Top Visa-friendly Countries For Indians To Visit

Travelling is the best way you explore yourself. You still have to know about history and geography that aren’t taught in books.

Travel can be expensive, especially when just starting with your career. But if you save properly and party a little less,n you can fulfil all your travel dreams.

You can start with nearby nations like Bhutan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and other South-East Asian countries. Friendly locals, immense history, fantastic food, and beautiful scenery where you go.

What more does a traveller want?

Here are the top visa-friendly countries every Indian should visit:

1. Cambodia

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If you are a history buff, you need to visit Cambodia. Nothing more is mentioned in our history books other than the country having the world’s oldest Hindu temple.

Visa-on-arrival costs Rs 2000 for 30 days.

2. Indonesia

No one knew about Indonesia until Bali got popularised. Bali is a just tiny city in the country. Hike up Mt Bromo and see exotic creation of nature like Komodo Dragon.

You will find the most Instagram worthy food items in Indonesia. A 30-day visa-on-arrival costs Rs 2300.

3. Hong Kong

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Hong Kong is a shopaholic’s paradise. Right from the knick-knacks to beautiful embroidery work, you will find everything in Hong Kong.

If you register for a visa-on-arrival before leaving India, you get a 14-day free visa. When in Hong Kong, always eat street food because there’s nothing better than that.

4. Thailand

Thailand is one of the most peaceful countries you will ever visit. It is evident through the Buddhist influence seen in the Thai people. A 15-day visa-on-arrival costs Rs 2000.

Rather than going to the glittery Bangkok first, head over to the Northern fields and soak in its calmness and effortless beauty.

So, what do you think? Which country are you ready to visit?

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