The Top 3 Favorite Cuisines in Australia For You To Try Out

Australia is one of the greatest island nations in the world. Many people from different countries come here to visit these beautiful lands.

For the sake of those tourists, there are many delicious cuisines present all around the nation. Especially in the cities like Sydney and Melbourne, there are many finger-licking cuisines in their famous restaurants.

Here are the top 3 cuisines:

1) Barbecued shrimp:

By: Oksana Mizina on Shutterstock

The barbecued shrimp can be considered the most delicious item for most Australians. And especially at the weekend’s most of them even prefer a barbecue shrimp with a mug of beer.

But the best taste of barbecued shrimp is only seen in a few restaurants in Australian cities like Sydney.

2) Pie:

The pie would be the must and the most available cuisine in most of the famous Australian restaurants. Most Australians love the pie and opt for it for their part of meals.

This pie even has a  local beef quoted on it and at some places even it is served with highly roasted bread.

3) Lamington:

By: Neela33 on Shutterstock

Even though it seems to be the name of a place or a man,  it is the name of the most delicious sugary cuisine of Australia.

It is the street sponge which is filled with jam and it’s totally dipped with chocolate and finally, it is coated with coconut on it.

The Lamington would be the most favorite dessert ever you have tasted in your life provided if you are free from Diabetes!!

If you are ever in Australia, these 3 cuisines are a must-have.

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