4 Ways to Deal with Sexist Co-workers

When sexism seeps into the workplace despite years of progress, it does dishearten quite a bit. Women weren’t allowed to vote or drive or own the property once upon a time. 

And yet the old adage of, ‘women belong in the kitchen’ doesn’t seem to die out. This outlook needs to change. Now, even men are discriminated against unfairly. We all battle with casual sexism at the workplace, and it gets frustrating at times. 

Here are a few ways to handle sexist co-workers.

1. Take a stand

Whenever you encounter a co-worker making a highly sexist and offensive statement, even as a joke, make sure to voice your disapproval with the same. Point out the sexism. 

You may come across as salty and overly sensitive, but this will ensure that everyone knows you won’t tolerate this behavior. 

Taking a stand and raising a voice against sexism at the workplace goes a long way in preventing further trouble. The reason for most workplaces to report increased instances of sexism is because we all dismiss them as harmless banter.

2. Just leave

If you want to avoid any confrontation, just walk away. You don’t have to be a part of such toxic conversations. Your silence will go a long way in voicing your protest.

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash/Copyright 2022

3. Comebacks!

Sarcasm is the deadliest weapon to tear someone down. If you notice any of your co-workers making a sexist slur, just shut them down with a sarcastic comeback that they won’t be able to beat. 

This will avoid confrontation and will also leave everyone speechless, so they would think twice before making any degrading statement in front of you.

4. Take help of the law

You need to know that sexism at the workplace is not tolerated anywhere, so as soon as you bring this to the notice of HR when you feel you can’t take it anymore, necessary steps will be taken. 

Make sure to save any emails, text messages or recordings because you may find it difficult to find witnesses for your complaints. It is a part of your duty to make your workplace more sensitive and inclusive.

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