Why Studying in Finland is the Best Decision?

One of the northernmost countries in the world, Finland is a Nordic country famous for its world-class education, transparent government, beautiful winters, and the Northern Lights. Finland is a favorite choice among international students.

Here are five reasons why studying in Finland is the best decision you will make regarding your career:

1. Stable education system

All universities in Finland have a research-based education system. The University of Helsinki is one of the top Finnish universities.

Other popular universities in Finland are Aalto University, the University of Turku, and the University of Oulu.

2. Beautiful locals

Finland has a very small population of only 5.5 million. The locals are very down-to-earth and very friendly. They speak Swedish and Finnish languages along with English.

All locals work together to make international students feel welcomed and comfortable.

3. Everyone knowns English

Every local in Finland know English well. Finland has 450 courses in England most of which are in engineering and natural sciences.

You can also learn Finnish while studying there. It is a good choice if you plan to settle in Finland.

4. Natural beauty

Finland has stunning landscapes and over 168,000 lakes. And how can we forget the Northern Lights? Finland is a winter wonderland.

It is so quiet and peaceful, making it difficult to leave the country even for a few days. There are also multiple national parks in Finland. Take weekend road trips with your friends to the many lakes of Finland.

5. Safe to raise a family

Finland has a very safe neighborhood. Crime rates are really low. In Finland, the government wants children to spend more time with their parents.

The school doesn’t start before six years of age. This allows children to spend quality time with family. The cost of living is very low and the standard of living is pretty high.

All these qualities make Finland the best place one can wish to pursue their studies.

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