Top 4 Law Colleges in the World

Law has always been a sought-after career choice as its relevance will never be out of the question. But the truth is, more people opting for law means more competition.

So how do you stand out? For a start, it is important to choose the best university for your course.

Here is a list of the top 4 law schools in the world that you should surely apply to get an edge in the industry. They are challenging to get into, but your return will be well worth the work.

1. Harvard Law School

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Located in Massachusetts, US, this is one of the oldest and most prestigious institutions globally. With an impressive line of alumni such as the Obamas and Mark Zuckerberg, the advanced education system, and the myriad employment opportunities, Harvard is nothing short of a dream come true.

The institute has a tough entrance process, and only the most fortunate and deserving ones get through. But having a law degree from Harvard is the one single thing you need for your resume to shine above all.

2. University of Cambridge

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Located in the United Kingdom, this is a premier law school with enviable faculty and research facilities. It has one of the oldest professorships- the Regius Professorship of Civil Law- and an array of research centers.

3. University of Oxford

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Ranking close to Harvard Law School, this university has been serving the cause of education for 800 years. It has a cutting-edge, competitive pedagogy with a unique method of tutorial lectures for its students.

4. Yale University

This institution, located in Connecticut, US, has been around since 1701 and is an Ivy League college. It has an impressive student-teacher ratio of 1:25 and many faculties and courses to choose from.

Yale will prepare you thoroughly for any challenges you might face later in life as a lawyer.

If you want to pursue law from some of the best universities in the world, then these are the universities you need to apply to.

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