How To Deal With A Bad Boss – Top Tips To Help You Out

The word boss has a lot of negativity bound to it. Bosses are meant to be leaders. Propelling progress by being an exemplar for subordinates to follow. They can encourage you and appreciate your efforts. Unfortunately, that exists in fantasy for most people. So how do you deal with this ‘bad boss’? These tips will help you out:

Is your boss really bad?

Before concluding that you have a bad boss, make sure you get your facts right. Observe your boss’s behavior over a few days. Is the behavior bad for everyone? And is it under some external influence? It might be something out of your boss’s control that is modifying the behavior.

Identify the reason

If your boss doesn’t like the way you do certain things, it may be because it gives a bad impression to others. If you want to smooth things out, you can let your pet peeves take a back seat for a while and let your boss’s ones prevail.

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Don’t take revenge

It will make things harder for you, not for your boss. If you decide to slow down, you will not only get the boot, but it will also make its mark. So relax and try to get along with other managers in your workplace to compensate. 

Avoid Triggers

If you’ve done your homework well, you will know what causes your’s boss to meltdown. Avoid doing those things, and the truce between your two will hold.


The next step is to know what your boss expects and get those things done before getting a reminder. And then your boss need not keep watch on everything you do.

Getting along is really not that difficult. If you really have a bad boss, the best thing would be to remember these tricks. That does not make you a coward. But sometimes, ‘playing dead’ can help you survive.

3 Tips to Follow If Your Boss does not like you.

What do you do when you realize your boss doesn’t exactly like you? Bad blood with the boss can turn your office hours into nightmares. This will also create difficulties in the work environment. Here’s a quick guide.

Stop overthinking:

Of course, your performance review matters a great deal, but overthinking about it will just drive you insane. 

Don’t be worked up about their feedback- just work on the points and stop being anxious. The more you try to understand what they said, the more your mind will get worked up and the lesser you’ll focus on your work. 

Make sure that your performance is up to the mark. Focus on every point your boss has mentioned, and just don’t delve deeper. If you prove to be an asset to the organization, the the personal equation with your boss will not ruin your work prospects.

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Talk about it:

If you notice something amiss about your interactions with your boss, just don’t sit back until a confrontation happens. You should talk to him about this.

It might sound impudent, but it will help you get at the crux of the situation, and you may be able to sort the issues out. This will also give your boss the impression that you’re interested in reaching a consensus and will ease the tension while thwarting the animosity.

Create a support system:

You need to create a strong network of allies to up your networking game and also keep a tab on what someone might say or do against you. In many cases, you’re stuck with supervisors who dislike you. 

Keep a group of mentors and advisors alongside you in the form of co-workers. Have meals, grab coffee with them and discuss your work issues without sounding vindictive. Be respectful and friendly so that you have people to watch out for you.

4 Ways to Tell Your Boss you Need a Raise

So you’ve been slogging it off at work, chasing targets and achieving the unimaginable. Your appraisals look awesome, while your boss seems to be impressed by your work ethic. And you also need to get that fancy condo for yourself, but that’s too expensive considering your current pay scales. If a raise is on the cards, but your boss hasn’t mentioned it yet, you will be in for a long dilemma. 

To ask or not to ask. 

Change your job? Nah. So don’t wait for your boss to make the first move. This isn’t dating, so just breathe. Here are a few ways to hint your boss for a raise minus the embarrassment.

Compare your salary with others in the same field.

You need some ground research to back up your raise request before you decide to face your boss. So just go on and find out how much is the median salary that people at the same designation and job profile as you in other companies earn. 

You can also find this information online. is a good option. 

Ascertain your credentials

Your salary depends a great deal on your qualifications and credentials. Are you qualified and experienced enough to ask for the quoted salary figure? You need to be very realistic and pragmatic. The amount of time spent under the current employer also counts, and so does the location of work. Big cities offer a greater salary always. 

Examine the financial state of the organization

Remember, timing is very important. If there’s a financial crunch or a wave of uncertainty in the industry, avoid talking about a raise. And don’t just observe. Dig deep and do some reports. Get hold of the finance reports for a start. 

