Top 10 Dangerous Countries in the World

The world has been plagued with unfortunate events and terror attacks in the last decade. Many countries have experienced a slump in tourism, and people are now more concerned about the safety factor than ever.

Nevertheless, some countries make many of us feel dreadful just at their mention. Here are the top 10 dangerous countries as found by the GPI.

Top 10 Dangerous Countries

1. Syria

Government forces in Syria have funded attacks targeted at civilians and imposed drawn-out sieges, depriving civilians of food and medical care.

Owing to its civil wars and the rise of ISIS, Syria is the least peaceful of all the places in the world.

2. Afghanistan

According to Amnesty International, Afghanistan scored high points in criminal activity since the Taliban are still operative in the country, making it the second most dangerous nation in the world.

3. South Sudan

South Sudan ranks 3rd out of 163 countries on the GPI because of inordinate violence. A report by the United Nations showed that hundreds of people lost their lives during a blowup of violence in July last year. At least 200 more people were subjected to rape.

4. Iraq

Every day in Iraq is a battle for survival for innocent civilians. There is a significant violation of human rights, and this has increased even more just 5 years after US troops departed from Iraq. ISIS carries out countless execution-style murders each day and kidnaps women for sexual slavery.

5. Somalia

According to reports published by the United Nations earlier this year, thousands of Somalis are encountered with a dearth of food and water due to severe drought conditions, which is said to be the worst in 60 years.

This is a grave concern, mainly because as many as 3 million Somalis do not have access to emergency medical services.

6. Sudan

Yet another African country secures a position in the top ten dangerous countries of the world. Civilians have been tortured, raped, and murdered in the last two years. The authorities even shut down independent media houses and ended the numerous protests and demonstrations.

7. The Central African Republic

The country has been unsettled since its independence from French rule in 1960. After Muslim insurgents took over the nation in 2013, it threw the country into a state of utter tumult. It ranks the 7th most dangerous country due to an unpredictable security situation prone to violent crimes.

8. The Democratic Republic of Congo

Attempts made by President Kabila to stand as a candidate for election again last year have given rise to protests and violation of basic human rights, which in turn led to a huge number of deaths and mass displacements.

9. Pakistan

Pakistan scored very low on peace and harmony thanks to its internal conflicts. Terrorist groups carry mass killings and subject women to many heinous crimes like rape.

In 2014, there was a heart-rending attack on the Army Public School led by the Pakistan Taliban, in which more than 300 innocent children lost their lives.

10. The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea

Also known as North Korea, it is rated as the 10th most dangerous nation globally. Their citizens live in denial since international media is not allowed to broadcast, and they do not have access to the internet.

The Government forces arrest people forthwith without a fair trial.

These 10 are the most dangerous countries in the world, so watch out!!

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