5 Career Options in Chemistry & Sound Engineering

Chemistry is one of the basis of mankind. Every minuscule reaction, every single process on this planet requires a thorough understanding of the laws and theories of chemistry. 

This is why every field from engineering to space sciences, healthcare, and many more is constantly on the lookout for Chemistry majors and postgraduates. Here are some career options you can opt for if you love Chemistry. 

Analytical chemistry 

Here you will be dealing with the composition of matter and particles. Analytical Chemistry is an extremely versatile field. Many industries employ analytical chemists for seamless manufacturing processes of their product, and a good knowledge of component properties and weaknesses helps them accomplish the task well.

Healthcare scientist, clinical biochemistry 

This field deals with the analysis of bodily fluids for medical and health examinations and is also involved in the diagnosis of disorders like diabetes mellitus, jaundice, gout, etc. 

These disorders can be ascertained by judging the levels of certain fluids in the body. The healthcare sector is constantly on the lookout for healthcare scientists, and they are also in demand in various labs and diagnostic centers. 

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Forensic scientist 

Crime scenes are replete with pieces of evidence, and these areas have all the clues for solving cases; this is where Chemistry comes into play. 

Crime scenes need highly trained and experienced forensic scientists to examine crime scenes for chemicals, body fluids and their differentiation, DNA and fingerprint analysis, and blood analysis. This field is very lucrative. 


Pharmacology is defined as the study of the composition mechanism and action of medicines. These professionals are in high demand in the health and pharma sector.


Toxicologists deal with the effects and actions of certain drugs, chemicals, and agents on the somatic cells and human systems. This field is very research-intensive and is indispensable in today’s times of chemical exposures in the environment due to the high amount of industries mushrooming today.

5 Career Options in Sound Engineering

Sound engineering is the most happening career option today. Especially for music lovers who also have prowess in engineering and hold technology degrees, this field can be an opportunity to play with various sounds and musical and acoustic variations and create something out of the ordinary. 

Sound engineers have traditionally been a part of fields like Motion Picture, Video Industries, Sound Recording Industries, Radio, Television Broadcasting, Performing Arts Companies and work with Independent Artists, Writers, and Performers. 

But now, due to cut-throat competition, sound engineers are looking for new avenues other than the conventional ones. Previous designations for sound engineers included Live Concert Engineer, Studio Engineer, Sound Designer, Mastering Engineer, Remixing Engineer, Music Producer, Audiovisual Technician, Audio Freelancer, and so on. 

Now, due to the diversification of the job market, here is the new set of vocations sound engineers can pick up and excel. 

App development 

With more updates in mobile technology and operating systems like Android and IOS, sound engineers have come into so much demand for sound-based and voice-based applications like OK Google, google now, and Microsoft Cortana. More sound engineers are now being engaged to develop sound and voice-based apps. 

Location Recording Engineer 

The film and television industry now works on the principle of live recording, and dubbing is passe. 

Sync Sound is a new technology where live recording is used, and sound engineers are now in demand for job profiles of location recording and recording engineers. You need technical expertise as a lot of details have to be looked into while live recording sound. 

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System Tuner / Consultant 

Firms have permanent audio equipment for various processes, and they are constantly on the lookout for system tuners to fine-tune the audio system and produce quality output. This requires knowledge and expertise in the room as well as environmental acoustics. You also need to be well versed with sound reinforcement products and their installation. 

Gaming Industry 

Video Games are no longer amateur bike rides in video parlors or joystick-operated arcade ones. New games with refined video quality and sound backup are now in vogue. 

Sound is a primary component of entertainment, and the gaming industry henceforth looks for sound professionals who can design creative portions for the games they develop. Audio engineers produce sound designs apt for the game, and this involves composing, scoring, and recording music. 

Studio Designer / Acoustic Consultant 

This is a diverse job profile and requires expertise in multiple disciplines. You need to be well versed with the basics of audio engineering, and noise cancellation is a must too.

This field involves managing and controlling noises in the environment to enable people to lead a comfortable life. This needs a lot of experience, pragmatism, expertise, and creativity. 


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