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Top 7 Exciting Computer Science Jobs

From business models to biological simulations, computer science has its applications in most, if not all, fields. There is a huge, ever-growing demand in the market for computer science professionals, and with so many options available to explore, it can get confusing when deciding which option suits your career needs best. This article details everything you need to know about some of the top computer science jobs with high demand in the market.

1. Software Developer

Ever wondered who came up with your favorite photo-editing app? Or, the video game you played after school? Or, the music player on your phone? Or, the software that keeps track of your tasks? All of these tools that have been making your life easier were designed and brought to you by software developers.

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So, What is the Job of a Software Developer?

Software developers talk through with their clients in order to understand what they need from their software. They, then, are responsible for designing, developing, coding, and shaping the required tasks into software programs. Once the software is ready, they must test it and make sure that it meets their clients’ needs. Maintaining the software, coming up with updates, fixing bugs, and training its users is also the role of a software developer.

Skills Required to Be a Software Developer

Software developers typically require a bachelor’s degree in computer science or equivalent computer science fields. Good command of multiple coding languages is a must and sound mathematical knowledge helps in coming up with efficient algorithms for a program.

Besides technical skills, this job also demands strong communication skills in order to communicate with and understand the demands of the client, and also to communicate within the team of other software engineers.

How Much Do Software Developers Make?

The median salary of software developers is $110,140 per year.

2. Information Security Analyst

Security analysis is one of those computer science jobs that would keep you under a lot of pressure.

The basic job of an information security analyst is to carry out safety measures to keep an organization’s computer systems and networks safe from potential security breaches.

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What Does the Job of Information Security Analysts Involve?

Information security analysts design the security system of an organization, install firewalls, keep antiviruses updated, and more. They ensure the encryption of the company’s sensitive information and implement, conduct tests and analyze the security measures of an organization. During a security breach, it is their duty to investigate and resolve problems within the existing security system.

Skills Required to Be a Security Analyst

Usually, for entry-level jobs, a computer science degree is required. In-depth knowledge of operating systems, firewalls, antiviruses, IDPS concepts, and computer components — both software and hardware — is a must. Ethical hacking is a very useful skill that helps in conducting effective penetration tests and identifying potential threats and vulnerabilities in computer networks.

A security analyst should be able to anticipate complex problems and also have excellent problem-solving skills to resolve the same. In addition to that, they should also be a team worker and should be able to work under pressure.

How Much Do Security Analysts Make?

The median salary of security analysts is around $103,590 per year.

3. Data Scientist

Of all the computer science jobs, one of the most mathematically-inclined jobs is that of a Data Scientist. So, if you have a knack for mathematics and are fascinated by computer science, this is the job for you.

Data Scientist
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Basic Job Description of a Data Scientist

Data scientists are responsible for data acquiring, data storage, and data processing. The processing is done by creating algorithms and data science models with the help of data science techniques, like Machine learning, AI, statistical modeling, and more.

To put it in simple words, data scientists utilize their mathematical and computational skills to analyze big data to identify trends, and based on it, they come up with solutions to challenges — usually business challenges.

Skills Required to Be a Data Scientist

For entry-level jobs, typically a master’s degree in computer science is needed.

As you must have figured, Data Science is an amalgamation of both mathematical and computational methods. Therefore, employers look for a strong grip of mathematics and statistics for this job.

To implement these mathematical methods, a deep knowledge of machine learning, artificial intelligence, and programming tools, such as Python, SAS, or SQL, and their application in data science, is required.

How Much Do Data Scientists Make?

The median salary of data scientists is $126,830 per year.

4. Web Developer

Web development is one of the most time-wise flexible computer science jobs. One can choose to either freelance or work with a team or under a company.

This job is ideal for someone who has some interest in graphic designing and has a knowledge of coding computer languages.

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What is the Job of a Web Developer?

Web developers design and develop the basic layout — from graphics to user interface — of a website according to their client’s/company’s needs and code for the same. Upon successful creation of a website, its maintenance, bug fixing, and updating also falls under the responsibility of the web developer. information research scientists

Skills Required to Be a Web Developer

A computer science degree is usually required for entry-level jobs. A standard knowledge of coding languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript is a must and should be familiar with database systems, like Oracle/SQL.

Employers may also look for basic knowledge of search engine optimization and a little bit of graphic designing. Some understanding of mathematics can also help produce more efficient codes and algorithms.

This job also demands strong communication skills to communicate well with clients and collaborate with the organization’s computer systems administrators and other team members.

How Much Do Web Developers Make?

The median salary of web developers is $77,200 per year.

5. Database Developer

A database is a collection of structured data which can be stored and manipulated. An organization’s massive collection of data is organized into a database by a database developer, who develops and manages it.

Database Developer
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What Are the Roles of a Database Developer?

Database developers are responsible for developing, managing, and troubleshooting a company’s database. They also develop database codes for the extraction or modification of data from the database.

Skills Required to Be a Database Developer

A bachelor’s degree in computer science or IT is required. Database developers should be well trained with both relational as well as non-relational database management systems, like SQL, T-SQL, PL / SQL, DB2, NoSQL, and Oracle databases. They should also possess strong analytical skills and should be able to perform cost calculations to come up with efficient, low-cost solutions to a company’s database management problems.

How Much Do Database Developers Make?

The median salary of database developers is $98,860 per year.

6. Computer Systems Analyst

These analysts analyze the hardware, software, and existing systems of an organization and diagnose problems. Based on these analyses, they incorporate new technology which is cost-beneficial and then oversee its successful installation.

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Skills Required to Become a Computer Systems Analyst

Employers usually look for computer science graduates for the job. Besides that, a systems analyst should have sound knowledge of computer hardware and software and should be up to date with the latest technology. Often, experience in business and management is also required.

How Much Do Computer Systems Analysts Make?

The median salary of computer systems analysts is $93,730 per year.

7. Cloud Architect

Out of all the computer science jobs listed, this one is based on one of the newest technologies. To understand this job, let us first understand what cloud is.

Some would say that cloud practically is the internet. Cloud basically refers to the servers accessed by the internet. These servers are located in data centers all around the globe and can be accessed by users from any device. A lot of businesses are switching to this technology as this way they do not have to manage, update, or maintain physical servers on their own, and this way the servers are more easily accessible.

Cloud Architect
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What Are the Responsibilities of Cloud Architects?

Since cloud technologies are relatively new, the job of shifting the company’s current servers to adopt cloud servers, is that of a cloud architect. They must design and assist this change and ensure a smooth adoption by using their cloud computing skills. Once live, they are responsible for maintaining and updating the cloud infrastructure.

Skills Required to Be a Cloud Architect

A major in computer science or a bachelor’s degree in information technology or electronics and communication is usually necessary. A decent understanding of various operating systems, networking, and basic programming knowledge is required for this job. Concepts of TCP/IP, HTTP, IP addresses, and DNS must be known.

Since cloud architecture enables easy access to company data from any location and device, it is also important to have a strong knowledge of security in order to make this infrastructure safe and prevent unauthorized access.

How Much Do Cloud Architects Make?

The median salary of cloud architects is $112,690 per year.

You may also check out this video for more information on computer science jobs:

Top Companies That Hire Computer Science Professionals

Some of the companies which offer the best, highest paying computer science jobs are:

  • Google (I mean, obviously!)
  • Microsoft
  • Apple
  • Cognizant
  • Infosys
  • TCS
  • Facebook

and many, many more.

Computer Science Jobs
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So, these were some of the best computer science jobs for computer science graduates. Let us know in the comments section which computer science jobs are you most interested in?

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