Top 5 Universities You can Apply to in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the city of dreams that makes your heartthrob. Recreation- L has no dearth of facilities and infrastructure and an excellent array of exciting academic and recreational opportunities.A has some attractive study destinations to look out for.

Each year it provides some of the world’s best graduates and professionals, and it can boast of a world-class education system.

1. University of California, Los Angeles

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Popularly known as UCLA, this university has 3,800 courses in 109 different academic departments, and it has an enviable reputation. Significantly, the athletics department has been outstanding in the Olympics and various sports championships and has gained worldwide popularity.

Also, UCLA has given rise to 13 Nobel Prize laureates and 12 MacArthur Fellows. The pre-med education avenues are excellent, too, as the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center stands amongst USA’s top 5 medical centers.

The low student-teacher ratio ensures high success rates for students.

2. Bethesda University

Located in west-central Los Angeles, this Christian University was founded in 1976. Offering majors in business, education, music, and theology- its Christian solid influence and emphasis on community service along with a strict no-drugs and no-alcohol policy make it one of the best and most disciplined study centers in California. Also, its courses in music and linguistics are reputed and sought-after.

3. University of Southern California

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Founded in 1880, USC is one of the premier research institutes in California. Offering a rich alumni network of talented people who have been felicitated with honors like the Pulitzer Prize and National Medal of the Arts, the university assures your success through its outstanding faculty and facilities.

4. Occidental College

Boasting an impressive student-teacher ratio of 10:1 and being one of the oldest institutions for liberal arts, this university provides for enhanced and personalized student-teacher interactions that surge the success rates of the students.

Offering law, medicine, and urban planning courses, this university also provide state-of-the-art movie and television production design courses.

5. Loyola Marymount University

Housing more than 3000 students and offering courses in Law, Education, and Business Management, LMU is one of the largest Christian universities globally.

The institution offers many extracurricular activities, advanced infrastructure, and a well-structured academic system.

So, if you ever decide to move to Los Angeles, these are the universities for you.

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