10 Little-Known Bachelor’s In Psychology Jobs

What kind of Bachelor’s In Psychology Jobs one can opt for? You might have thought about this question if you are someone who is planning to go for a psychology degree or you just graduated and looking for options in this field.

Let me tell you psychology bachelor’s degree has a lot to offer you, it’s a diverse field with a lot of career opportunities for you to pursue, you just need to find the best fit psychology career for yourself.

Understanding human behavior and mind, how it works and learning more about its processes, is kind of interesting. You can use what you learn in the psychology degree in any field, it’s not restricted to just one field. For eg: If you are a brand or a business, you make sure that you connect to your target audience on a personal level, you try to understand their behavior and then you plan your advertisements, products and so on.

It’s not just for the business but psychology is used everywhere and when you start comprehending it, it will help you in knowing other people better, why people do what they do and it will also help you in developing skills like decision making and critical thinking.

Now without any further a due let’s get to know about what all you will learn in undergraduate psychology programs and then discuss what job opportunities you have in this field.

Overview Of Psychology Bachelor’s Degree

A degree in psychology covers a wide range of topics, you will get to learn the science of the human mind and its behavior. It’s a three to four-year degree program where you learn various subjects which will help you understand the core of psychology and how to practically use it.

Also, according to your interest, you can pick psychology majors in whichever field you want to specialize in. Later on, you can also do a two-three years master’s degree, which will give you full-fledged knowledge and develop the required skills of a specific field you want to pursue a career in.

Advantages Of Having A Bachelor’s Degree In Psychology

  1. A variety of career options to choose from some of them can be, counseling, psychologist, social worker, and many more.
  2. Psychology undergraduate programs are available in different countries, which you can opt for.
  3. You get a better understanding of a human’s inner self and their personalities which helps you not only in the field of psychology but also in a daily life
  4. You also earn well and as this field is growing day by day it’s demand is increasing.
  5. You develop important skills like communication, critical thinking, empathy, decision-making, and interpersonal skills.

Drawbacks Of Having A Psychology Degree

  1. Without a degree you can’t do any job in the psychology field, at least a bachelor’s degree is required.
  2. Working in this field can be stressful, as there can be a lot of pressure of paperwork, dealing with other people’s distress daily, meeting deadlines, and so on.
  3. If you set up your own practice in this field, then it may become difficult to handle as you have to manage everything by yourself.
  4. There are people who still think that this degree is not so profitable and important.
  5. For some professions just a bachelor’s degree is not enough you need to have a master’s degree or a PhD.

10 Little-Known Professions To pursue If You Are A Psychology Degree Holder

1. Psychiatric Technician

Bachelor's in psychology jobs
Image by Hush Naidoo Jade Photography on Unsplash

Their duty is to provide assistance to the patients who are facing mental health and developmental problems by following the instructions given by the patient’s doctor.

They take good care of their patients and monitor their progress of mental and physical well-being. If they observe and see no change or the patient behaving weird or violent it’s their duty to report it to the health personnel.

They provide support to the patients whenever needed for eg: communicating with the patients and providing counseling if needed. Being a psychiatric technician, it’s important to be friendly and kind with the patients as they are mentally disturbed your duty will be to encourage them and to help them to come out of that tough phase.

Not only it’s the role of the psychiatric technician to take care of the patient’s mental health but also physical health.

Also, they look after the admission process of new patients and the release of existing patients.

Skills Required 

  1. Excellent interpersonal communication skills
  2. Should be good at counseling
  3. Good observational skills
  4. Empathy and compassion
  5. Physically strong and fit to lift or move those who are physically restrained.
  6. Active listening

2. Clinical Psychologist

Bachelor's in psychology jobs
Image by Cottonbro on Pexels

Their role is to identify the mental health problems their clients are facing, and by interacting with them they get to know about their condition. Sometimes they also question them in order to understand their problems better and to prescribe them tests or solutions to deal with them.

They don’t give them medicines to treat any kind of mental illness, it can be in some cases but not always. As they use various psychological techniques to treat their clients.

