Top 10 Flexible Job Positions

FlexJobs – A website that provides information about flexible careers and professions revealed some of the most flexible jobs out there, which will see a huge demand this year.

I have put together a list of 10 such flexible jobs, and they are as follows:

1. Product Managers

A Product Manager is often known as the CEO of a product. The pre-requisites of becoming a product manager are a bachelor’s degree and years of relevant experience.

2. Nurse Practitioner

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A nurse practitioner (NPS) job includes supervising and coordinating patient care while examining, diagnosing, and treating patients. NPS requires a master’s degree and suitable licensing.

3. Financial Analyst

A financial Analyst is a person who monitors financial trends, sets product prices, reviews budgets while also recommending an economic course of action, such as to buy or sell stocks based on their current strength.

4. Client Services Coordinator

“Customer is King”; good customer service is critical for building a successful business in any industry. A client services coordinator’s task includes addressing and resolving his clients’ issues.

5. Statistician

Their role is to conduct extensive research, analyze data, and prepare reports for a slew of clients and fields. You need a master’s degree, related experience, and sometimes, a PhD to become a Statistician.

6. Physical Therapy Assistant

They are required to work under the guidance of a physical therapist, oversee prescribed therapies, provide care, and reach out to patients.

Typically, you will need an associate’s degree in physical therapy assistance and current licensing to become one of them.

7. Operations Manager

The Operations Manager is hired to plan, help function, and direct companies. They work jointly with the accounting, marketing, sales, and IT departments.

8. Office Manager

An office manager’s role is to ensure that the office runs smoothly. They also manage support staff, make travel arrangements, manage office supplies.

9. Genetic Counselor

Genetic counsellors typically work in healthcare clinics. Their job includes preparing cases, collecting histories, and conducting risk assessments.

10. Business Development

This requires the creation of long-term value for a company. They are responsible for identifying sales opportunities and expanding the business.

So, these were the top 10 most flexible jobs.

Now let’s take a look at the most stressful jobs

10 Most Stressful Jobs in 2017

Distress at the workplace is caused by many factors such as – unreasonable deadlines, excessive workload, erratic schedules, unfair wages, uncooperative colleagues. This often leads to emotional turmoil and physical illnesses, setting a person up for early burnout.

However, specific jobs are stressful beyond the normal levels. CareerCast published an article earlier this year, revealing the ten most stressful jobs considering factors like the risk of injury or death, working conditions, deadlines, competition.

Some jobs on this list might come as a surprise since they are often judged glamorous at face value. Here’s the list –

1. Firefighter

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Firefighters risk their lives to save property and people from destruction every time they put on their suits.

2. Military Personnel

CareerCast emphasized that careers in the U.S. Navy Seal or U.S. Army expose candidates to a high risk of physical harm to oneself or another, for which no one else would be responsible.

They surely deserve all our respect!

3. Commercial Pilot

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Pilots are responsible for hundreds of lives on board. Can you imagine the amount of work pressure they endure every single day of their lives?

No wonder it’s one of the highest paying jobs!

4. Taxi Drivers

Have you ever yelled at an Uber driver for being late? Try to think about what they go through an entire day at work with hot-headed customers like us.

Also, the traffic and time pressure only adds to all the stress.

5. Event Organizer

Organizing a festival may seem very exciting, but one flaw in the execution and you’ll know what it’s like to face the wrath of an A-list celebrity.

It’s certainly not all that glamorous.

6. News Reporter

A journalist is required to work under tremendous time pressure and sometimes even go to the crime scene or war-torn areas to cover a story.

CareerCast stated that some agencies pay writers based on how many clicks their articles receive. This only adds to their stress.

7. Police Officer

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They may possess a great degree of power and authority, but that’s nothing compared to the stress they go through owing to the dangers involved in their job.

8. Corporate Executive

The CEO is responsible for the firm’s operations and sometimes has to bear the brunt of the board of directors. That can’t be easy!

9. Public Relations Officer

Working under public scrutiny while adhering to strict deadlines makes this a highly taxing job.

10. Broadcaster

According to a recent press release, there has been a downslide in their job outlook by nine per cent this year. Furthermore, like a news reporter, broadcasters have to work around deadlines, and there’s also a risk of being bashed with a lawsuit.

So stay away from these jobs if you must!

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