Top 5 European Cities for International Students

In the present scenario of cut-throat competition and a rat race for career opportunities, more students are flying to Europe for their higher education.

Although Europe has high living costs in certain places, the reasonable fee structure and added benefits of an international education make it a lucrative market for students.

Here is a list of the top 5 European cities that offer you the maximum benefits and quality education in one package, at the cheapest prices.

1. Italy

With a priceless heritage and home to some of the oldest and most reputed universities globally, Italy also has the added advantage of being a sought-after tourist attraction.

The affordable fee and accommodation structure and the delicious food cuisine make Italy an attractive study destination.

2. Germany

Germany is home to some of the world’s top-ranking universities that provide global education along with enviable opportunities in research and development.

The stable economy and inexpensive tuition fees for international students make this country a highly desirable study destination. Berlin, Hamburg, and Frankfurt are known for their top-notch schools. The living cost is not very cheap, but it is worth making.

3. France

The culture and beauty of this place, coupled with fantastic university programs provided at low tuition fees, make France a desirable city for students. Also, France has one of the lowest living costs worldwide.

4. Hungary

With a politically liberal environment and an immigrant-friendly culture, and breathtaking tourist opportunities, Hungary is a much sought-after destination for international students.

Budapest has 5 of the world’s top-ranking universities. Combine that with the low living cost and various courses to choose from- Hungary is one of the best cities to choose!

5. Norway

This small country boasts of an affordable international study program that provides education at an undergraduate and postgraduate level to every student irrespective of their nationality.

Although the living cost in Northern Europe is higher due to their well-structured economy and stable currencies, the opportunity to study here should not be given a miss!

A fancy European education is calling you. Are you ready?

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