Ultimate Guide: Become a Successful SEO Expert in 13 steps

Can you build a successful career as an SEO expert? The answer is yes. Read on to find out how you can become an SEO expert and pursue a successful career.

Become a Successful SEO Expert


About Search Engine Optimization

What do you understand when you use the term ‘SEO expert’?

Well, a search engine expert or specialist is someone who optimizes websites (through analysis and reviewing) to make them achieve higher search engine rankings.

In other words, we can say that by improving page rank within search engines, an SEO expert maximizes the traffic to a site.

Why should you start an SEO company?

In the present time, the importance of SEO experts and companies is constantly rising as all businesses rely on getting discovered by people on the internet. SEO services are an excellent way to help other enterprises to improve and grow.

The primary reason there’s a great demand for SEO Agencies or SEO experts is that it helps improve business’ visibility in the search results online to increase website traffic.

As a business owner, it will be highly profitable to start an SEO company, as the field’s recurring revenue is good. Most SEO services are delivered monthly as they require consistency, so it helps the owners have a predictable and steady book of work.

Moreover, it makes the hiring process more manageable when you expand your SEO business.

Stay away from misconceptions.

Be it any field or industry; misunderstandings are everywhere. The first thing to keep in your mind before starting an SEO business is to stay away from misconceptions regarding the industry.

You don’t have to know every term in the SEO glossary to run a successful SEO business.

On the contrary, if you know a few core SEO ideas, it’ll be sufficient for you to explain the basics of SEO to your clients.

Remember that as an SEO expert, your work is not to give in-depth information about how you will show them the results.

You have to help them achieve good service engine ranks and more traffic on their website. A well-laid plan is all you need to help your clients in the SEO business.

You need a team of hardworking, efficient, and trustworthy partners and employees to make your SEO agency successful. Teamwork is always better than a solo effort.

This doesn’t mean that you go on hiring so many employees and spending money, as some of them might turn into unused assets later on.

Just have enough members in your team so that you can complete your projects as an SEO expert.

In such cases, you can even provide SEO services to your clients by choosing a good White Label SEO service provider from the industry.

White Lable SEO Service Provider

It is also known as SEO reseller services. We can define it as a search engine optimization partnership among two or more companies.

The alliance embodies at least two companies who agree to share sales and marketing responsibilities of an SEO product. It fulfils the demand of other companies.

The achievement of any newly formed SEO company depends on the potential of the search engine optimization services you provide to the client. It also depends upon the skills and expertise of an SEO expert.

Always look for an efficient White Lable SEO service provider to profit from. It offers SEO services to agencies without taking credit for completing the work.

Are you planning to start and build your business as an SEO expert? We all know that starting a business is always tricky, but things start getting easier once you know the basics and get a hold of the industry.

Let’s get familiar with the requirements for starting your SEO business.

Skills Needed to Start an SEO Company

1. Business Discernment

The first skill needed to start any business is to know about it. Before starting your own SEO business as an SEO expert, you must possess business discernment.

It means that you must have the ability to understand the industry and make sound judgments for the growth of your business. If you don’t have this skill, you will have a hard time in your business.

2. Basics of Digital Marketing

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If you want to work your way towards becoming an SEO expert, you must know the basics of digital marketing. No client would trust an agency with zero basic SEO and digital marketing knowledge.

You can learn the basics on your own to better your business. There are many online resources that you can easily access just by signing up on various sites.

3. Legalities

Starting a new business comprises a lot of legal steps. Every decision in your business has to be guided by specific rules and regulations.

First of all, you need to get your SEO agency registered, and for that, you have to determine the business structure. It can be of two types:

Sole proprietorship– When you register your SEO agency as a sole proprietorship, it means that you will be running your business with a single owner. This can be a good option for those business owners who want to operate their business as freelancers.

This structure provides flexibility and a simple setup, but at the same time, it comes with a few risks as the agency will be liable in case of any damages.

Limited liability company– When you register as an LLC, it implies that you can have more than one owner for your business.

This structure possesses fewer risks, and one of those is that you have to pay business tax and personal tax separately. This structure also provides the business with legal protection.

4. Payment preparations

Setting up payment methods

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As an SEO expert of a new SEO company, you must decide and set up the methods of payment that you’d prefer. There are various methods available nowadays, which include:

Credit card payment: This is one of the most commonly used methods for payment by businesses. Most clients prefer this method, as transactions through cards are way more manageable.

Digital wallets: This is the method that’s evolving continuously in the present times. PayPal, Paytm, Google Pay and PhonePe are some well-known apps used nowadays for payments.

Automated Clearing House transfers: In this method, clients send an electronic money transfer from their bank account to a US-based business bank account.

5. Creating SEO Contracts

An SEO contract is significant as it binds your company with your clients. It is a kind of agreement about what is expected from both parties. An SEO contract has all the details about how your agency will handle projects.

6. Invoice templates

Preparing invoice templates for your SEO business is one crucial step when starting your business as an SEO expert.

Invoice is proof of the transaction between your company and clients, which helps you track accounts to ensure that your agency is getting paid as per the payment terms and conditions.

