5 Fantastic and Highest Paying Occupational Therapy Jobs

In the tree of health care, Occupational therapy jobs are a significant branch that majorly focuses on providing care, help, and therapeutic assistance to all those who require it and are in need of it to get through their daily activities.

While it’s very typical for the practitioners of occupational therapy to become occupational therapists, there are more occupational therapy jobs in this sphere than just that. Occupational Therapy Practitioners can pursue a number of other occupational therapy jobs that this article will acquaint you with throughout its course.

ACOT or The Academic Council of Occupational Therapy issues a certificate of registration for the people who practice occupational therapy in India.

Moreover, the All India Occupational Therapists Association (AIOTA) along with the World Federation of Occupational Therapists (WFOT) recognize Bachelor of Occupational Therapy (BOT) Graduates who complete the course from AIOTA accredited colleges successfully. They are even eligible to apply for the membership to get an official certificate to pursue their practice of occupational therapy.

The least requirement for one to pursue a job in occupational therapy is to successfully pass their 10+2 exams in subjects like biology, physics, chemistry as well as English with a minimum of 45% – 50% of marks. Moreover, a degree in the Bachelor’s of Occupational Therapy (BOT) that is acquired over a duration of four years along with a six-month internship is necessary for one to pursue the profession of an occupational therapist.

Occupational Therapy: 

1. Pediatric Therapist Jobs

One of the occupational therapy jobs that you must stay job alert for is the job of a Pediatric therapist whose specialty lies in supporting children and helping them in performing their daily routines. A pediatric occupational therapist is someone who works with children who are facing problems in learning and have some psychological or physical problems.

They work towards assisting them in performing everyday living activities with utmost comfort. A Pediatric Therapist from occupational therapy even helps to develop children’s fine, sensory as well as visual-motor skills, which are necessary for their functioning and social interaction as occupational therapy services.

The average salary of a Pediatric therapist in India is ₹1,12,569 per month.

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2. Occupational Therapist Jobs

In the field of Occupational therapy Jobs, the most common and popular one that people usually go for is the job of an Occupational Therapist. Occupational Therapists apply specialized equipment as well as the therapeutic use of day-to-day activities in hopes of treating and serving disabled, sick, or injured patients.

Occupational therapists also assist patients for there to be an improvement in their developing skills and help them, regain the skills that are necessary to lead a regular life and to do work in the field of occupational therapy.

These qualified applicants who become occupational therapists may even provide both long-term as well as emergency treatment and physical therapy to their patients in case that is necessary to treat their developmental delays, functional limitations, and developmental impairments that they find out by testing individuals.

The average salary of an Occupational Therapist in India is ₹46,033 per month.

3. Mental Health Therapist Jobs

Among the number of occupational therapy jobs, the job of a mental health therapist practices occupational therapy to examine and cure mental as well as emotional health disorders along with interpersonal problems and life difficulties.

They usually work with patients towards making meaningful behavioral changes with the help of a variety of psychotherapeutic techniques. Not only that, they even provide coping techniques for one to overcome some of life’s challenges with the help of their doctoral programs to treat patients.

The average salary of a Mental Therapist in India is ₹42,800 per month.

Occupational therapy jobs
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4. Speech Therapist

The job of a Speech therapist out of all the occupational therapy jobs is one of the latest job alerts that helps and assists children as well as adults to improve their health. Their main focus is on people who have difficulty in speaking and communicating for physical or psychological reasons.

Their patients may range largely from infants who are suffering with delayed speech development to older adults who have a decrease in their communication ability owing to their illnesses or even developmental disabilities. Moreover, these speech therapist working in the field of Occupational Therapy also takes care of the individuals who have trouble in eating or swallowing their food.

The average salary of a Speech Therapist in India is ₹35,500 per month.

5. Counselling Psychologist Jobs

Counseling psychologist’s jobs is one of the occupational therapy jobs that employ mental health professionals and urge them to focus on helping patients who are going through and experiencing emotional distress, depression, anxiety or even behavioral disorders.

Furthermore, they even assist needy individuals who are suffering from any physical, emotional or mental health problems in order to enhance their sense of well-being, treat their feeling of discomfort and help them resolve crises that they otherwise find hard to resolve easily. They also analyze, diagnose as well as treat more serious psychological symptoms.

The average salary of a Counselling psychologist in India is ₹30,000 per month.

Soft Skills Required For Occupational Therapy

Apart from the mandatory academic qualifications, entry-level graduate programs, evaluation, and subject knowledge, occupational therapist jobs also require some soft skills to perform their duty successfully. These soft skills are as follows;

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• Problem-solving skills

• Nurturing

• Communication skills

• Empathy

• Physical strength

• Organizational skills

• Compassion

Final Note

This article would have helped you explore a list of some of the highest-paying occupational therapy jobs and their job description that someone from this field could consider going for. These jobs might assist you in determining and settling for a suitable choice for your career.

During the course of this article, we have discussed Five of the highest paying occupational therapist jobs, their primary duties and have also reviewed their salaries and discussed the skills and qualifications that they require for this profession.

One thing you should keep in mind before choosing one job to consider and go ahead with is that the Salaries of these professions may vary depending on the organization that is hiring, the experience of the candidate, their academic background and the job location.


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