Top Companies that Offer Job Security

If you are worried about job security and whether the company you are working for is stable enough for you to relax with a sense of job security, then you may want to read on.

Some top companies are considered stable enough and offer their employees a sense of job security with great benefits, health plans, and work.

According to, more than half of those employees surveyed complained about how insecure they feel.

Job security is one of their primary concerns when applying for a new job, right after wages and health benefits. Of all the companies surveyed, the following are top contenders for offering their employees great benefits, including job security.

Top Companies Offering Job Security

• Quiktrip
• Southwest Airlines
• Publix
• Costco Wholesale
• Princess Cruises
• Royal Caribbean Cruises
• The Ritz
• Primerica
• Acclivity Healthcare
• Yale-New Haven Health

Why is Job Security Important?

Companies have started to understand the low impact morale can have on their workforce and that employees need to feel valued and be made aware of their contributions.

This directly impacts their productivity since the satisfied worker will go the extra mile for their company.

As a result, more companies have started to engage with their workers, taking their concerns, including job security, forward.

Of course, job security is relative since companies prefer to retain productive workers as opposed to those who are not. But with more HR managers reaching out to employees and making them feel worthwhile, bigger profit margins and targets are being met ahead of schedule.

So if you want a secure career with job security, you may want to check out any vacancies with the companies listed above.

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