5 Reasons Why Team Work Is More Important than Office Politics.

Competition is a healthy attribute as long as it is not mixed with avarice and politics. As long as corporations benefit from competitive employees, competition has usually been a boon. 

But when competitive environments start hampering harmony between employees and polluting the office environment, it’s time to pause and think. 

Office politics is detrimental to an organization’s progress, and the resultant competition, if not based on performance, will just add to the negativity and hamper team efforts at the workplace. It is important to give priority to teamwork and eliminate office politics at all costs.

Teamwork makes an organization work:

An organization will benefit solely from teamwork. That is why it’s called an organization; otherwise, it would just be a one-man army. When hundreds of employees work under the same roof, there has to be a collective effort, and individual efforts don’t count.

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Office Politics decreases productivity:

Office politics simply lead to workplace conflicts which cause a dip in the productivity of an organization. No project can be completed without a team effort, and if the team members continue to harbor differences, there is no way you can achieve the company targets with perfection.

It’s We versus I:

There will be people in an organization who give more importance to their personal goals than the company’s progress. It’s not a bad thing. 

But when employees start disregarding the organization to make their ends meet and just causing bad blood between teammates, that’s where the problem begins. Such employees will never contribute to the success of a company.

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Creating a positive environment:

Office politics have been known to be the leading cause of workplace stress. And stressed employees will never be able to contribute to the success of an organization. 

For your projects to be successful, you need to keep everyone happy and motivated. That can only be possible when they stay away from the politics of the workplace.

More hands to work lead to better results:

Instead of one employee shining out and taking all the cake, the talents of every single employee need to be utilized to achieve success in a company. 

Suppose one employee is favored or tries to take away credits and hog the limelight by indulging in politics at the workplace while overshadowing others. In that case, an organization will never be able to function properly. 

Most projects will be about egos and personal vendetta and people will hold grudges against the organization; this is not a good sign for an organization.

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