Be well prepared 

As soon as the iron is hot, strike on! Get ready to face your boss, and your way of negotiating needs to be just the same as marketing for a product, in this case, yourself. 

Give your best performance; take it as an interview. Jot down your achievements and your contributions to the organization. After this, list your skillset. 

And make sure to include your future goals for contributing your share in the company. Once you give a good enough presentation in this field, you can be assured that your boss will consider your request. 

6 Tips to Mend Your Relationship With Your Boss if You got off to a Bad Start

We all share a love-hate relationship with our bosses. But when you get into their bad books, it can end up as a total nightmare because it’s your boss who determines your future career path. 

But if that latest altercation at work has led to some bad vibes between your boss and you, you need to rectify that immediately or else being at work will not be a pleasant experience. 

Here are six ways to make amends if you started up on a bad footing.

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Take Charge

Be affirmative about what you want at work. You can’t just sit back and expect things to improve. This is the first step to making progress at any avenue in the workplace. Make changes in your own approach if necessary.

Analyze your boss’s behavior and preferences

You need to understand your boss well. His work ethic, way of communication, psychology, and preferences should be at your fingertips. You should find out everything about your boss, so you are prepared to handle any situation.

Ask Questions

Be as inquisitive and interested in all initiatives as you can. You need to show that you’re there in the organization to contribute and create value. That, irrespective of your equation with your boss, will establish you as a professional who is committed to his job, creating a bridge.

Stop Judging

Your boss is human, just like you, and he may be facing worse times than you. Be empathetic for his behavioral shifts. Take a step back when you feel the conversation is going nowhere and approach again for a consensus when you feel they’ve taken enough time to cool down.

Solve the areas of disagreement

You will have to solve the issue at large before you move forward with your relationship with your boss to rule out all unresolved conflicts. Accept their point of view and then address your concern. Don’t be argumentative. Instead, portray yourself as calm, polite, and accommodating.

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Change yourself

Your boss will notice the change in your behavior. Be more positive at work and accept diverse challenges. Always have a work ethic that makes you productive. Be interested in the progress of the organization and express that in front of your boss.

If you follow these tips, you can definitely mend the relationship before it is too late.

Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid if You Want to be on Good Terms With Your Boss

The bosses in corporations are the most cursed and misunderstood people due to their strictness and no-nonsense policies. 

It is a challenging task to be in the good books of your boss and ensure a healthy work environment considering the difference in levels and designation. But you have to understand that your boss is a human too, and he has the responsibility of ensuring the progress of an organization, and to seeing that all the targets are achieved. 

Here are a few things to avoid if you want to maintain a cordial relationship with your boss.

1. Do not think that your boss is God or the Devil

You need to think about your boss as a fellow human being. Of course, that doesn’t mean petting their hair and gabbing about television constantly. Instead, try asking about their health and do not just be a cold-hearted opportunist. 

This can help you maintain a better relationship with your boss. You may work at different positions, but a little empathy can go a long way.

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2. Don’t harbor any ill will towards your boss

Believe me; they can spot it from your body language. If there are any issues that need to be resolved, speak up and let them know. If you harbor animosity, it will be very difficult for both of you to thrive in the organization.

3. Never be condescending in dealing with your boss

Don’t try competing with them as it is unethical to do and can also work against you. Your work will speak for itself if you have what it takes to be on top. Trying to replace your boss and acting superior will only harm your reputation in the long run.

4. Never think of reporting your progress and contributions as boasting

Always keep your boss informed of your progress. This will make an impression that you are concerned about your career path and your contribution to the organization, further enhancing your prospects at work.

5. Be yourself and don’t try to burn yourself out

If you want to suck up to your boss and do work just to please him, it will reflect on your work ethic and productivity. If you need some time off, say it. You need to recharge your batteries to yield effective results.

Summing It Up

Your boss is also a human being; a few steps from your side can easily help deal with a bad boss. Proper communication and the right mindset will contribute profoundly to mending your relationship with your boss.

All you have to do is be a little more considerate about it.


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