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How can I make money from my podcast?

Start your podcast and make money

Podcasting isn’t an easy money earning scheme. You have to build a loyal and engaging following willing to buy what you are selling.

Affiliate networks such as Amazon Associates sponsor podcasts with as few as 1000 downloads per episode. You could also request donations from the listeners or sell custom products. If you can monetize your live show by using advertising sponsorships, Live Events and sell custom merchandise, it can earn you some extra money. The products featured on this article are from our partners who compensate us for some of the products we write about and how the item appears on the page. Our thoughts are our own.

How do I make money from podcasting?

How do you increase sales for your podcast? Some works well if you first get your starting audience. Some work best the moment you’re more comfortable and able to reach more people. All the while you can earn money by podcasting whatever stage you are at. Subscribe to our podcast for iTunes or Google play. We’ll have a takeaway for the upcoming episode of the weekly iReportor.com show about how podcasting helps increase profits. This shows how to increase your salary and increase your sales.

How do podcasts make money?

Start by setting your mind to monetization by growing your community and selecting the right web hosting platform. Once you have your requirements met, your idea may be monetized with affiliate marketing and sponsorship deals or also in easier ways such as programmatic ads.

It’s never been a better time to monetize a podcast like mine. Our clients have the right backing whether you need a beginner or you want more monetization opportunities to make it a full-blown job. We’ll discuss some things that are important to use as part of your podcast so that it is easy to start obtaining money. But before going into detail.

How do I start a podcast and make money?

Podcasts’ popularity has become enormous. Numerous people are being lured into making new shows to leverage themselves as industry professionals. This article explains the basics of launching a new podcast. It will help you establish your audience, reach a target audience and get more influences. Establish personal brands if you want to boost exposure for their cause. Find out more about making money from your podcast.

Tell me the best way to make a podcast profitable?

Podcasts can make money; many earn quite a bit. Learn what podcast earning method suits your schedule today!

Keep in mind: like almost all of your other avenues of making a living, it’s an arduous game. With the best approach it is absolutely possible to make even a small amount of money within a few months and build that to become more significant over an entire year. Learn how to monetize podcasts by reading the article below or watching the video.

You probably have heard about many prominent podcasts making big profits. However, in the majority of such cases, they’ve been at that point  for many decades.

How much money can a podcaster make?

Creative work like podcasting can earn no money before you get your views. Eventually you will have a show which will generate millions of dollars each episode. There are people who make a relatively easy living working on podcasts a couple of hours a day. In this article, we will explain the way podcasts make money. First, we will cover ways the most profitable podcaster earns their earnings. Tell a typical podcast writer how much money they make?

8 ways podcasters can profit from their shows

As podcasts increase in popularity, more people are jumping in head-first and adding new episodes. Some folks have begun using podcasts as another source of income for their businesses, both individually and as a hobby for some.

Here are eight different ways you can profit from your podcast. This article will teach you how to get more money from podcasting by educating people on various topics. I hope to start a podcast show around October.

Increase sales of your products and services.

Think about ways to leverage your podcast to increase your revenues. A special promotional offer for your customers might add up to more sales. Remember your position in your listeners listening buds is a good way to build authority and strengthen the “know, like and trust” element.

Start looking at your show in a new strategic fashion and think about it as a marketing tool. It can help you convert subscribers into subscribers and people into paying buyers.

Expand your audience to attract advertisers

Podcast advertisement revenue is expected to increase by 14.5% in 2020. The report estimated that podcast ad revenue had surpassed its 2018 peak revenue of $1781.8 million. When trying to start out it is important to appeal to and expand your audience which in turn will help you attract advertisers. There are several keys a podcast player must focus upon in order to build out their audience and establish. These are key components in building a podcast audience. Building brand identity and attracting advertisers are key considerations. Podcasts are going to have to change ways around the world to become more mainstream.


Sponsors usually make $28 to $25 for every 1000 monthly downloads. Contrary to affiliates, sponsorship fees pay for potential business. Sponsors generally gravitate to shows with more than 500 downloads per year per episode. A little under 10% of podcasts reach this milestone, though you can still get the sponsors with a small audience.

A podcast which hits a niche that follows advertorial targets can attract a lower percentage of listeners. The more a podcast is downloaded the more money you make, so sponsorship programs are likely to give more money to the product you were selling more than the listeners.

Podcast sponsorships

In this model you’ll pay $15 per 500 downloads with a 15 second preroll and $25 per 60 second midroll ad. This might help to cover the price for the podcast.

