Lovely Places to Visit in December Out of India

Holiday time is coming soon. Have you already decided where you are going to go this December? Calling in New Year in a different country is simply thrilling.

Are you confused about where you want to go in December? Worry not, and we have a list of happening places outside India ideal for a Christmas and New Year vacation! All year long, you work hard, so you deserve the trip.

1. Fiji

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You will fall in love with Fiji and never want to come back. It is a romantic place and ideal for going with your partner or spouse. To reach Fiji, take a flight to Nadi International Airport.

The average cost for a couple is Rs 2.3 lakh for a week. Top places to visit in Fiji are Sri Siva Subramaniya Temple, Mana Island, Denarau Island, Kula Eco Park, and Mount Tomanivi. Any time of the year is best to visit Fiji.

2. France

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France is the ultimate destination for honeymooners. If you get married soon and haven’t planned for a honeymoon destination, go with France.

From wine to opera and romantic boat rides, you and your spouse are going to have a fantastic time. The best time to visit France is between October and March.

The cost for two comes to around Rs 2 lakh. Places to visit in France are Loire Valley, Paris, French Riviera, and Strasbourg.

3. Greenland

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If you and your friends want to do something terrifying and adventurous, catch a plane to Greenland. The best time to visit Greenland is the whole year-round, but you will get to see the Northern Lights in December.

Go skiing in the mountains of Greenland and spend your night drinking hot chocolate. The best places to visit in Greenland are Northeast Greenland National Park, Jakobshavn Glacier, Hvalsey Church, and Tunulliarfik Fjord. The cost for two visiting Greenland is Rs 2.5 lakh.

Until December hits, you have all the time on earth, so plan your trip without any rush.

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