Top 3 Colleges in Chicago for International Students

Chicago is a city of dreams. The fast-paced economy and urban lifestyle make it an ideal destination for international students who want to expand their professional expertise and make it big in the corporate world.

The study opportunities are extensive, and the infrastructure and metropolitan culture make it an exciting city for ambitious ones.

Although it might be expensive to study in Chicago, it will be worth the return. The sprawling metropolis and the incredible socio-cultural vibrancy make it an attractive option for international students.

Here are the top universities in Chicago that you should opt for:

University of Chicago

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It is ranked among the top ten universities worldwide and was founded in 1890. With an architecturally marvel of campus and an enriched curriculum with a highly inclusive and ethnically diverse environment, this university has more than 51 major undergraduate programmes, 6 research facilities and 5 educational departments.

It is among the highest revenue grosser in the US. The law and medical schools rank among the best colleges in the US.

Northwestern University

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Founded in 1851, this university ranks among the top 20 universities worldwide. It also ranks well in social sciences, law, medicine, and business. It runs on sustainable energy and has state-of-the-art research facilities and doctorate programmes.

With more than 124 undergraduate courses and 145 postgraduate courses to offer in various disciplines, the university focuses on innovation and cutting-edge technology to give its students the best it has to offer.

University of Illinois

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This university has very advanced research facilities under the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education and is denoted an R1 specification for the same.

The university has the second biggest library in the US, and the research programmes are exemplary. It also holds an enviable reputation of being one of the top 5 engineering colleges worldwide.

So, these are your top choices for Chicago.

6 Financial Documents Every International Student Should Know About

Are you soon going to start your visa application process? So that means you have already selected your dream study destination!

Before starting the visa application process, you need to know about every international student’s necessary financial documents.

Here are six financial documents every international student should know about:

1. Bank account statement

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You have you submit your or your sponsor’s bank account statement to the country’s embassy or the university for a fixed period.

It would be best to show that you have enough funds from 28 days prior to going to the country and show until 28 days later.

2. Scholarship letter

If you have received a government grant or scholarship from the university, you should always have the letter. It is a financial document, and you must attach it to your application.

3. Loan Approval/ Disbursement Letter

The bank where you have applied for a loan gives you this letter. Again, it is a very important document submitted along with the visa application process.

4. Loan Capability Certificate

This certificate is given by the bank from whom you’ve taken the loan. It is a certificate of confirmation that the bank trusts you and is willing to provide you with a huge amount of money to complete further education abroad.

5. CA Certificate

This is a typical certificate that shows the amount of liquid and non-movable wealth you have. It includes your bonds, mutual funds, stocks, jewelry, fixed deposit, car, and house. Your CA has to make this certificate and approve it as well.

6. Property Evaluation Report

This financial report isn’t needed everywhere but only in New Zealand and Australia. This document includes the pictures of your property, all its specifications, including size and location, and proof of ownership.

Well, if you are planning to study abroad you better get these documents ready.

Top 5 Colleges for International Students in Ireland

The lakes and countrysides, along with a rich cultural heritage and an ethos that has survived over centuries, make Ireland one of the world’s choicest destinations to be in.

As icing on the cake, it has premium institutions of learning that make this small country a sought-after destination for higher studies. Here is an overview of some of the top-notch and most reputed universities.

University College Dublin

University College Dublin originates from the Catholic University of Ireland, established in 1854. With an impressive figure of 33,000+ students presently studying in its premises, the university has 5 colleges, 34 schools and 18 research institutes. It has a reputation for producing renowned alumni.

Trinity College Dublin

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Founded in 1592, Trinity College Dublin is one of the oldest institutions in Ireland and is classified as one of the seven “ancient universities” in the UK and Ireland. Being the only constituent college of the University of Dublin, it was constructed on the prestigious Universities of Oxford and Cambridge.

Trinity College, Dublin, stands as the most reputed and the premier University of Ireland, with more than 17,000 students presently pursuing its education programmes. The University boasts of three faculties:

  • Engineering, Mathematics and Sciences
  • Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Health Sciences

University College Cork

Officially renamed the National University of Ireland, Cork, it was the world’s first university conferred with the international Green Flag for environmental sustainability in 2010. It is well-known for its sterling academic performance.

National University of Ireland, Galway

The Galway’s National University of Ireland is highly esteemed in academic circles. With more than 17,000 students currently studying at the university, it has an enviable reputation of offering a plethora of off-beat courses like a Bachelor’s in Podiatry or a BE/ME in Sport and Exercise Engineering.

Dublin City University

Founded in 1975, Dublin City University was conferred with university status in 1989. Nevertheless, it has grown exponentially, and more than 16,000 students are currently pursuing a full-time education here. The university is known to have top-notch on-campus facilities.

These are the top colleges in Ireland for international students. Check out their respective programs for making a better decision.