Top 10 International Destinations For Mountain Lovers

Love the mountain zephyrs? Yearning for a voyage to the pristine hills? Here are a few chosen most sought-after international destinations that should make it to your bucket list if mountains rejuvenate your soul.

1. Bosnia

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Bordered by the Dinarian Alps, this small, quaint country has beautiful mountainscapes. Bosnia also has remnants of history in the form of castle ruins and famous ski destinations, including the Igman ski resort, Jahorina ski resort, etc.

The Kozara —a national park in the northwest with dense forests and hilly meadows- is also a famous hiking and hunting destination.

2. The Alps:

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The Alps quickly form one of the most breathtaking mountain destinations for people worldwide. Covering areas in Italy, France, and Switzerland, you have attractive package deals with idyllic locations which are so picturesque that you won’t feel like leaving, ever.

3. New Zealand:

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From the rafting in the black waters at Auckland to exciting experiences in Rotorua doing Canopy Zipline, this place is worth a visit.

You can indulge in river-rafting, quad-biking, and outdoor activities like Sky-diving, White-water rafting, Fly-boarding, Quad-biking, Paragliding, and more in Queenstown.

4. Westfjords, Iceland

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Iceland, home to a diverse climatic spread, houses the Westfjords in the country’s northwest corner. Untouched by civilization, this is a must-travel place for all nature enthusiasts and wildlife lovers as the snowy landscapes and varied flora and fauna can be spotted here. The Dynjandi waterfalls are also breathtaking.

5. Greenland

From the snow-capped mountain stretches to the icebergs and snowstorms, Greenland is the ideal destination for people looking for snow sports, kayaking, or a quiet evening by the campfire looking for Northern Lights or Auroras, which are spectacular celestial visions, prevalent especially during summer months.

6. Pokhara, Nepal

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This is an ideal destination for those who don’t want to burn a hole in their pockets. Hike and explore the Himalayan mountain ranges, explore caves, indulge in zipping lining and river rafting, and the sight of the waterfalls and serene lakes are to die for!

7. The Dolomites, Italy

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Along with mountain villages, glaciers, lakes, and a stretch of seasonal wildflowers that bloom and accentuate the landscape, this destination offers internationally known snowboarding and skiing opportunities.

8. Mont Blanc, France

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This is the highest mountain peak in Europe and offers an Arctic landscape with glaciers and a challenging option for mountain climbing. It also provides impressive paragliding opportunities.

9. Austria

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One of the most sought-after travel destinations in Europe, Austria has mountaintops sprinkled with wildflowers. The cultural richness and vintage castles make it the perfect holiday destination and suits adventurers and lovers.

10. Antarctica

One of the coldest and most hostile places globally, Antarctica is not a destination for the faint-hearted. Antarctica won’t disappoint you with its rich biodiversity and avenues for snorkeling, snowboarding, and skiing.

Bon Voyage!

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