The Best Countries for Expats

Living in another country is never an easy thing to do. You would have to comply with innumerable government regulations, papers you would have to file and often in triplicate, and of course, the local culture and the language barrier.

But if you can handle this, these are some of the best countries you can live in as an ex-pat.


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Singapore, in our opinion, would be one of the top contenders. Apart from the fact that the island nation is a melting pot of various cultures and ethnicities, the fact remains that Singapore has one of the strongest economies in the world comparable to its size and offers many valuable opportunities.

Apart from having a low tax base, Singapore offers ex-pats various incentives to stay back and settle down there. The cost of living is relatively low, and you have access to premium hospitals and healthcare.


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The next nation on the list would have to be Germany. With its economy surging past last year’s performance, it is set to grow even further. Backed up with a growing economy, the nation provides ex-pats many valuable opportunities.

On the plus side, Germany offers access to institutionalized programs that help ex-pats settle in and file all relevant paperwork and give them pointers about life in Germany.

On the con side, the incidences of hate crime are on the increase, with more incidents being reported from all over Germany. Despite this, it remains a top choice for many ex-pats.


Bahrain is yet another top choice for ex-pats. Apart from the fact that Bahrain offers extremely good pay packages to its employees, it also provides them with access to various health benefits, including incentives for others to settle there.

Bahrain is still under-populated and desperately needs a skilled workforce to account for various government-backed ex-pat initiatives. It is a warm and friendly nation, with good schooling and access to premium medical services.

If you are an expatriate, these countries should be your top priority to work in.

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