3 Ideal Jobs for a Nutrition Graduate

As a nutrition graduate, you are nothing less than a superhero. No, we aren’t exaggerating even a bit.

Your job as a nutritionist helps save people, just like doctors do.

Monitoring a patient’s diet is crucial, especially when you are handling food poisoning, food allergies, and patients of cancer or burns.

Here are four ideal jobs for a nutrition graduate:

1. Clinical dietitian

As a clinical dietitian, you have to work in a hospital setting. You have a regular workweek of Monday to Friday. Your role is to monitor patients’ diets and change them according to their conditions.

After a bachelor’s degree in nutrition, you have to get a registered nutritionist license to work in hospitals. You also have to create formulas for patients who can’t eat.

The average salary is $57,910 annually.

2. Personal nutritionist

A personal nutritionist is a glamorous job working with celebrities or sportspeople. You don’t have a full-time job and can work remotely as well.

Your job is to optimize their meal plans and sometimes cook for them if you are skilled.

Again, it is a very prestigious job, and you get paid over $65,000 annually.

3. Sports or fitness nutritionist

As a sports or fitness nutritionist, you are often hired by sports teams or fitness centres to monitor the diets of the sportsperson or the people to come to the fitness centre.

You need to be very fit and enthusiastic about fitness and sports. For becoming a sports or fitness nutritionist, you will have to get a bachelor’s degree in sports nutrition.

You can also get the chance to work with nutraceutical companies, which is an excellent addition to your resume. After a few years in the industry, you can start your fitness or nutrition centre.

Starting salary is around $53,000 in the US.

If these job titles fascinate you, then do consider studying nutrition if you aren’t already a graduate.

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