Top 5 Careers in the Field of Geology

Geology is defined as the study of various natural processes and changes that occur over the planet’s terrain as a whole.

In the wake of environmental disasters and also a global energy crisis, all of us need to become more aware of the consequences.

When coupled with the widespread degradation of land and water due to population explosion, industrial processes, excessive fossil fuel usage and mineral ore mining, the relevance of geologists today has multiplied.

Here are the top 5 vocations a person interested in geology can opt for.

Geological Education:

If you love teaching children and impacting young minds, then you can create awareness about the natural sciences by teaching at the middle and high school levels.

Being a college or university professor requires a PhD at most institutions.

Engineering Geology:

These geologists work in conjunction with engineers and other professionals to monitor the planning and construction of buildings, roads, dams and tunnels.

Their main role is to assess the strength of a particular land drove construction material and figure out how much stress it can take. They also have expertise in rock strength, the stability of slopes, and soils mechanics.

Environmental Geology:

These professionals assess the impact of industrial processes on the environment by carrying out water and soil tests. Then they proceed to the remediation of ground and river water.

They also examine sites for their pollution magnitude to clean toxic chemicals from the water and the soil.

Field Geology:

This field requires extensive monitoring, construction of maps and charts and many field trips to assess various parameters of the Earth’s terrain and help experts find deductions and solutions to the environmental problems.

Petroleum Geology and Economic Geology:

Expertise in geology can be utilised to mitigate the world energy crisis and yield economic benefits. You will extract Earth’s resources- including ore minerals, oil, natural gas and coal- to use them for financial benefits.

Well, now you know your options. So, get going.

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