They counsel their patients to resolve their serious mental distress and behavioral issues. There is various clinical psychologist as well, who deals with only a specific disorder or several ones, but the common thing in all clinical psychologist is that they treat their patients using psychological practices.

To be a clinical psychologist you at least need to have a graduate degree because further for doing a master’s degree or doctoral degree, institutions require it.

Skills Required

  1. Good communication skills
  2. Knowledge about psychology techniques and knowing how to use them in practice
  3. Writing skills
  4. Knows how to empathize with others and active listening
  5. Observational and problem-solving skills
  6. Critical thinking and research skills
  7. Open-minded

3. Career Counselor

They are the ones who provide career counseling services, for the students who are confused about their career path or know what they want to do but are still unsure and want to know more about the career they want to pursue and the options available.

A career counselor is like a guide, who shows the path of options best for their clients. They are experts in this field and also help students in making their career choices. They assess the students on various factors like their personalities, the profession they like, interests, their likes & dislikes, what they want to become, and so on.

They ask students various questions about their careers and interests in order to get insights and to narrow down their options. They also help them in narrowing their career paths, advise them about the various career opportunities that they can opt for in the future, and provide them with guidance to have a successful career.

Skills Required

  1. To be able to build rapport with clients
  2. Communication and problem-solving skills
  3.  Active listening
  4.  Maintain confidentiality
  5. Non-judgemental and self-aware
  6. Interpersonal skills

4. Correctional Treatment Specialists

Bachelor's in psychology jobs
Image by RODNAE Productions on Pexels

Correctional treatment specialist helps in providing social services to the parolees. They are also known as case managers.

Their role is to make sure that the parolees live an improved life after they are released from jail. They work with the probation and parole officers and help the parolees to get proper counseling, employment, household, substance abuse treatment, and so on.

They make plans and take appropriate steps on how to let the parolees back into society so that they can live a life like responsible citizens. They make sure to check the parolee’s criminal history and background, make reports on it, check their emotional and psychological status depending on which they plan their approach accordingly. So that they live a normal life, without causing any harm to others. The correctional treatment specialists sometimes also conduct anger management training, psychological tests, counseling, and so on.

Skills required

  1. Should be able to communicate effectively
  2.  Writing and interviewing skills
  3.  Patience
  4.  Problem-solving and analytical skills
  5.  Knowledge about human behavior
  6. The ability to understand non-verbal communication.

5. Child Care Worker

Image by Lina Kivaka on Pexels

Child care workers are in demand these days, as working parents require them to take care of their children. As a child care worker, your duties will be to look after children, help them with their studies, provide them with food and manage their everyday activities.

They need to take care of babies which can be toddlers, small babies, young children, or teens. For toddlers, you will be required to feed them food with your hands, give them toys to play with, teach them good habits, bathe them and dress them up, and so on. Sometimes your job can be for less time, just for a few hours or a day or two, but you can also work part-time or full time as you wish.

Whereas the children or teens who are a little older don’t require too much attention. You may have to help them with studies, teach them new skills, cook food for them, play and so on. This duty comes with a lot of responsibilities, it will not just be about taking care of the little children but also making sure their development is happening properly and teaching them good things via fun and knowledgeable activities.

Skills Required

  1. Knows how to communicate with children
  2. Creative thinking
  3. Decision making
  4. Physically fit
  5. To have a positive attitude
  6. Patience & enthusiasm
  7. Monitoring and teaching skills

6. Market Researcher

Image by Fauxels on Pexels

Their role is to carry out market research, it can be for a variety of reasons like to know about the trends in the market, in-demand products or services, leading brands, sales and so on.

The job is to gather all the necessary data, analyze it to make it easily readable, and present it in the form of reports. Most market researchers are hired by various companies or marketing agencies to conduct research for them.

The data that market researchers find is of two types one is quantitative and another one is qualitative. In quantitative you deal with numbers or statistics and this data can be quickly analyzed whereas in qualitative your deal with people’s thoughts and opinions which can be difficult to analyze at times.

