Top 10 Flexible Job Positions

FlexJobs – A website that provides information about flexible careers and professions revealed some of the most flexible jobs out there, which will see a huge demand this year.

I have put together a list of 10 such flexible jobs, and they are as follows:

1. Product Managers

A Product Manager is often known as the CEO of a product. The pre-requisites of becoming a product manager are a bachelor’s degree and years of relevant experience.

2. Nurse Practitioner

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A nurse practitioner (NPS) job includes supervising and coordinating patient care while examining, diagnosing, and treating patients. NPS requires a master’s degree and suitable licensing.

3. Financial Analyst

A financial Analyst is a person who monitors financial trends, sets product prices, reviews budgets while also recommending an economic course of action, such as to buy or sell stocks based on their current strength.

4. Client Services Coordinator

“Customer is King”; good customer service is critical for building a successful business in any industry. A client services coordinator’s task includes addressing and resolving his clients’ issues.

5. Statistician

Their role is to conduct extensive research, analyze data, and prepare reports for a slew of clients and fields. You need a master’s degree, related experience, and sometimes, a PhD to become a Statistician.

6. Physical Therapy Assistant

They are required to work under the guidance of a physical therapist, oversee prescribed therapies, provide care, and reach out to patients.

Typically, you will need an associate’s degree in physical therapy assistance and current licensing to become one of them.

7. Operations Manager

The Operations Manager is hired to plan, help function, and direct companies. They work jointly with the accounting, marketing, sales, and IT departments.

8. Office Manager

An office manager’s role is to ensure that the office runs smoothly. They also manage support staff, make travel arrangements, manage office supplies.

9. Genetic Counselor

Genetic counsellors typically work in healthcare clinics. Their job includes preparing cases, collecting histories, and conducting risk assessments.

10. Business Development

This requires the creation of long-term value for a company. They are responsible for identifying sales opportunities and expanding the business.

So, these were the top 10 most flexible jobs.

Now let’s take a look at the most stressful jobs

10 Most Stressful Jobs in 2017

Distress at the workplace is caused by many factors such as – unreasonable deadlines, excessive workload, erratic schedules, unfair wages, uncooperative colleagues. This often leads to emotional turmoil and physical illnesses, setting a person up for early burnout.

However, specific jobs are stressful beyond the normal levels. CareerCast published an article earlier this year, revealing the ten most stressful jobs considering factors like the risk of injury or death, working conditions, deadlines, competition.

Some jobs on this list might come as a surprise since they are often judged glamorous at face value. Here’s the list –

1. Firefighter

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Firefighters risk their lives to save property and people from destruction every time they put on their suits.

2. Military Personnel

CareerCast emphasized that careers in the U.S. Navy Seal or U.S. Army expose candidates to a high risk of physical harm to oneself or another, for which no one else would be responsible.

They surely deserve all our respect!

3. Commercial Pilot

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Pilots are responsible for hundreds of lives on board. Can you imagine the amount of work pressure they endure every single day of their lives?

No wonder it’s one of the highest paying jobs!

4. Taxi Drivers

Have you ever yelled at an Uber driver for being late? Try to think about what they go through an entire day at work with hot-headed customers like us.

Also, the traffic and time pressure only adds to all the stress.

5. Event Organizer

Organizing a festival may seem very exciting, but one flaw in the execution and you’ll know what it’s like to face the wrath of an A-list celebrity.

It’s certainly not all that glamorous.

6. News Reporter

A journalist is required to work under tremendous time pressure and sometimes even go to the crime scene or war-torn areas to cover a story.

CareerCast stated that some agencies pay writers based on how many clicks their articles receive. This only adds to their stress.

7. Police Officer

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They may possess a great degree of power and authority, but that’s nothing compared to the stress they go through owing to the dangers involved in their job.

8. Corporate Executive

The CEO is responsible for the firm’s operations and sometimes has to bear the brunt of the board of directors. That can’t be easy!

9. Public Relations Officer

Working under public scrutiny while adhering to strict deadlines makes this a highly taxing job.