Recent podcasters have particularly focused on downloading and landing publishers, but there were other ways for a podcast to be profitable even if you had a “small audience,” said Corey. The Art of Charm, the entrepreneurship show, and the $100 MBA Show generate thousands a month.


The cover image of popular business podcast, The $100 MBA Show, hosted by Omar Zenhom.
The cover image of popular business podcast, The $100 MBA Show, hosted by Omar Zenhom. (Image: The $100 MBA Show, Spotify, ©2022)


In the podcasting universe some might feel that relationships are less lucrative. When searching for an interviewee, don’t focus solely on that person’s status but think about your business.

“Many show hosts have decided to interview people on CBC A–listers and there is nothing bad about it,” said Jessica Rhodes on Rhodes to Success. “Instead of following customers because of status, be strategic and try to interview people you collaborate and do business with,” she added.

Popular advertising networks

Sponsorship sales are the most lucrative way of making money from your podcast. Most new podcast players begin with sponsors going through a broker. Sponsorships are an easy way to generate revenue once you complete a business deal with a sponsor. Advertisers spent $575 million in 2019 and the company estimates it will spend an additional $820 million in 2020. In the beginning you will not have the leverage to demand your own rates. Once you really start to do it, sponsors will start to reach back to you will have a much greater control to what you get.


Below are some places you can search sponsor offers:

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing is where you pay commissions when you refer people back to another company.  There are affiliate programs for virtually every popular product and service. You could create your own advert if you do not have traditional sponsorships.

Using a plugin like Lasso is strongly recommend. This feature allows you to create redirected long links to specific links (unlike many other valuable services). It’s also helpful to create a WordPress blog so people can easily learn about various companies mentioned on your site.

Books and audiobooks

As a podcaster, you spend endless hours producing quality content you can distribute for free. People are listening, they ask advice and it can be applied to a business. Repurposed content is the strongest content marketing practice.

Jon Nastor is one of the examples of podcasters who repurposed parts of his content and created a product which is something people pay for: a book. “As podcasters craft their art they become better communicators and better storytellers,” narrator and podcasting artist Krystal Wascher said. “Why don’t you try recording your own audio book to get more quality?” she adds.


A portrait of Jon Nastor.
Jon Nastor is the author of Hack the Entrepreneur: How to Stop Procrastinating, Build a Business, and Do Work That Matters. (Image: @jonnastor, Twitter, © 2022)

Tips on Increasing your podcast revenue regardless of audience size

The audience for podcasting has increased tremendously in the last year. According to polls, half a million Americans have listened to podcasts at least once. Apple or Spotify allow for podcast uploads. Even small podcasts may produce good money on various different streams.

Podcast consumption 2019 has been released by Newman Research and Triton Digital and published by Taggon Digital. The podcast Consumer 2019 is centered around listening among consumers aged from 12 to 24. This study was published January 1 2019 and is located in New York City and New Jersey.


Online courses provide a good way to show a simple and effective lesson plan. It is helpful to have a newsletter to allow to share your training with your audience online as well as via an SMS message.

Another option to promote courses is to use a webinar site to show the value of what you offer for about 45 minutes and offer a course that you have at the end. They work well because people want to interact with you live. I have a course called “WordPress Website LaunchPad” where people can learn the basic principles of launching a WordPress site. Also check this course for podcasting.

Sponsors & Advertising

Advertising and sponsorship are probably the one thing to think about when it comes to making money on your podcasts. There are a variety of other popular podcasts networks which connect a user to advertisers. In most cases you will need a larger audience of five to ten thousand listeners annually.

One option is contacting direct companies that might be ideal fit for your audience.

How can I make money from Spotify and Apple?

Listening to your podcast on iTunes and Spotify may also help your show to be easier to watch. If your host is the Spotify aggregator Partner, it will show your submission to Spotify. To submit a podcast to Apple podcasting you need a Podcasts Connect account and an RSS feed that provides required tags, at least an episode and artwork. The podcast is available on Audible for up to 5 business days. Apple also has regulations with respect to the Content allowed on its websites. Take into account the restrictions before you decide if it is the good fit.

How can I make money from a podcast?

Once you realize your strengths you have the ability to create great podcast content. There’s a few choices. You may try as many of these you like. However it’s always a good choice to concentrate on some methods and improve your performance.

When should I start thinking about monetizing?

There is never a perfect time for podcast marketing than today.

