4 Reasons You Should Study Abroad in Scotland

When you often think of studying in the UK, England is the first country to your mind. We forget that Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales are a part of the United Kingdom too.

For a long time, Scotland has been considered high for its education quality and universities like the University of Edinburgh and the University of Glasgow. Scotland also spoils you with beautiful nature, old colored houses, and tea cakes.

Here are four reasons you should study abroad in Scotland:

1. Affordable living costs

The living costs are much lower than in other parts of the UK. On average, the overall expenses of a student go up to 9,000 pounds a year.

You can rent a 1BHK in Edinburgh at 700 to 750 pounds a month. Since most students share apartments with other students, the cost goes lower. Students can also avail themselves of travel discounts on trains and buses.

2. Free education for EU or EEA students

Even though the UK exited from the European Union, Scottish universities still provide free education to EU students. EEA students also get free education in the universities.

The cost of education is very low for international students as well. The universities have scholarships, loans, and bursaries so that international students can comfortably complete their education.

3. A course for every person

Universities in Scotland have over 4,500 different courses for students. All programs are research-led and prepare students for the future.

If you plan to study history, international law, architecture, medicine, or data science, consider studying in Scotland.

4. Scottish people are amiable

Yes, Scottish people are the friendliest in the world. They randomly smile at you and ask you how you are feeling and if you need any help.

Their smile will surely make your day. Scottish people love to make others feel comfortable and always help out whenever you need any.

With all these qualities Scotland has, why go somewhere else right?

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