book should be very crucial to your future success. You want to provide your readers with a compelling title for your publication that leads them to buying. Here are some tips on what kind of good eBook title you need. Fill this in your eBook Title and subtitle. Now you can add eBook title.

Add a series and edition number

Series: This subsection only applies to authors who published a new series.

Edition Number: You may provide an Edition number for any new edition of an existing book. If not, fill out series’ name and volume number here for series.


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