As soon as you can you should establish the foundations for monetization, which is a strong community of listeners and the right hosting platform. How can you build and strengthen your community? It’ll be hard and you’ll have to struggle but if you stick to it well and authentically you will eventually get there. Start monetizing immediately but develop a business plan.

Some of the highest earning podcasts

We won’t know how much an audience will pay a podcast when the pay is not publicly available. Just podcasters know what each episode gets. But in the same way podcasts have expenses which are difficult to calculate: the number of profits. This list some more data to make you aware of what podcasting can accomplish. Show A earns $10,000 / month with expenses of $5,000-a-month and podcast B makes $8,000. Show A technically makes more money than Show B does but these are very different financial conditions.


It is one of the most cost effective ways to make a quick income. If you hold an event it will also bring together your best supporters and add to the value. The Walker Stalker conference is the result of a podcast in which the Walking Dead TV show are explained. Sam Harris integrates Live and Patreon events where Patrons have immediate access to his live events at a low price.

When should I think about making a podcast?

What type of marketing are some podcasters using on iTunes? It could range from a hobbyist paying for its costs of hosting to somebody getting enough to make podcasting a real profession. If you have an audience you should monetize it. Many sponsorships agencies need 3000 – 5000 listeners for each episode before they take you on. Please refer to the sponsorship page in our podcast article on this.

What should I know before starting a podcast?


You are able to offer services that connect with the content of the podcast. I once worked on my analysis and critiques of online campaigns on the podcast. I showed that I was knowledgeable about the subject so people wished they could receive expert-level ads management. This was very convenient when we were in the process of trying to sell our services. In other industries you can also create similar products if needed. It is possible to do the same thing in most industries.

How do I make a podcast?

Crowdfunding & Donations

You can ask donors to help support you and your podcast. More entertainment podcasts could work as revenue making devices. A common way to receive donations is Patreon. They make it super easy to add new content to or reward based on how much money someone has been paying you to do. They even give you the ability to have a standalone paid-only RSS feed which relates nicely to the next method to make money podcasting.


Many who would like to start a profitable podcast feel that technical know-how and logistics can seem overwhelming. While there are a lot to plan to get into a podcast you can’t fail if you take things step-by-step. You can start your own company or work from your own business with podcasts. For more information in analyzing and producing podcasts see iReport.com.

Gather your tools and equipment

The good news is technology now becomes more affordable. You still need high-quality equipment to provide sound quality and editing. These can help you keep track of your podcast.

Software to record interviews

You can perform it alone if you want, but if you want to record phone calls via Skype you may need a third party software. Some of the options are Pamela for Skype (Windows), ECamm for Mac / iOS, and an MP3 Skype Recorder (free).

Software for audio editing

Mac users support Garageband in their devices. Audacity also lets you solve the audio problem, cut the segments and make a number of new objects. The same elements will be needed if you make a video but edit video. Another option is outsourcing audio editing for podcast processing.


A screenshot from the popular Apple software, Garage Band.
What GarageBand looks like. (Image: Duane Storey, Flickr, © 2022)

Decide your show length, frequency and format

Almost all podcast experts agree that 20 to 45 minutes is the optimal length. Some podcasters blog daily and most are weekly. You can post monthly to ensure that the show is useful for your audience. What segments on your show can you put together? Are there a couple of questions a week and some tips and tricks? Are you only chatting?

Create your intro and outro

It includes music and spoken segments appearing on a weekly television show. You can do that on your own or get help from a freelance voice engineer. Make sure whatever you’re using has the license that you want. You shouldn’t make them longer. People look forward to hearing the content of your show so don’t delay in doing that.

Record all the segments of your show

Some of the shows are divided in different segment. For example, the introduction, brief welcome by the broadcaster sharing about this week’s episode, an interview, a tip and an outro.

User experience

Marketing tips from Apple Podcasts recommend optimizing you show for mobile platforms. Make sure your logo looks nice as a small thumbnail and your website is mobile-friendly, for example. Always be attentive to the user experience of your show. More details on iReport can be found in our website.

Create graphics and a website for your podcast

The logo will appear on podcast directories and automatically show up on their devices. You also need a Hub from where you can spread this show. Many podcasters use WordPress because it provides many podcast-related plugins. You can use any option that gives you a professional internet presence.

Test everything

Have a testing session to learn how to use your equipment and software. Also find your errors. Take note: You want the audio record i’m making on Skype for this session. You shouldn’t interview a person only then to find out that they never spoke in an audiotape.

