4 Reasons You Should Study in Switzerland

Imagine gliding through the Swiss Alps and having the time of your life? After studying for long hours, you can walk on the streets and eat some delicious handmade Swiss chocolate.

Studying in Switzerland is more like studying in a paradise. There’s so much delicious and cheesy food that you can eat.

Here are four reasons you should study in Switzerland:

1. Top educational institutions

Switzerland’s Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich ranks first in mainland Europe. Including this university, the University of Basel and Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne rank in the top 100 universities globally.

2. Visit all Schengen countries

Schengen is an area in Europe that has eliminated inter-border visas, allowing you to travel around without restriction. 26 Schengen countries, including Denmark, Hungary, Greece, and Iceland. Switzerland is a Schengen country.

3. Affordable tuition fees

Tuition fees are very low for international students. For a master’s degree, the yearly tuition fees do not exceed more than 1350 euros, and for a bachelor’s degree, it isn’t more than 1710 euros.

The cost of living is a little higher because it is a cold country and you need to keep yourself warm. As a student, your monthly expenses can go up to 1350 euros.

4. Learning three different languages

Switzerland is a landlocked country and is influenced by its neighboring country.

The Swiss have three official languages Italian, French, and German. English isn’t an official language, but many universities offer courses. This allows you to interact with locals and learn three new languages.

5. Top-quality healthcare

Switzerland has public health insurance that covers medical treatment and hospitalization costs. The person still has to pay a part of the costs, but it is less than paying for everything.

There you have it, the 4 best reasons to study in Switzerland.

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