Why You Should Visit Scotland Right Now?

Scotland’s beauty will speak to your soul. With its mind-blowing scenery and rich culture, Scotland will plaster a grin on your face. The country is a part of the United Kingdom and is nothing but intoxicating.

Everything about Scotland is magical. The people are so friendly that you will want to go back and visit them once more.

If visiting Scotland isn’t on your travel bucket list, we will give you four reasons why it should be:

1. Visit one of the oldest villages of the UK

By: M. Vinuesa on Shutterstock

Skara Brae is the oldest village in Scotland. It is popularly known as The Scottish Pompeii and existed from 3180 BC to 2500 BC.

It is the most complete Neolithic village in the UK and has beautiful stone-built houses that show the exceptional skills of the Neolithic people.

2. Walk in the footsteps of dinosaurs

Have you ever wanted to meet dinosaurs? Well, since that isn’t possible now, you can visit their footprints in the village of Skye.

The footprints are nothing but a beautiful memory of how far we’ve come along. The footprints are at least 165 million years old. You can also find them at the beaches of Staffin and An Corran.

3. Visit the Fairy Pools of Scotland

Yes, there are fairy pools in Scotland. Only a brave-hearted can go there. You don’t want to believe? Then visit the Fairy Pools, Skye, Glen Brittle, and you will be transported to a magical land.

4. The serene blue waters

By: Viewnator on Shutterstock

Scotland’s beaches are the cleanest than those you will find anywhere else in the world. Since the waters are too cold all year round, you wouldn’t want to get into them.

But you can surely go and sit on the shores and click some Insta-worthy photos. Go surfing at Machrihanish beach. It will become the highlight of your visit.

Well, hopefully, these reasons felt enough for you to take a short trip to Scotland.

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