Top 10 Safest Countries in the World to Visit

The world has witnessed countless spine-chilling terror attacks around the globe over the years. Travel may be the last thing on your mind, from the tragic Paris attacks to the Istanbul airport attacks to the Orlando shootings.

Safety is one of the most significant factors when planning your travel. The Global Peace Index gives you a measure of a country’s peacefulness annually. These findings are drawn based on factors like political unrest, the number of security personnel, nuclear weapons, level of international conflict, terrorist activities, and other metrics.

Here are the top 10 safest countries to visit this year!

1. Iceland

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Iceland has remained in the first position consecutively for six years. The country has managed to maintain low rates of homicide, terror attacks, and several convicts.

Moreover, it helps that the country is an island because islands are unlikely to have border disputes. Do you need more convincing to bathe in one of those hot springs?

2. Denmark

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People travelling to Denmark have very little to worry about crime or political instability. Did you know that a third of Copenhagen’s (the country’s capital) population commutes to work by bicycle?

No wonder this Scandinavian country is the happiest in the world!

3. Austria

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Bordered by other safest countries, Austria scored high points on peaceful elections and low points on weapon imports. It’s a well-known fact that this landlocked country has had a relatively untroubled past.

Offering breathtaking views of the Alps and a rich cultural experience, it’s one of the top choices to visit this year.

4. New Zealand

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Again, being an island country, it’s void of any dangers. The Kiwiland allows tourists to enjoy the beaches without being afraid of one’s own shadow.

5. Portugal

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Portugal is also a very safe country owing to its geographical location. The government is gorgeous and a relatively cheap place to travel to, making it a must-visit destination for all kinds of tourists.

6. the Czech Republic

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Notable for its Velvet Revolution, this country scores low on violent crimes, making it a haven for travellers. At least now would you call it Czechia?

7. Switzerland

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Known for its neutrality, the Swiss Federation scores low on domestic and international conflicts, making it an ideal destination for vacationers. Now, won’t you like some fine cheese and chocolate?

8. Canada

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Despite being larger, this truly secular nation ranks way higher in harmony and safety than the United States. Canada is home to numerous beautiful lakes, and bilingualism makes it a great place to travel to.

9. Japan

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Also called the Land of the Rising Sun, Japan scored high points on the GPI for having a low rate of homicides and possession of very few weapons.

Aside from being safe, Japan is also home to high-speed trains, making it convenient for visitors to travel.

10. Slovenia

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Slovenia scores high marks for having an increased number of security personnel. This is especially great for travellers looking to explore the remote, offbeat places in the country. Also, how can you say no to some great wine?

Now that you know the safest countries globally, pick out one which interests you and travel without any tensions!

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