Is Law the Right Career Choice For You?

Wearing the black robe and fighting for justice in courtrooms gives a feeling of utmost pride. The passion, the adrenaline, and the bravado of lawyers are enviable, but do you have what it takes to handle the pressure and the struggle?

If you are a law aspirant, you need to ask yourself these few questions to ensure that you are cut out for this field.

Are you motivated by money?

Of course, we work to pay our bills off, but to choose a vocation solely based on how much money it fetches you isn’t the right way to go. Lawyers truly have fancy pay packages, but it takes a lot of time and aptitude to reach the level of A-listers.

If you are truly convinced that you can bear the initial problems and resolve them without losing your will, go for it! Also, analyze your grades and scores before opting for this career.

Are you exposed to the field?

Have you undertaken summer jobs or internships to understand the field of law? You also need to speak to lawyers and alumni of reputed colleges to know how the field works and whether all the conditions work for you. This will go a long way in helping you conclude.

Willing to work for long hours?

Lawyers find it difficult to get time for themselves as it is a very demanding profession. So if you want to multitask by focusing on other activities, you probably need to reconsider your decision because the law can be time-consuming and very stressful.

Do you have the aptitude?

Being argumentative and good at oration is not the sole criteria to be a good lawyer. Interest in topics like environment, immigration, education, or public policies may help you get ahead in this sector.

As much as oration is important, a thorough knowledge about these avenues is essential. Apart from that, an analytical aptitude and a penchant for minute details also help you get an edge.

If you resolve these issues initially, you will never have to question your decision in the future.

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