Skills Required

  1. Research skills
  2. Keen observation to detail and accuracy
  3. Must be aware of businesses & knowledge about the market
  4. Strong written communication & verbal communication
  5. Problem-solving & analytical skills
  6. Good with numbers and technology

7. Human Resources

Image by Campaign Creators on Unsplash

The role of hr is conducting interviews, making sure to hire people who are fit for the position, and managing the employees.

They look after things related to employees like salary negotiation, benefits, resolving conflicts if any, training process of employees, and so on. Also, the whole hiring process right from shortlisting applications to hiring a candidate is taken care of by the hr of the company. After hiring the training and managing the employees is also done by the hr. They also monitor the employees’ performance and also provide them with appropriate training and development so that they give the best to the organization with their improved self.

They do strategic planning, look after how many candidates are required currently, and do the candidates have the necessary skills and qualifications to match with company goals or not.

Skills Required

  1. Excellent communication skills
  2.  Relationship building & management
  3.  Teamwork & knows how to resolve conflicts
  4.  Training & decision making skills
  5.  Must be good at problem-solving
  6. Time management
  7.  Emotional intelligence & active listening

8. Research Assistant

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They assist the main professionals in research projects. They prepare the questions to be asked to the people during the collection of data and surveys.

If other people are involved in the project as well, they supervise & make sure that all of them are working properly and is there any progress or not. Also to sum up the findings from the data gathered, they make reports.

To present the findings, they help with preparing the presentations for the professionals. Proofreading and checking the data collected is accurate is not is also a part of their job. They work under the supervision of knowledgeable professionals, who are the main researchers of the project.

There can be other tasks as well depending on what is required for the research project.

Skills Required

  1. Communication skills
  2. Observational and keen to detail skills
  3.  Data analysis and critical thinking
  4.  Excellent computer skills
  5.  Time management
  6.  Interviewing and planning

9. Psychology Lab Assistants

Image by Edward Jenner on Pexels

Their duty is to make sure that all the laboratory equipment needed for the experiment is all set up properly and operated.

The role of a lab assistant is to supervise that experiments are carried out safely, the lab environment is clean and to make sure the lab equipment is timely repaired or to replace them if they are damaged. Also, you have to keep a record of lab inventories and explain the procedures of the lab to the students/researchers who are new.

The duty also includes is to ensure that everyone follows the rules and regulations of the lab. There can be other duties as well than the ones mentioned above, depending on what duties are assigned to you.

Skills Required

  1. Communication skills
  2.  Supervision
  3. Knowledge about lab equipment
  4.  Writing skills
  5. Well versed with technology

10. Mental Health Counselor

Image by Cottonbro on Pexels

They provide counseling services to people who are suffering from mental health problems like depression, anxiety, life problems, relationship issues, and so on.

They listen to the individual’s problems and what are they facing,& provide them with emotional support, advice, and solutions to deal with them. They also conduct sessions with family, in a group setting, or one-to-one.

They identify the reasons behind the mental health problems, by asking questions and interacting with the clients to understand them better.

Skills Required

  1.  Active listening & clear communication skills.
  2. Open-minded
  3.  Problem-solving & patience
  4.  Knows how to build rapport with clients
  5.  Empathy & non-judgemental
  6.  Confidentiality

These were some of the little-known bachelor’s in psychology jobs for you. Not only can you opt for a career which was mentioned above other than that you can also go for careers in criminal justice, case management services, advertising agencies, government agencies, social service agencies, and so on.

For Psychology students, one benefit is that you are not restricted to specific careers, as this field is growing day by day it has a lot to offer in terms of job opportunities and career options.

So if you are a psychology degree holder or are a student who is thinking to pursue psychology, then you can definitely go for one of these career options. This degree is not only useful for job purposes but also you get to learn a lot about the human mind and behavior which can be useful to you to understand people better.

With this we come to an end of this blog, I hope this blog helped you in getting to know about bachelor’s in psychology jobs and gave you clarity about the field.

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