Your SEO invoice must include the charges with clear descriptions of all the services provided by your company. Not only this, the due date and payment method should also be mentioned in the invoice.

7. Business name and logo

When you start your SEO agency as an SEO expert, your first goal is to develop your brand. The name and logo are the most significant aspects of your brand as your company is recognized by it.

Deciding on a name and logo for your business is essential as both of them go into all the business cards, brochures, websites, advertisements and other digital resources.

8. Deciding the target audience and choosing your niche

After selecting a name and logo for your business, you must decide on your target audience to know the ideal clients you want to attract.

When you decide your audience and define their personas, you can easily understand their goals, expectations and the digital marketing solutions that they need.

When you choose your target audience, you must select your niche as an SEO expert. This is where many SEO agencies fall short and face disappointment due to the ‘provide services to everyone’ approach.

Deciding your niche makes a big difference as you know what kind of clients you will serve beforehand.

When choosing your niche, in the beginning, go with an industry you’re familiar with or start with your social circle. Before finalizing your niche, do market research and then choose accordingly.

9. Website Building

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Almost all brands and agencies have their websites nowadays, as the internet is an excellent medium to reach the audience.

When you start your business initially, it doesn’t matter whether the website is as attractive and stunning as other established business’ websites. What matters is the one you have, helping you reach your target audience.

10. Developing a Methodology

To make your SEO business successful, you must develop your methodology as it highlights the expertise and strategies to provide value to your business.

Being an SEO expert and then establishing your industry shows your expertise in the field. You can either build an in-house team or outsource the work to other experts.

11. Ability to Manage Projects

SEO is an incessant project. To make a website advanced and famous, one needs to keep upgrading the website. For this, it is essential to learn project management to manage the enterprise.

The two points we all need to focus on while managing a project are planning and fulfilling.

Planning includes investigation, judgment, and strategy. This helps build the foundation of your SEO campaigns, so you have a clear direction of what and when to do things.

After planning comes to the execution stage, it goes beyond the delivery. It’s a process of implementation of our plans.

12. SEO tools

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Starting an SEO business requires basic knowledge about Google Analytics or Google Search Console, as that’s when you can be called an SEO expert.

Both of these tools provide you with good results. But a robust SEO methodology needs more SEO tools.

Many SEO and marketing tools are designed so that they can accomplish other tasks, such as keyword research, as well.

Various free and paid tools available are online for the same, and some of them are Google Data Studio, Moz and SEMRush and more.

13. Getting Clients by Marketing Your SEO Company

After you set up your agency, it’s upon you to make it successful and take it to new heights. If you want your agency to be the top choice for businesses, you need to market your agency.

You can market your agency to get more clients through many practices. Some of the most effective ways for marketing are:

Search Engine Optimization: You must also serve your own business for what you are about to serve others. As you know that SEO is an effective way to build your online presence, you better work on your website’s on-page and off-page improvements.

Ensure that your website is working properly, has a good loading speed and gives a good user experience.

Reviews: This is another way to attract clients to your agency, as having reviews on top sites and your website makes others able to understand your expertise in the field.

Ask your clients to review your company (without being forceful), as their reviews will add to your agency’s value.

Adding your business on listings: You can add your SEO business on relevant business listings so that you get more clients when they check those lists of business companies.

While doing this, make sure that your business name, address and contact number are correct and consistent.

Social media: There’s no business in today’s era without a social media account. After starting your SEO business, create an account on various social media platforms and publish posts regularly to reach more people.

Content marketing: This is a way that every company uses for marketing their business. When we talk about content marketing, it’s not always about blogging.

You should look for the questions people have regarding your agency and then create topics through these questions. After that, create content that to make your clients understand your agency.

Paid advertising is one of the most common ways to market a brand or business. Paid ads are ideal for attracting your target audience as you can highlight all your specialties and offerings in those ads to make people look at you as their primary choice.

You can either make Google ads or remarketing ads to get displayed on other sites and your website.

Attending conferences: Other than so many online ways to market your business, there are offline ways, and attending trade shows, and business conferences are some of those ways.

It gives you an excellent opportunity to get introduced to a lot of people and connect with prospects.

Through all these methods, you can reach your target audience and attract many clients to choose your agency for getting SEO services for their businesses.

Retail your clients: Your work doesn’t end when you attract business owners to choose your agency for SEO services. When your project and prospect end with a company, it doesn’t mean that you have to break all ties with them.

Instead, you should try to build desire consistently so that they stay with your SEO agency in the future.

If you stop trying to build their desire to work with your company, you lose your clients that very moment. Having good relations with your clients is a crucial feature of a successful business agency as it helps your agency grow and achieve more success.

So, give your best to retain your clients even after completing their projects.

So, after getting well-versed with the steps to start your SEO agency, are you ready to give your career and business a great start? Are you prepared to take your SEO business to new heights?

Nothing is impossible. You need to understand the basics and know the right steps, and this guide gave you knowledge about all of it. So, my best wishes to all the aspiring SEO experts planning to start their agencies.

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