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11 Genuine Ways to Get Free YouTube Views for Your Channel

Want to get free YouTube views on your channel?

YouTube is constantly evolving as its users are increasing day by day. Research says that more than 2 billion people use it every month. No matter what kind of content or video you are looking for, it’s always available on YouTube. According to the statistics, YouTube is one of the largest websites in the world.

About YouTube

Free youtube views
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No matter which group you belong to, YouTube has relevant videos for all the communities and groups. Nowadays, YouTube is used for various purposes (be it entertainment, educational, informational, or business purpose). YouTube has evolved as a strong and powerful business tool in the present time. Business owners and companies use YouTube to boost their business and brand.

One of the problems that many YouTube channels face is that they don’t get many views on their videos. To be popular among the audience, you first need them to view your videos. This means that to be successful, you need to get more free YouTube views on your videos.

Here are 11 Ways to Get Free YouTube Views

1. Encourage Viewers to Subscribe To Your Channel

Free youtube subscribers
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Whenever we talk about business, retaining the existing clients and customers is one of the important strategies for the success of the business. The same is the case with YouTube channels. To get free YouTube views for your channel’s videos, you must retain your audience or customers.

To retain your audience to get free YouTube views, the best way is by encouraging them to subscribe to your channel. When you get more subscribers, you will get more free YouTube views right after publishing a new video.

Now, if you are wondering how you can encourage your current viewers to subscribe, we have the answer for that also. Just ask them to subscribe in the beginning and end of your videos. When you ask your viewers to subscribe, don’t forget to make them turn on the notifications as well.

After the viewers subscribe and turn on the notifications, they’ll be notified whenever you release a new video. This way you will get free YouTube views from your subscribers.

2. Promoting Videos on Other Social Media Platforms

Free youtube views
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In the present time, social media has been continuously evolving as a powerful medium. It can prove to be a good platform to promote your videos to get free YouTube views. If you have good amount of followers on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, why not use it for your YouTube channel’s success?

While promoting your videos on social media, never post the full video, as once the viewers watch the video there, why would they come to YouTube to watch it again? A good way to promote your videos to get free YouTube views is by posting only a small part of your full video on social media with a link to watch the full video on YouTube.

When people watch a small part or teaser of your video, their curiosity will make them come on YouTube and watch the full video. This way you will get free YouTube views through your followers of other social media platforms.

3. Optimization of Your Video’s Title

Free youtube views
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As a result of the subsequent increase in internet significance, use of search engines is constantly increasing. This has lead to an increase in the importance of Search Engine Optimization and SEO experts. YouTube is also a search engine and hence SEO matters a lot.

SEO is a way to improve your search rankings to get free YouTube views. YouTube takes into consideration various items while showing search results. Like other platforms, YouTube also allows you to optimize your videos through video names, titles, tags, and descriptions, etc. You must add the keywords and tags that can help your videos and channel get good ranks.

There are various online tools accessible to help you in the optimization process. Google Trends and Google Keyword Planner are good options while searching for relevant keywords for your videos. Always decide the title of your video of the right length. Not just this, choose your title and description appropriately to get free YouTube views.

4. Publish Videos at the Right Time

Free Youtube views
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You must have heard that ‘Everything has its best time’.  The same is the case with YouTube. How many free YouTube views you are going to get depends upon the timing of publishing your videos.

You must post your videos on YouTube while your audience or viewers are watching them or are active on YouTube. The best thing is that it is no longer difficult to get to know the right time to publish your videos on YouTube. You have to search online, and there are many sites telling you when to post your videos on various days of the week.

Now YouTube tracks the particular days and hours when there’s more traffic on YouTube. Once you get to know about the peak time, publish your videos 1 or 2 hours before the time so that your viewers can get time to discover your videos, and you will get more free YouTube views.

5. Get Recommended After a Popular Video by Using Metadata

There’s nothing wrong with getting ideas and inspiration from others or even your competitors. If you want to get free YouTube views on your videos, look at the other videos in your niche. If you want to achieve big, go for the most popular videos list and have a look.

YouTube wants its viewers to be there for a long time so that they can watch as many ads as possible. To keep its viewers on the platform, YouTube keeps recommending one video after another.

The videos that YouTube recommends come out of nowhere. They recommend videos from the same channel, that are popular, or viewed and liked by many, videos based on a particular person’s watch history or videos with similar or related Metadata.

Well, if you use good and similar Metadata like some famous videos, you will get recommended and get free YouTube views. But, don’t just go and copy-paste a video’s Metadata as the viewers will not watch the same thing again.

Just get to know about the content that’s there is a popular video and think about how you can add value to what viewers have already seen, through your video. While choosing keywords for your videos, think about the words people can use while searching for that particular content in your video.

6. Create Playlists

free youtube views
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An effective way of getting more free YouTube views on your videos is to keep the viewers glued to your channel by not letting them move to another channel. How to do it? Create and organize Playlists on YouTube, and it’ll do the work.

If you are thinking why I suggest creating Playlists, it is because of the auto-play feature. When people are watching your video and it ends, the next video gets started from your Playlist and keeps the viewers engaged with your channel.

