5 Clues at Interview which Reveals about the Company

Applying for a new position is never easy, no matter whether you are just applying for your first job or whether you are a seasoned employee on the lookout for better opportunities.

You may want to watch for a few things when attending that interview to discover crucial things about the company.

Clue 1

One way to figure out if the company is serious about their offer or not is by determining how receptive they are during the interview process.

Don’t count on it if the hiring manager asks mundane questions and waits for the five minutes to be up before telling you that they will be in touch. Moreover, a company that gets to waste your time is not a place you should consider working for anyway.

Clue 2

If you are asked to meet various managers as part of your hiring process, it only indicates that no single person takes the call and hints at disorganization.

Clue 3

If the company has forgotten that the interview was slated for that day, and yes, it has been known to happen more often than you think, then the company is more than disorganized; it smells of trouble and a shaky future.

Clue 4

Perceptions matter, and if the hiring manager is downright rude or impertinent, the office setup would not be that pleasant either. A tense workplace will not be worth the trouble and effort you would have to put into fitting in.

Clue 5

If the manager does not respond to your messages in time or to your requests, you must ask yourself whether working for someone like this would be worthwhile. After all, when you become part of their workforce, the manager should address your concerns.

And if he could not even take the time to respond to a simple skype message, chances are he will not be paying you or your concerns much attention either.

So let’s be vigilant and avoid any job which reveals any of the above indications.

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