Edit your show

Colin Gray has various YouTube video on using Audacity to edit podcast audio. If it takes another program to create it, follow the instruction. You aim to bring out the tone in show segments improving sound quality, reducing static and other problems.

Here, Colin Gray talks you through the basics of starting a podcast.

Outline or script your show

Most interesting podcast is conversational. If you are going to interview a guest ask questions before you meet the person to make sure he knows what topics they can expect. Get or share scripts to stay focused.

Put your podcast editing on EASY mode

This app is capable of creating the basic recording from scraped files. Record online calls and solo audio, auto cleanups audio editing with a simple and easy to understand format and publishing right to our host. Get it right and you will have a better opportunity to be successful not only from money but also from relationships and making a difference.

What topics will you cover?

Like other business ideas, narrowing your niche enough to be unique while leaving it limited to support your long-term show. In the future, you will need to develop a health and wellness podcast with a subtopic or niche market for example healthy eating/diets for middle age moms.

How do I choose a method of podcast marketing?

List the things you make on podcasts? Tell me the subject matter? These all relevant questions relate to different podcast monetization options available to you. Once you know where you excel, you’re much better positioned to choose the method which suits you below.

What should I have in place BEFORE podcast Monetization

Show the factors that determine the potential for making good money as a podcast. You will only get this money once you think about these first. You have to think over these factors before you earn any money.

Make the commitment to your show

Once you reach the audience you expect to produce shows. This can’t be just the sort of thing you do when you feel it. It may help planning 10 or more shows and taking time every week to plot out future show ideas.

Who are you podcasting for?

This is where target markets come in. Like any other business or industry strategy you can save yourself a good chunk of time and money if you are targeting a niche market who wants exactly what you offer.

Choose a method to opt for podcast monetization

First of all, examine what your strengths are and what podcasts you do about their topic and their audience. You’ll be able to find that specific area where you excel.

Choose the right hosting platform

Many hosting providers and service providers offer the ability to run programmatic ads on the hosting platform from the start. This gives a podcaster a great opportunity to make money from their podcasts. Let’s say that it’s important that you choose a solution that can provide you with everything you need in your podcasting journey. For instance, our professionally designed dashboard covers everything from editing, feeds to social media distribution and monetization opportunities that gives podcasters more control over the content they create. In addition we developed tooling tools such as our Automatic insertion ad tools which include a ground breaking silent detection system.

Sell content upgrades

A clever way to monetize a podcast is to include a downloadable resource with each Podcast episode related to its episode. To sell a digital download, you will require a website payment page. The form will be downloaded on the listener’s phone.

The most accurate place this should be is the pages where you can publish your podcast downloading links and audioplayer. So if you need help with sales upgrades, you can ecommerce the product page with which you add the upgrade for the same price. This way, folks could read past updates in a single place instead of searching through many posts. For example, you can buy a 99 dollar map that lists the very best trout fishing locations in the United States.

Host an event

If you have a local audience or devout fans who would love to see you buy a ticket for the show. What kind of event is needed depends on your audience and the topics to be broadcast on the website. Eventbrite is an excellent website for selling live tickets. If you analyze the first cities that your listeners visit and live the event will generate more attention, so you are sure to create more audience. If you’re thinking about moving to new cities to host an event analyse how long you’ve got for listening before you head on the analytics page of your podcast and look through the geographical reports to help you monetize.

Sell physical products

You could sell T-shirts, cup of tea, stickers and whatever connects your viewers to the show. These days you no longer need to actually manage anything in order to run your own ecommerce store. Teespring gives customers the freedom to design and display things to be printed only and sold when a particular product is bought. Oberlo can set up dropshipping stores which automatically purchase products from another supplier when users place an order. It is generally not necessary to start with printing on demand. It will save you the hassle in buying fewer inventory products. If you buy inventory, you have the chance that you’ll never be able to sell it.

Physical products like mugs or t-shirts also come in the form of swag.


Use your podcast audience to get your books to start getting your first sales. You can also appear on other podcasts to promote your book when it launches. Two examples that I have used (and bought) are: and one of them is that you can use popular podcasts to promote your new.

Sell information products

Information products or services are a type of content which people buy in order to gain knowledge. It could be something like templates, resources, guides, books, worksheets and more.

Unlike content enhancements, a general information product shouldn’t be concerned with each episode’s theme and solve a wider problem. The greatest benefit of selling information products through podcast is the possibility to plug this information in your scripts whenever you want. You can also collect questions or notes from your listeners and answer them on your show, creating further value to their purchase which is important to your listeners.

