Ways to Use LinkedIn for Getting a Job

Social media is nowadays utilized for recruiting and finding prospective jobs. The online networking site LinkedIn has become popular to search for jobs and job recruitment.

If you wonder how to increase your job-getting prospects by using LinkedIn, here are a few tips that can help you get the job you want.

1) Become more visible with your profile

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Most job recruiters search for potential employees with specific keywords that fit their requirements. If you want to discover employers in your desired field, make your profile keyword rich.

Make sure your LinkedIn headline sums up who you are. Fit essential keywords into your profile headline.

2) Build a network

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Connect with as many people as you can. Follow your desired companies and recruiters online and maintain a steady relationship with them.

Let them understand that you are interested in a job so that when there is a job opening, they will be more likely to offer it to you. Be a regular visitor on LinkedIn.

3) Make your profile attractive

Have a professional photo for your profile picture. Mention the skill you have, and instead of just stating them in a monotonous way, you can stand out by adding your achievements to a particular skill.

If you’ve stood first in a debate or won in a national robot competition, be sure to mention it. Develop skills and add them over time. Do certifications in your desired field and mention them as well. A professional profile will increase your chances of getting picked.

Be active, maintain connections and showcase your eagerness for the job to increase the possibility of being hired.

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