Why Should You Visit France Once in Your Life?

Every time you think about France, a few Bollywood movies play in your mind. Have you ever wanted to kiss with Eiffel Tower in the background? If you have dreamt of that, hop on a plane with your partner and spend your New Year in France.

The European country is undoubtedly the most romantic in the world. Everything about France is to fall in love with. The villages in France are just as beautiful as their cities.

Here are a few reasons that will make France an irresistible destination to travel:

1. Castles of the French countryside

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The French countryside is why you should visit France. It is littered with thousands of mid-century French castles. Some castles are converted into hotels, so you get the chance to live the life of a royal for one night.

Don’t forget to visit the Palace of Versailles, the resident castle of Louis XVI and his wife, Marie-Antoinette. There are guided tours that take you around and tell you different points and their history.

2. Food and wine

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The French cuisine is a bread lover’s ultimate dream. The French make a hundred different varieties of breads. From wines, cheeses, pastries, and sauces, your stay in France will surely shrink your clothes.

Be a little charming, and the stall owner will give you a few samples before you buy any food. Take some bread, cheese, and a bottle of wine, sit in one of the many parks of France, and indulge in its goodness.

3. Eiffel Tower

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The Eiffel Tower is the ultimate definition of love, and there’s no denying it. Spend some time with your loved ones there, and don’t forget to kiss them against the metal monument.

Also, go to the top of the tower to get the magical lit view of the entire of Paris. After spending some time there, head over to the many cafes and gelato shops nearby.

4. France has the best cheese

France is popular for its collection of cheese and wine. They have the best in the world. Sipping France’s fine wine paired with their best cheese is one of the most exquisite experiences you will ever have in France.

There are over 400 different types of cheese to choose from, and the same goes for wine. France will give you the foodgasm you never thought you could get.

5. France’s Art, History & Culture is to die for

France has everything, and it has Paris, the most artistic place you will ever witness with bare eyes. It has old villages in the countryside and rich historical museums in all the major cities.

There are famous art galleries too. Its art and culture scene is so on top that France is the 4th country globally to have the most sites assigned to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Currently, there are 39 sites on the list.

With everything you have heard about France till now, don’t you feel like visiting it already?


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