Programmatic advertising

The term “programmatic advertising” refers to the market where automatic purchasing and selling ads on podcasts happen. Programmatic ad networks allow podcasters to sell 100% of their inventory both domestically and abroad.

So, Spreaker owns its own programmatic marketplace that’s packed with advertisers ready to automatically deliver targeted advertisements on your podcast. When a TV or Radio caster clicks a switch you are positioned to start delivering advertisements to people. Programmatic advertising can help a podcaster market their stocks to specific regions.

Syndicate your show to YouTube

You could create an online series to make money from what you already created. You need simply enable monetization to make Google pay to distribute your funds.

t depends on several factors such as YouTube views, how long people watch videos and whether they skip your advertisements and whether they click on your advertisements. Learn YouTube SEO practices for displaying videos in search results. For example, “Mark Roberts says blockchain will overtake the travel industry in 2020” is better title than: “Episode 019 | Blockchain Technology by Guest Mark Roberts.”

Support direct including premium content

Direct support or ask fans for money to support you.

A terrific way to get audiences to support you is to compensate them through premium content. You could charge them to have early on-demand access to episodes. Bonus episodes or downloaded resources could have live chat or have access to your newsletter. If you are unhappy with this procedure you can add ‘PAYPAL’ with PayPal or ‘Stripe’ in a PayPal account. You can even collect money via Patreon.


Netflix generated revenues for subscription of over 20 billion annually in 2020. You can offer subscriptions for the premium contents you have at different prices.

Membership is a wonderful opportunity to grow an audience or to strengthen connections with other members. The stronger the relationship, the longer they may stick around. To keep up the drive, what your podcast must always do is – share your passion with society to create your favorite listener community. Once you keep this in mind and stay a constant, getting money from podcasts is naturally flowing to you.

Sell repurposed content

A great way to develop marketable content is to repurpose something you created before. Show some of your best podcasts related to this subject. You can transcribe these yourself and use Castos automatic transcription services straight from the website. Then, edit the transcription, add more information if you can and package each into a book. Invest in one of the best designs from services like 99designs.com.

You can then put it into an appropriate format for Amazon. Books sold on Amazon are substantially more efficient than trying to sell them on your own. Next, promote a new novel for a podcast.

Create a community

Podcast listeners enjoy podcasts because they have accessibility and trusting with hosts but if you can use them in an authentic way you can grow your show and monetize irrespective of the size of your network. If your listeners are more trustworthy and loyal, you’re better able to hire advertisers.  Have engaged listeners who have a emotional connection to your podcast, listen more, promote more, buy more and demonstrate more loyalty and become brand ambassadors. Don’t alienate your listener from the experience by not respecting them. The symbiotic relationship cannot work in a one-sided state.


You can already share your knowledge with other members of the business community. All people are different and therefore have individual issues about your industry based on a range of personal experiences or opinions.

What does it take to try coaching?  Take the step by looking at other peoples’ work in the niche and identify your strengths. Enhancing your relationship with your client through coaching will prompt your clients to discuss your podcast and/or its content.

Create courses

You’ve got tons on-demand knowledge about your industry and your podcast would make great revenue. Show your favorites topics by observing your analytics and the feedback of your audience to curate more informative teaching. This option goes hand-in-hand with coaching because you can apply previously created coaching experience to develop a course for someone who doesn’t have enough time on his or her days to prepare all your one-on-one. In light of pandemic demand, online programs have started to pop up in the country. Online schooling industry expected to grow at $350 billion by 2025.

You should break up the information in a simple form as it explains the course. The information could audio, visual, or written. There are plenty of tools out there to help too.

Teachable and Thinkific are two of my most favourite platforms for making courses visually stunning. Find out the right way to begin creating a full time course on Thinkific and Teachable.

Sell mastermind slots

Masterminds are groups of people who aim to work towards a common goal. They offer training ideas, feedback and accountability so that you will keep on track regardless of what you do. In a mastermind group you are also a member so you have to limit yourself to people who can also add value to your business. For Masterminds, there’s only one challenge: Members demand value.

They invested a lot of work into that and so they won’t be happy if you or anyone else that is part of the mastermind disappear for a week or so. If you decide to use podcasts for promotion, you need to commit to them.

