Top 5 Careers for Statisticians

Statisticians have always been high up on the career desirability ladder. With more companies becoming data-oriented, every corporate firm is looking for a math major with an add-on in statistics.

Moreover, the revolution in big data has led to quantitative data analysis ranking high in a firm’s list of priorities, and this is the go-to option for math or stat majors to earn those big bucks. Statisticians are amongst the topmost desired professionals today.

Here are the top 5 designations you can work for:

Financial Analyst

You can work in both public and private sectors and analyze your clients’ finance with the help of charts, tactical examinations, and thorough research of the market situation.

Based on your advice, the organization takes major financial and investment decisions. Organizations that look to hire you are security firms, investment banking firms, mutual fund firms and more.


If the educational sector is your bargain, you should choose this job that involves a thorough analysis of psychological development, academic progress, attitudes and behaviour through a chart system.

It also involves research regarding these trends and is a gratifying profession.

Data Analyst

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With Big Data and Data Sciences developments, a Data Analyst is a desirable professional in every organization.

Your job is to convert numbers into understandable information, and your information will help organizations generate maximum profits and cut down on their expenditures through a systematic, quantitative analysis.

Applied Mathematician

Every organization requires someone to do the math. Many problems in the processing of industrial units and financial discrepancies are encountered due to the inability to collate data.

And this is where an applied mathematician comes in handy. An applied mathematician can save the day from important insurance decisions to maintaining tabs and even calculating investments.

So, if you are a statistician, these are the jobs you can look out for.

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