When you create Playlists, you save your viewers from the work of searching for another video. If your video is engaging enough, your viewers will surely watch your next video after the previous one ends and, you will get free YouTube views.

Not only does Playlists keep your viewers on your channel, it also helps in improving your search rankings, as the title of your Playlists is an excellent opportunity to target keywords. This will eventually lead to get you more free YouTube views.

It’s very easy to create a Playlist on YouTube. You just have to click on the ‘+’ icon given below the video, and then you can make a new Playlist or add the video to an existing Playlist.

7. Enable Embedding on Videos

free youtube views
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This is a very significant step that a lot of people don’t pay attention to. When you are publishing your videos on YouTube, never forget to enable embedding. If you forget to enable embedding, your viewers won’t be able to share your videos.

When you enable embedding on your videos, you allow your video to be embedded by the viewers in their blogs and websites, to reach a new audience and get free YouTube views. Your viewers have to click on the ‘share’ option, and they’ll get the ’embed’ option. Once they click on it, they’ll be able to copy your video’s embedding code and paste it into their blogs or websites.

You have to go to the Creator Studio on YouTube and then to the editing page. Select ‘Advanced settings’ and then ‘Distribution options’ and then tick the ‘Allow embedding’ option. It’s done. Now your viewers can share your videos, and you’ll get more free YouTube views.

8. Know What’s Viral and Then Publish Videos

free youtube views
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No matter which field you belong to, it’s always important to be updated about everything that’s happening around you, especially in your industry. The same is the case when you publish videos on YouTube. You will get free YouTube views only when you create videos about things that are going viral.

When you serve the audience with the things that are getting viral, they’ll be attracted to your channel. Not only this, they’ll share your videos with others as well.

When you share some viral content through your videos, make sure to do it before everyone else in your niche. If you reach the audience before anyone else does, the viewers will look at you as the leader in your field. It will attract more viewers to your videos, and you will get free YouTube views.

9. Create Captivating Thumbnails

free youtube views
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I hope you all know that Thumbnail is the small preview image that’s visible along with your video title. That small image plays a very significant role when it comes to getting free YouTube views.

When your audience or viewers are going through their search results on YouTube, they select the video on the basis of its Thumbnail. If a Thumbnail seems to be attractive to the viewers, they’ll surely watch that video.

When you are publishing a video, you can choose from auto-generated Thumbnails, but it’s always a better option to create your Thumbnail that stands out from the others. Not just this, your Thumbnail must be appropriate according to your video title.

There are various ways to make your Thumbnail more effective to help you get more free YouTube views. You can use bright colors in your Thumbnail so that it stands out among others. You can use weird face close-ups to catch the person’s attention through the search results. You can also use text overlays.

While creating thumbnails, make sure that it’s not misleading. If the viewers open the video, attracted by your thumbnail, but get disappointed or annoyed in the middle, they’ll stop watching it. This will affect the watch time of your video. So, make sure that your thumbnail is appropriate. You can employ tools like Canva to make thumbnails.

10. Using Cards and End Screen

Other than Playlists, cards and end screens are two important tools that can be used to promote your videos and get more free YouTube views. Using of cards and an end screen, you can directly influence your viewer’s choice to watch the next video.

To get access to these features, you first need to verify your YouTube account. To do this, go to the ‘Creator Studio’, and choose the ‘Status and features’ option. After that, you will be able to view extra YouTube channel features and can set them up.

Cards are clickable tools that pop up in the video according to the time you set. You can choose a card and link it to other videos of your channel and keep your viewers engaged.

This will help you get more free YouTube views on your other videos as well. Make sure that the link attached to the card is relevant to the moment so that the viewers don’t feel spammed.

On the other hand, end screens are calls to action that you can add at the end of your video to wrap things up.

Both end screen and cards are significant tools that can help you get free YouTube views.

11. Optimize Your Channel

Free youtube views
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Optimizing your channel is very important to strengthen your brand and channel, and help you get more free YouTube views. There are a lot of ways available to optimize your YouTube channel, and some of them are:

Optimizing the channel’s description– The description you set for your channel is visible in the ‘About’ tab of YouTube. Write a good description, including the information about your channel and the benefits that one can get by watching your videos. You can tell your viewers why they should watch your videos. You can also include your goals and niche in the description.

Creating a strong and consistent brand aesthetic– Make sure that your YouTube branding is consistent with other social channels and websites. It means that the logo and images used by you to promote your channel should be the same everywhere.

Add appropriate channel keywords– Decide relevant keywords that you want your channel to rank in the search results. For this, you have to go to the ‘Channel’ and then choose ‘Advanced.’ After this, you can enter your desired keywords in the ‘Channel keywords’ box.

Enable related channels– Many people forget to enable related channels. By doing this, you get your channel removed from YouTube’s recommendations leading you to lose network. So, always enable related channels to get recommended and get free YouTube views on your videos.

So, are you going to start your own YouTube channel? Or are you already having a YouTube channel but struggling to get free YouTube views on your videos? Your problem will get solved now. After getting through this guide, you know what measures you can take to make your videos reach your audiences and get free YouTube views.

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