10 Ways to Stay Motivated While Working for the Weekend

Who doesn’t look forward to the weekends for some relaxation?

Working for the weekend can be tedious and unpleasant, but you can have it all with the right aims and motivation.

However, did you ever think about how productive your weekend can be? You need an effective working plan and some motivational tips to get started.

Highly Effective Tips to Get your Weekend Work Started

So, how do you go about it? Here are the top 10 pro motivational tips every weekend worker must know.

1) Early to bed, early to rise

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Nowadays, we all are caught up in the bad habit of sleeping late and waking up late. Now, this is the thing that ruins your entire day. Waking up late does not only makes you lazy for the entire day but also decreases your productivity. It also comes with a constant feeling of tiredness for the rest of the day.

Waking up early keeps you fresh throughout the day. It is scientifically proven that the one who rises early is more productive, well organized, and tends to be more successful.

Along with this, you get a good 7 to 8 hours of sleep, which is necessary for a healthy lifestyle and keeping you fresh all day long.

By simply avoiding your not-so-good habit of staying up late using social media, binge-watching shows, and whatever else keeps you up at night, you are halfway done with your task of working for the weekend. This is a golden key motivation for all the work strugglers out there.

2) Create a schedule

After rising in the morning, the foremost important thing is to make a schedule for the entire day. This helps you to achieve your goal easily. Set up your work with all other daily routine work. You will get a lot of time to clear the things up on your plate.

Plan wisely, and consider your work a priority. However, don’t be a complete workaholic. It is a weekend, and you are probably supposed to enjoy your me-time too. This is an essential thing to add to your life.

Adopting this basic rule helps you complete 30% of your stressful work. One gets a better view and idea of the work to be done. Scheduling things will also give you break times in between without impacting your work.

Follow the plan, and you will see everything syncing in together.

3) Create goals and focus on them

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Creating a goal before starting work is as important as knowing the destination before starting your journey. Before starting your work, you must understand what you are supposed to achieve.

You must ask yourself, what are your goals? What is that you tend to do? And these questions will give you the required answers about your actual goal.

Half of the things are sorted when you know what you truly desire and need. You can plan accordingly and act by keeping the goal in your mind. Thus, creating a goal will motivate you during working for the weekend. It also motivates you to do work and encourages you towards it.

Along with creating a goal, focus on the goal made by you. There is no shortage of distractions. Focus and concentrate on what you created and set it as your goal. It may be hard for a little while, but you will get used to it.

Thus it makes your work a little easier and quicker.

4) Keep the end goal in sight

Had something important in mind but messed it up by doing something that you could have done later? Yes, these things happen. To avoid this, always keep the end goal in your mind. Focus on a particular item at a time until you finish it.

If you genuinely want to make your weekends useful by working, be serious about your work. Keep the distractions away and control your brain and heart. You have to concentrate on the result; it will constantly remind you to get your work done.

Keeping the end goal in sight keeps worthless distractions away. It also works as a constant reminder of the work one is supposed to complete.

As a result, your prime focus will be your work. It will motivate you to work more efficiently and encourage you to get things done with the best result.

5) Healthy food breaks are necessary:

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Food is very important to keep you going in the right way. Though you are working on something important, you should never neglect your eating schedule. Food breaks are essential. They act as a short period of refreshment for you that keeps you energetic and provides you the stamina to work with concentration.

No matter what, a healthy gut is very important for every kind of activity, from working efficiently to having a peaceful sleep. A person is what he eats. It is scientifically proven that food affects all aspects of your life. So you should take your food habits seriously.

During working for the weekend, you already have a partial weekend vibe going on, which you must be trying hard to control, and during this, there are 100 percent chances of making a bad food choice. This will lead to laziness and unwanted distractions from your work.

So make sure to take food breaks between your healthy and refreshing work. It will motivate you during working for the weekend. Apart from this, here are some other helpful things to consider.

Sipping on water throughout the day. Aim for nutritious food, which also helps to satiate hunger—for instance, fresh fruit, baby carrots, beetroot,  whole-wheat products, yogurt, smoothies. To make it easy, add some fresh fruit flavor of your choice to it.

Foods like cookies and soda should be avoided. Do not go for unnecessary high-carb-containing snacks.

