Does Gender Pay Gap Exist in the Tech World

With the advancement in technology and the rise in status of women over the centuries- from gaining voting rights to being self-sustaining citizens and not just kitchen workers, women have come a long way. But the fact of the matter remains that there still exists a wage disparity between men and women, and somehow organisations have failed to bridge this gap.

While tech giants Facebook and Apple have recently claimed that no wage gaps exist in their organisations, there are still wage gaps existing in many companies all over the world. Moreover, gender-neutral and gender-queer people have still not able to reach the status of equitable pay.

A lot of factors can be attributed to this. Lack of mentors in college to guide you towards a good employment opportunity seems to be one of them. Some male workers argue that hours they put in at work are much higher than those put in by women.

Image by Andrew Martin from Pixabay/Copyright 2022

But the fact of the matter is that even women working for equal time frames in the offices are not remunerated equally. Moreover, it is still a trend to see more men than women at higher positions in tech firms which is a sad reality today. Even if the pay gap is minuscule, it still does exist.

Another factor that should be a major concern is the onus placed on a woman, especially when she is on maternity. As the world argues over paternity leave, we still have women struggling to get promotions, especially when they get married or start expecting.

The whole notion of a woman solely following a traditional gender role and treating her job as a secondary option in her life is one of the reasons they are not taken seriously at work.

The gender gap still stands at an average of 5.4 percent in the US, with significant disparities for computer programmers (28.3 percent), computer-aided designers (21.5 percent) and video game artists (15.8 percent), according to a recent Glassdoor study.

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