Selling Ebooks

How could people making money in ebook sales? Now it’s easy to build eBook using services like FlippingBook. The key to monetizing this ebook is from linking it anywhere from your website, Instagram click to action to your email lists. How do we manage a successful podcast? Our FREE Spreaker course covers everything from defining your podcast from launching up to totally monetizing your catalogue. How about 100% safe? Aren’t you ready to wait? Can a podcast make money through premium? Please click here for further information.

Affiliate sales

Affiliate purchases are similar to sponsorships but you got paid based on what you sell to another company. Audible offers a popular affiliate program which a lot of podcasters and YouTubers make use of.

If you start selling your affiliate products to the right people, make sure you’re providing easy access through the links that are given. When someone uses your link you receive credit for the Sale and earn $15. If you want to monetize, see Audible for their affiliate links. Another company pays you commissions for each sale. When someone uses that link then it is very simple.


Sponsorships or advertising is often seen as the default method when promoting the podcast. Some employers are still more interested in numbers than with interaction. 500 active listeners are significantly more important than 5000 casual listeners in comparison. Try smaller organizations or local companies, and talk to them about their reasons for supporting your podcast. For information about creating a podcast sponsorship program please read our comprehensive article on how to do it.

Sell an app

You can sell your parenting podcasts as calendars specific to those parents. Elsie Escobar of Elsie’s Yoga Class live and Unplugged sells a free app giving students access to 90 yoga classes with PDF explainers.

Alternatively, a branded apps could give your podcasts, their blog content, updates your schedule and possibly a way to speak directly to you. App development is expensive if you don’t have the resources. Make sure you get enough advice from a developer before you get started so you don’t burn too much cash or don’t wind up with a half-finished product you can’t afford.

Create paid membership tiers

Podcasters have been making paid subscriptions in recent years. Listeners can pay for private Facebook groups or podcast swag. Your fans can also get rewards as they add more content to your site.

How can I start my Patreon – account? Other member-only sites of choice include Glow.fm Supercast. You may find more listeners are willing to support the show when they are given a physical product or exclusive episodes as a contribution to the show’s creator.

Join an advertising network

AdvertiseCast follows a 70/30 revenue sharing model. If you have 2000 to 24,999 listeners in an episode the 30-second advertisement gets a maximum profit of $33 per million. After 2,000 repeat listens a sponsor pays $62.40. In the end the podcaster takes home $39.10 and the advertising network take $13.70. Depending on your reach, estimates can be made of what your advertisers pay. Remember, you will only get 70% of the revenue from the ads placed in your show. For more info on how to apply to each platform, read the fine print.

Presentation, delivery & performance

If an audience is bored they usually don’t pay attention. Your body language is channeled through your voice and your vocal inflexion. A lot of people are drawn into passion and enthusiasm so make sure your presentation is engaging. Remember we have a class on podcast presentation skills from the pro voice coach Donald Pirie in our school of voice. We also offer a podcast presentation course by Donald Pirie on the UK’s BBC Radio 3 podcasting campus on September 28, at £16.99.

Audiences love enthusiasm and passion therefore focus on improving your performance across your presentation. It’s not easy to have the right topic and message and you have to keep in mind that the readers never become bored.

Gate your back catalogue

Hardcore History by Carlin provides a good example. He has been released for free to download but his older content is costing $1.99 on his site. Instead of the new premium contents, you can limit the access to the older episodes. In other words you’ll have to put a paywall behind each page letting them listen to older articles on the site or you’ll need a subscription to the contents already in place.


In addition, co-hosting with other podcast companies can help you expand your audience. The cross promotional podcasts also expand the followers you have. Find the advice from Apple’s tips on podcast marketing best practices. In addition getting a lot of influencer comments and appearances from your hosts can help increase your audience.

Tell me the best way to promote affiliate links?

You may insert their logos on your shows notes on YouTube videos, on your website, email, and your blogs. Get into what your audience loves best and go from there. Don’t let yourself fear thinking outside the box! Most of your competitors do not even advertise for an affiliate program anymore… but the rest do. Talk through these businesses and tell them what you can do and then they get paid. Let’s say if you have a large audience and maintain a steady pace about their love affair with persistence you can sell them and make the money you desire.

I don’t have a podcast yet.

Do people ever want to start podcast? Try this guide and learn everything necessary to launch the podcast you dream of.

I’m already running a show.

How will you grow with podcasting skills? Grow your audience and earn from your shows!

I need 1-to-1 help.

Need additional help? We provide live coaching and guided courses at our academy.

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