6) Work according to priorities:

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Most of the time, the workload is greater than the time available leading to confusion and dilemma. This results in wrong decisions and ruins your work plans.

At times like this, make the right choice. A to-do list helps sort things according to the prime to the least significant work.

Make a note of the works you need to do first to last and act accordingly. Work on the prioritized ones first and then move towards the less important ones. It will motivate you while working for the weekend. You will experience less stress and difficulty working for the weekend by planning things properly.

But remember, during this, you should be aware of your remaining works. A common mistake followed by many people is setting wrong priorities. Now, even if you choose to work according to the to-do list, it is all in vain if you are unaware of which work is supposed to be considered more important than the other.

Please keep it going, like understanding your remaining work, setting a pattern from what you understood, and following the same pattern.

7) Avoid heavy lunch:

Everyone loves to eat, and one will surely prefer an extra cheeseburger and fries over simple pulses and wheat bread. But when it comes to working, you need to make some changes. Heavy lunch like high fat and carbohydrates-containing food slows down your working ability and makes you lazy, affecting your work rate.

Fiber-containing food is very healthy compared to fat-containing food. Light lunch with more fiber and proteins is the best during the weekend. It will prevent you from falling asleep or feeling lazy and make you feel energetic during working for the weekend, which keeps you motivated to go on.

You can also have some fresh juices and probiotic yogurt to feel refreshing and energetic during work. All these healthy foods contain all the necessary vitamins and essential minerals required by your body.

They not only benefit your body health but also impacts your work productivity. Do not eat something that involves a lot of metabolic processes like lipids and makes you lazy.

8) Don’t work where you sleep:

Many people complain about their inability to be on time or complete specific work due to their laziness. And when you are working on weekends, things can get out of your hands.

Choose an appropriate place for working which will not make you feel lazy. Never consider your bed or the place you sleep as your workplace. This will hinder your work and add to the regular laziness you think. You will feel distracted and sleepy.

Instead, work by sitting on a chair with your back straight at 90 degrees and using a table as your platform. This is the right and preferable position to work. Sitting n this position helps your mind stay active and keeps you energetic. It also prevents you from feeling lazy or falling asleep. Thus you will be paying good attention to your work. You can get the maximum amount of time without any lazy distractions.

9) Take a power nap:

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Working continuously may create a lot of stress. As much as you need to work hard on your goal, you need to keep your mind at peace and relax. You should not feel angry or stressed while working.

You will feel refreshed after waking up, motivating you to work more efficiently during working for the weekend. For this, add 10 to 15 minutes of power naps in between your long work session to the schedule, and make sure you follow it. This will keep your mind calm and help you relax physically and mentally.

Also, keep a check on your health. Constant work may lead to eye problems and other disorders like muscle inflammation. Listening to some calm, peaceful music that you love while going to sleep can help.

A study by Ficca et al. says daytime naps “as short as 10 minutes can improve alertness and performance for about 2.5h in the face of prior sleep loss and almost 4h if preceded by normal sleep“.

Thus taking power naps between work is a very good and productive idea. One should always keep this easy step of taking power naps for better work and staying motivated in mind.

This entire thing can act as a soothing environment and help you progress.

10) Give yourself a treat at the end:

We all deserve and desire appreciation for what we do. Giving yourself a treat helps you to feel worthy and enjoy your success.

This art of appreciation is a very good habit to keep. It could be anything you adore. It will make you feel relaxed and worthy. Treat yourself with what you appreciate the most, be it a sweet that you like or a day at the salon.

Make sure to let yourself feel important. This is the time when you let all the stress out and enjoy this bit of a moment. This is also a way of patting yourself for all the hard work. When you take care of yourself, you will take better care of your work.

When you complete your work, treat yourself. You can take yourself out to have your favorite food, go out for a walk, stay at home, or watch your beloved shows with your most loved food. It will also keep you open for further challenges and tasks and motivate you.

Just make yourself feel proud, relieved, and happy after working for the weekend. You can even pre-plan your post-work treat so that while working, you can have a hold of something positive waiting for you at the end of the weekend.

At last, apart from these, you can also go for exercises, small meditation practices, and much more.

Which of these motivational tips do you think will help you the most while working for the weekend? Let us know below.

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