10. Broadcaster

According to a recent press release, there has been a downslide in their job outlook by nine per cent this year. Furthermore, like a news reporter, broadcasters have to work around deadlines, and there’s also a risk of being bashed with a lawsuit.

So stay away from these jobs if you must!

Top 5 Careers for Statisticians

Statisticians have always been high up on the career desirability ladder. With more companies becoming data-oriented, every corporate firm is looking for a math major with an add-on in statistics.

Moreover, the revolution in big data has led to quantitative data analysis ranking high in a firm’s list of priorities, and this is the go-to option for math or stat majors to earn those big bucks. Statisticians are amongst the topmost desired professionals today.

Here are the top 5 designations you can work for:

Financial Analyst

You can work in both public and private sectors and analyze your clients’ finance with the help of charts, tactical examinations, and thorough research of the market situation.

Based on your advice, the organization takes major financial and investment decisions. Organizations that look to hire you are security firms, investment banking firms, mutual fund firms and more.


If the educational sector is your bargain, you should choose this job that involves a thorough analysis of psychological development, academic progress, attitudes and behaviour through a chart system.

It also involves research regarding these trends and is a gratifying profession.

Data Analyst

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With Big Data and Data Sciences developments, a Data Analyst is a desirable professional in every organization.

Your job is to convert numbers into understandable information, and your information will help organizations generate maximum profits and cut down on their expenditures through a systematic, quantitative analysis.

Applied Mathematician

Every organization requires someone to do the math. Many problems in the processing of industrial units and financial discrepancies are encountered due to the inability to collate data.

And this is where an applied mathematician comes in handy. An applied mathematician can save the day from important insurance decisions to maintaining tabs and even calculating investments.

So, if you are a statistician, these are the jobs you can look out for.

4 Quirky Careers for Physics Graduates

Are physics graduates only cut for the drab routine jobs in the tech, science, and automobile industry? If you stand disappointed by this question, say no more!

You can still opt for unconventional careers that help you experiment with your quirky, curious, and unique set of abilities.

You don’t always have to end up in a laboratory when you’re into science. The possibilities with physics are immense. Physics constitutes every single article we use and every single life process.

Here are a few quirky and unconventional careers in Physics you can opt for if basic is not your thing.



By: Astrostar on Shutterstock

If the stars and galaxies fancy you, and you’ve grown up reading about the Milky Way and the constellations and faraway clusters and nebulas, you need to consider this field asap!

An undergraduate degree is sufficient for an administrative stint in a space research setting, but you need a master’s degree as a minimum for more specialized positions.


By: Vadim Sadovski on Shutterstock

Have you always dreamt of traveling in space and achieving new heights of awesome? And you have this fit body that can survive any adverse condition at any given time in life?

Suppose you have answered yes to all these questions. In that case, you can opt for being an astronaut, but remember, the training and the entire career are extremely rigorous and take a lot of grit.

Still, the overall experience is so rewarding that you won’t be able to back down once you get in.


So you always thought only biology students could get into healthcare? You’re mistaken. Medical Physics is one of the most upcoming and lucrative physics majors.

From radiology, nuclear medicine, radiation oncology to the maintenance of medical equipment and developing new technologies, there is a vast sea of job opportunities waiting for you.


Working with renewable and nonrenewable energy sources and finding ways to save the environment while fulfilling mankind’s greatest need: the need for fuel and energy is a rewarding experience in itself.

Whether it’s petroleum, geothermal energy, or solar and wind and hydel energy, there are many opportunities for doing unconventional things in these fields, developing sustainable and innovative methods and inventions for conserving and managing energy.

So, if you are a physics nerd, you can try out for these exciting jobs.

Top 5 Tech Companies to Work For

The IT sector is booming with the rise of start-ups and tech giants and new and innovative initiatives and projects.

The lay-offs at Cognizant and other IT firms should not be bothering any IT professionals as there is no dearth of job opportunities in this avenue.

Here are the top 5 tech companies you should work for:


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This company has an online database for professionals to create their profiles and look for employment and business options. The employees can avail opportunities to grow in their fields.

