How to Write a Blog: 14 Tips to Write the Perfect Blog

Blogging has come across for many years. It just felt like yesterday how blogging was just a time passed and now a full-time career that provides a handsome amount of packages. with the rise in technology, there has been a rise as well as an evolution in social media jobs where blogging is achieving new success. Now you will see thousands of videos and articles on “how to write a blog post”.

But when it comes to new bloggers, they face many problems. From not knowing about keywords to having doubts regarding their content, they deal with everything. Well, don’t worry here in this article you will be revealed some very helpful tricks to improve your blogging skills. All your curious queries regarding “how to write a blog post” will disappear.

1) What is a Blog Post?

A blog post is a piece of writing that is published on the internet. The written content can be in any form like a gif, photo, memes, videos, etc. every blog has a topic. It can be politics, entertainment, business industry, etc.

Your blog post can be informal, formal, and many things. For example, some industries write blogs for promoting their company, and some people write just for fun like writing down funny things.

how to write a blog
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2) How to Start a Blog?

  1. Name the Blog

    To begin, you must first create an account. naming your account counts as the main thing. Here your name is your identity and your content face. you can go for funky names or go for formal names. Even though there are websites where you can change your username but it is better if you go with only one username.

  2. Register Your Blog on the Social Media

    There are many blogging websites for example the biggest one is Twitter. Here you will see varieties of blogs from sports to gossip everything is available with varieties. There is also a slew of additional websites where you can sign up. Some are compensated, while others are not.

  3. Design Your Account

    Designing your account just doesn’t mean having a funky username. While designing your blog account, there are a few things to bear in mind. The design should have the power to hook readers from miles away. Try to come up with a bio that is straightforward but cool. The DP, if that social media requires then it should be relevant to the content that you will post. You can also go for logos they are quite a trend nowadays.

  4. Know How to Write a Blog Post

    While learning how to write a blog post, know your unique angle from where you can shoot your shot. Know about techniques like search engine optimization, how keyword research tools play a big role and studying your target audience, and successful bloggers understand their writing and communication with their audience. Just know you can learn how to write a blog post only when you have an interest in it.

3) How to Write a Blog?

how to write a blog
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Let me start with the very common misconception that every individual thinks that “You need to have a good command of your English and be a great writer.” False, you do not need to be fluent in English to write well, and neither you have to be a scholar writer. While writing blog posts all you need to keep in mind is that the post should be relevant, ethical, original, and should have meaning.

There’s an old saying maxim that states, “No fun for the writer, no fun for the reader.” So before starting to write blog posts ask yourself Will you be able to write a blog? Will you be able to devote yourself to this field? Will you be able to find yourself, loyal readers? Because writing a blog comes from the heart. If you don’t wish to connect with your audience and have no motivation then it’s of no use. Make your own blog post your own identity.

Writing a blog is both easy and tough. If you have the basics you will be able to write whatever you desire. You need to understand it’s not just writing some two worthies, even if it takes a week to write a good blog, take it because what matters the most is the quality. And you will only be able to write a good blog post if you have your full interest in that. Don’t be the face of the crowd while writing, be the leader.  Make yourself that good that people will learn from your profile. So before questioning how to write a blog question how to write what I have interested in.

Here are some tips on how to write a blog post.

1) Know Your Kinks

know your writing
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Before learning how to write a blog post ensure that you have an interest in writing blogs. Nobody would want to waste their time only killing the blog post that has no writer interest. A writer should be genuinely interested in their work. And trust me a blog does reflect the enthusiasm of the writer. So don’t kill it before it posts. And I get it that there are times when the company will give you the most boring topic to write a blog post about but that is what makes you a professional writer. Instead of sucking up try to find something interesting about that topic and write it out. Because if you are a writer it is your thing to look at different dimensions and be creative about it.

For example, if you are writing on south Asian women’s struggles then understand the struggle. Don’t just assume and write away anything. your post needs to be reachable to everyone not offensive to everyone. While writing about south Asian women’s struggles, a study that community, do deep research, and take help from examples. Don’t write it like it is a daily chore that you need to get over.

2) Understand Your Audience

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If you have the reader’s attention, you have the platform in your hand. For example, if you have the meme page which focuses on GenZ then you need to keep your tone in GenZ slang only. Through blogs, you can give information about recent gossip which will interest GenZ. You can talk about the new spiderman movies upcoming, games that are trending, and recent aesthetics to make them look cooler. Also to find what your audience likes and to generate more readers you can always go for tools like question-answer sessions, or you can make a form to ask about their choices. The more the readers are the more the fun is. And the best way to catch the audience is to interact with them. Interacting and answering their questions is the next step of you being a famous blogger. I know in the beginning there will be very few commenters and everything but it will gradually increase if your content gets more reach.

3) What are your Competitors Doing?

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Have a healthy competition with your competitors. I believe healthy competition is very necessary for keeping yourself motivated. If you write about sports then check other bloggers and understand their psyche. If you are a beginner then look for popular bloggers in that field. You will really get to know about many things like how to post? How to write a blog post? Will get to know about the great headlines in that field. Here you don’t copy their style you just get educated in your field which is not wrong or illegal.

