Top 6 Amazing Human Services Jobs

If you are someone with the passion of helping the needy and being the knight in shining armor to any and everybody, Human Services Jobs is the perfect career path for you. In such jobs you work hard day and night for the welfare of the community, your perseverance guarantees an improvement in the living conditions of the families around you that might not even be acquainted with you on a personal level.

The field of jobs that come under the Human Services Jobs is very challenging yet at the same time a rewarding career path. Choosing this particular path would open a number of doors to you that require your contribution to grow and reach your full potential.

The different work settings that come under the broad umbrella of human services jobs for human service assistants are inclusive of institutions like schools, clinics, community centers, businesses as well as all government offices to provide the needy with personal care services after going through the labor statistics.

Through the course of this article, we would take you on a journey to make you witness all the paths you can choose to cross as a graduate with a human services degree or any other degree that supports the respective career field to get into human services jobs.

From a substance abuse counselor to providing social and human service while being able to find personal care services, community services, and handling support groups, social service workers provide appropriate resources and rehabilitation services by working with the national organizations by helping their clients navigate their way. They provide assistance networks to people coming from low-income families and even homeless people with no temporary or permanent housing.

You will be made aware of the wide scope this particular career path possesses and the number of fields that are helpful to the community. This would help you to settle on the path you would like to cross and contribute to.

1. Social Workers – Human Service Assistants

While a few positions might demand a bachelor’s degree, in this human services field, most of the paths as a social worker can be taken up with a degree in the human services program. It may sound misleading to some people but a graduate from a human services program can actually pursue this career.

These Social Workers are the best Human Services Assistants who offer help to the ones who need it the most among all of human services jobs. They can either work alone or under a government agency that helps the individuals or families that have a low income as a result of which, they are unable to support themselves or the homeless people with no roof over their heads. They are also substance abuse counselors in the human services field.

Social workers can also work within the walls of a school to provide assistance to the children who are at risk and need their help the most. They also address very important issues like addiction and chronic diseases that young children must be aware of so as to not fall into its trap which is a vital part of being employed in any of the human services jobs. Apart from schools, they work in hospitals and clinics for the same purpose

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2. Family Court Advocate in the Human Services Field

This particular field among the human services jobs is inclusive of advocates that work in family courts under the social services departments or even the intervention programs that deal with crises.

They even go to the extent of staying with them if those families are in need of showing up to the court. This mostly happens with the children who are under the care of a foster home. Not only them, a Family Court Advocate also help the children who are recovering from domestic violence or even sexual assault incidents.

The primary goal of a family court advocate is to aid and support the children and family in any legal case by keeping their best interests at heart. They give it their all by staying with the affected families and children and providing them with all the help they need. Some of their clients locate jobs even if in the past they had been associated with rehabilitation centers.

They work very hard towards building a solid relationship with their clients and help them navigate their way through the legalities of the court.

3. Mental Health Counselor 

Among the number of fields that come under the broad umbrella of Human Services Jobs, the job of a Mental Health Counselor requires high qualifications as well as patience. A mental health counselor provides help and support to everyone who is experiencing mental or emotional distress. They make them feel heard and talk them out of the dark place they find themself trapped in.

They make use of a number of therapeutic techniques in order to help a person to manage their depression, anxiety, and other mental health conditions and come out of them as a stronger individual. They have the training to conduct and hold individual, as well as group sessions of therapy, lie support groups as human service professionals and social workers.

Even though the mental health counselors or even substance abuse counselors can diagnose a condition they cannot go ahead and prescribe any kind of medication, one has to go see a psychiatrist in that case. However, they can recommend activities that one can indulge in and exercises they can practice to better their condition.

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4. Behavioral Management Aide

Among the many human services jobs, in the human services field if you choose Behavioral Management Aide as your career path you would be expected to assess your clients in order to find out what behaviors are dysfunctional, discuss and suggest with them the alternate behavioral patterns in front of their family or in some cases the teachers.

They work with them on creating an alternate training plan circling around their behavior and you would also have the responsibility to make sure the alignment of all the relevant stakeholders.