They are also given incentives to attend exciting events and programs.

Fast Enterprises:

This company offers technological solutions, software assistance, and consultancy options for government agencies.

This place offers work independence, a lasting impact on projects and undertakings, and an easygoing and comfortable environment. However, you need to put in a lot of hard work.

World Wide Technology:

This company is technology solutions and consulting and specializes in supply chain software management.

The caring approach towards its workers and the many perks ensure employee satisfaction and consumer satisfaction objectives, making it a wonderful place to work in.


By: Achinthamb on Shutterstock

Google is the biggest search engine globally and is a major tech giant, also offering services like cloud software, e-mail services, Android phones, navigation, and many other technological solutions.

The work ethic makes this the second largest company globally, along with an emphasis on innovation and new-age methods to serve people.

The work profile is extremely time-consuming, so make sure you’re passionate enough before you apply for a job.


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The No.1 tech company worldwide, Facebook is one of the world’s largest social media sites. Due to the high demand for this site, the work pressure is intense.

With leaders such as Mark Zuckerberg, your work experience will be full of innovation, and you will be able to retain your individuality.

If you are looking for jobs, now you know where you need to apply to.

Best Indian Companies to Work For

Everyone wants to find the right company that fits well. Employees look beyond financial benefits to work for the company. While the salary package is important, motivation and job satisfaction play a crucial role.

Every year, several organizations across various industries are studied and ranked. The organizations are compared based on the framework by asking several questions. The Economic Times releases this list every year to help job seekers find the best place to work.

Best Companies to Work for

1. Google

Google grabs the first spot as the most desirable company with just 1,683 employees. The company is very picky regarding the workforce, and you can get into it if you have problem-solving skills, knowledge, and speed.

Photo by Solen Feyissa on Unsplash/Copyright 2022

2. American Express India

American Express India is an old and established organization with more than 10,000 employees. About 90% of employees of the company are millennials which means that it is an ideal choice for the younger generation.

3. Ujjivan Financial Services

Ujjivan Financial Services is loved by the employees due to its meaningful work nature. The CEO of this company doesn’t have a personal assistant, and there are no job titles.

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash/Copyright 2022

4. Teleperformance India

Teleperformance India is another leading company that gets most of its business from the various call centers. Even though the company has more than 4000 employees, it runs successfully without an HR department.

5. Other top companies

  • Godrej Consumer Products comes next on the list offering empowerment of the employees.
  • Marriott Hotels is another top company in India that follows a flat hierarchy. It takes numerous initiatives to empower the employees.
  • SAP Labs is another ideal company suitable for the younger generation as 50% of the workforce consists of young people.
  • The Oberoi group hotels are loved by international clients for their exceptional service, and employees love the harmony.

Have you applied to any of the companies discussed above?

Part-time Jobs in United States of America

The United States of America is one of the wealthiest countries of the world that can drag people from various parts to its land.

From the software to Social Sciences, many people from various backgrounds from various countries can easily get adjusted and attracted to the USA.

There are many part-time jobs available in the USA with high pay. It is just because of its wide range of opportunities and the academic standards of study in their universities.

But the students from different countries who come to study or search for jobs aspire to carry out some part-time jobs for their livelihood.

The Top Part-Time Jobs

Here are some of the few part-time jobs available in the United States of America that your partner could try out when they land in the U.S. for the first time.


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The tutor in the USA has good pay and respect as well. The only thing which needs to qualify to be a tutor is to have excellent commanding and teaching skills with a good amount of knowledge in your brain. Te pay depends on the experience you possess in the field of teaching.


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The only thing we need to possess is a driving license and good driving skills. The traffic rules in the United States of America are very stringent, but there is even high pay for the driving job, and generally, it is on an hourly basis. In this field, the drivers can even join as cab drivers or even opt few companies.


Waitresses get paid more when it comes to other part-time jobs like a cashier. They receive good tips, and if you can offer excellent service, you are sure to make a decent income.

Want to try something offbeat? Go for freelancing.