4) Get your Facts to Check

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While learning how to write a blog post this one is the most important thing. Avoid the research with no face and proof. Some years ago I wrote about the rape where I mistakenly wrote the wrong facts about the rape. The fact that the topic is very sensitive and placing wrong facts made many readers upset. It is normal to make mistakes but try to avoid them because it’s social media where the content should be to the point especially when it’s a sensitive topic. Sometimes because of these mistakes the account also gets suspended. Reader’s attention is on everything whether it’s a catchy title or it is a mistake in facts.

5) Say No to Errors

no mistakes
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You also need to know that mistakes are in many forms like grammatical errors. Grammatical errors can really turn off the readers. There can be other errors like not using appropriate memes or images in that blog post or repeating the same phases. Though there are many sites where there is an edit note not on every social media website. For example on Twitter, you don’t get the privilege of editing the error. because of this before publishing check the grammar thoroughly. You can use Grammarly to cross-check the article or blog post. repeating phrases can really bore the reader’s interest. People read blogs to enjoy the time not to find some mistakes.

6) The Content Here

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What is the hardest part of ‘how to write a blog post’ is finding a great title and introduction to make the readers hooked from the start. And you will only be able to write a catchy headline if you have the whole depth of research about that topic. A title should always be catchy enough to make them interested in just seconds. Because the fact that a blog is an open place, you can explore the title and be creative about it. Make it irresistible so that they not only read it to themselves but share it with their friends too. Your introduction will predict the future of the body and conclusion.

7) Search Engine Optimization

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What about search engine optimization? well, it is not something hard to understand, you don’t need to crack codes or understand some algorithm. Basically, SEO means the process of optimizing your website to make it more visible while using google, youtube, or any search engine website to look for times related to your business. You can learn about SEO either online or you can just take the course.

If you want to know more about search engine optimization and learn about how it can make you a good writer then check this article Ultimate Guide: Become a Successful SEO Expert in 13 steps

8) Relevant Keywords

relevant keywords
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When it comes to research you just don’t have to research the topic ideas but also the relevant keywords which will make it a trendy and successful blog. You need to create the outlet of your post title. understand the topic ideas so that you can find the direction. If you have just started writing and are new to blogging you can go for free tools like Ubersuggest, and Google Keyword Planner. And if you want to go for advanced tools you are good to go for Ahrefs. After this, for more information and ideas you can also google those keywords to have more clarity. The more relevant the content is the more traffic will be there. Not only relevant keywords but relevant images, and videos are also necessary.

9) Go for Quality, not Quantity

quality matters
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Quality matters not quantity. people like quality blog posts. they don’t need some old used same stuff to pop on their screen. To draw readers look for creative ideas that will surprise your readers. To make the quality better don’t just go old school by just writing a blog, go for memes, videos, and other kinds of stuff. People like having fun weather while reading or playing. A great post will generate the reader’s attention. also, make the blog post understandable. Your writing skills will only help if it is understandable to the readers. To be a successful blogger you first need to understand your writing and how you can mold it in different looks to make its quality finest.

10) Where is the Decoration Committee

videos, images, memes
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Should we just stick to writing blog articles? yes, writing is important but not decorating it with images, and videos is a no-no policy. As I have mentioned above also, images and every other thing are very much important to the blog. When you add images to the blog you give it more understanding to it. Here don’t just honor your writing skills but also honor your photography, videos, and memes skills. Also according to the research when you add featured image or any videos your blog look more full and detailed. This is one of the best ways to seduce the readers.

11) Does Consistency and Connection Matter?

consistency and connection
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Be consistent with your audience. Just how you don’t like being ghosted, the same way readers don’t like being ghosted on. And ghosting is actually not cool so avoid it both here in the blogging and in real life. Connection is important everywhere whether it’s a husband-wife relationship or it is a writer and reader relationship. I know when you are new in the blogging field as a new blogger you worried about many things like is my blog good? are readers interested? is my writing style good? and many other questions. It is normal to feel like this, but you can’t let it go over your head and disrupt your consistency. Having writer block is common but don’t make it for a long time. you write because you are good and perfect at it.

12) Be Like the Reader

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Don’t sound too technical or genius. Yes, you should write posts to the point but don’t go to academics. While writing a blog you only have one goal which is not to keep the readers bored out of death. Well if it’s some serious news like genocide or humanity crisis then it’s another thing but there also write with full empathy to make them feel like the writer is them only. Other than that if it is about some fashion or some celebrity gossip then you don’t need to jump into the main part. Make it juicy enough to get hundreds of shares on that post. write an article If you are the reader only. Make yourself the question, do I like this article? Will I read it to the end? Also, get the topic so that the other readers feel like you are them only. Just like how you are the main character of your life and be the main character of your blog to

13) The Content Management System

the content management system
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What is this content management system? (CMS) basically means software that allows users to create, manage, and alter material on a site with no help in requiring specialist technical skills. Here you can have a good look over your blog domain. This makes the task very easy. for example, WordPress is a perfect example of CMS. On websites that use a well-known content management system, WordPress has a market share of over 65.1 percent.

14) Promotion

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Promote your writing. you have written the whole content now it’s time to showcase it to the world. There are many ways how you can promote your blog post like on any social media. go for Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter you have endless options with billions of audiences. other than that go for an email marketing service and email it to your friend’s co-workers, and family. The options are endless. A blog is called a successful blog when it comes to great responses. And to gather those responses make your audience. For a first-timer, it can be hard but gradually you start getting the likes and responses.