As a discipline, Behavioral Management and the human service assistants work constantly towards bringing about a change in people’s behavior, and in this particular case of Behavioral Aide, the central focus is on children even though there is also a space for the Adult corollary that exists within the justice system.

Behavioral Management makes use of a variety of tactics and utilizes those tips and tricks to bring about a change in the behavior that is otherwise considered dysfunctional.

Behavioral Management Aides are of extreme significance since they are very useful to the educational system among children and even their families. In the case of children, this mostly takes place in a school setting as that promises minimum classroom disruption and also helps the child to attain helpful habits of studying much higher test scores.

However, in a homely setting, this practice helps the children to either minimize or completely eliminate their violent behavior or in some cases their tantrums.

5. Career in Criminology 

In the career path of Criminology, there are Federal levels such as working with the Federal Bureau of Investigation or even the Secret Service. These levels usually have the requirement of advanced degrees and there exists a wide array of positions that vary from the Special Agents in this field to Analysts who work on analyzing and maintaining data, these people work as human service assistants.

To talk about the possibilities that exist within the field of Law Enforcement, there is a sub-sector called Forensics, that is worth further investigation. From working towards finding out the kind of bullet that was fired to checking the clothes for bodily fluids or powder buns they work in the form of a Lab Technician, another one of the Human services workers

A sub-sector within the realms of Human Services, Criminology is primarily about working with people who in various capacities, have broken the law. While there are some people who work towards catching criminals who have broken the law through investigation as well as law enforcement, a few of them work within the legal system with convicted criminals who have already been caught.

Human service assistants ensure and guide such people to help them navigate their way through the legal system. There are also other workers in this field of a career within human services jobs that work along with the prisoners in mental health capacities or even to help them prepare to re-enter society after they have served their sentences.

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6. Case Management Aide

Functioning as administrative support for all the other Human Services Professionals, A Case Management aide worker generally works in collaboration with a social worker or even a caseworker to help facilitate the processing of cases as well as applications.

One of the human services workers who Act as a conduit of information, a case management aide worker works within an agency and builds an initial point of contact with the community. The Act in a reception capacity and in case management aide meets the client, give them paper work to fill out and then go about informing them the rules and guidelines of the agency.

The work schedule of someone employed as a Case Management Worker would be inclusive of them interviewing clients, making data entries, Making extremely significant and limited decisions regarding eligibility, filing paperwork on behalf of those who are busy assisting or making contact with collateral sources, providing their clients with Information regarding community resources, Reception duties, Scheduling client meetings with workers and more.

Once the employee has explained to their client the intake process for their particular organization, they help them in understanding and comprehending the expectations of the agency by helping them to navigate their way through the legalities of their system as human services workers by giving them legal assistance.

The case management aide performs a significant function within the sector of Human Services by smoothing the flow of paperwork as well as the information to and from clients and their associated workers. The Case Management Aide acts as the initial point of contact, and also makes the first impression on the client to later begin the process of establishing rapport.

Final Note

One factor that you must keep in mind while settling on the field you would like to choose as your career path and contribute to in more ways than one is, that even though only a few of the mentioned jobs would be financially rewarding but each and every one of them would reward and satisfy you emotionally.

It is careers in fields like health or having human services jobs that truly makes one come closer to their community as social workers and human services assistant and truly help one and all out.

Helping one family or one citizen at a time could eventually bring about a revolution in more ways than one. Some of the careers require a specific certificate or license some a high school diploma a bachelor’s degree an advanced degree or a master’s degree that may vary from one state to another to work as social workers or human service assistants.

Therefore, the reader must contact the concerned authority for their choice of career to understand and determine all that is required for them to start their journey and pursue their dream job and career path as a human services professional or human service assistant and also help your clients locate jobs as community health workers and don’t forget to also check out the labor statistics to provide social and human service.

Also, Feel write to us if there is anything specific you want to know about and you know we will get back to you with the needed information. Keep a lookout for a number of jobs but keep your focus on your area of interest or expertise as that would eventually reflect in your performance.

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