3 Best Universities in France for International Students

Paris tops the list of best cities to get further education in. France lies in the centre of Europe, giving great accessibility to other European nations.

Living and studying in France is very cheap and has a strong student community. Have you given studying in France a thought? You should because French universities are the best if you haven’t.

Here are the three best universities in France for international students:

1. Pierre and Marie Curie University

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This Parisian university ranks 38th in global rankings. Founded in 1971, the PMC University gets over 20 percent, international students, every year.

The best courses at the university are medicine, engineering, chemistry, mathematics, earth sciences, life sciences, environment, physics, and biodiversity. Bachelor’s are three years long, and master’s are two years long.

2. Université Paris-Sud

Universite Paris-Sud is the second-best university in France and 98th globally. Every year, the university gets 30,000 students, out of which 16 percent are international students. Founded in 1970, the university is located in Orsay.

This university is best known for its law, economics, science, pharmacy, management, and sports sciences. It is a public university, and students don’t have to pay tuition fees, but only administrative fees.

3. University Paris Diderot

University Paris Diderot is a public university in Paris established in 1970. It is located on the banks of the Seine River in the Paris Rive Gauche area in France. This university has the most beautiful location.

The university offers great social sciences, humanities, and science and technology courses. It is ranked 100th globally and offers courses in both French and English.

Most universities offer student accommodation at low prices, but some don’t. International students usually stay in groups in rented apartments located near the university.

Groceries and electricity are pretty cheap in France. It is a historic country and traveling around will completely change you. Which is why, If you ever plan to study abroad, France should definitely be on your list.

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