5 Careers to Choose if You are a Natural Writer

The power of the pen has torn people apart and brought them closer. Writing is an integral aspect of worldly life, and writers influence everything.

From a work of literary genius to a simple billboard advertisement, writing provides some of the most sought-after and fulfilling careers.

Here are a few career options for you if you are passionate about putting your thoughts on paper!

Greeting Card Author:

From birthday cards to Valentine’s day posters, the role of greeting cards is not obsolete even in today’s savvy culture. We will always use greeting cards to convey our heartfelt feelings to the special people in our lives as they are more personalised and classy.

Famous greeting card companies are constantly looking for talented greeting card authors who can pen down earnest and loving messages for their cards.


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From Sidney Sheldon to Salman Rushdie, the world of novel writing has given birth to many celebrities. Novel writing is a time-taking process and requires a lot of patience and struggle.

There is always an inevitable demand for gripping stories and tales, and this is undoubtedly a lucrative career choice and worth the bargain.


Writers who expose lies and propaganda and acquaint the world with world events are always in high demand. Journalism is an indispensable part of civil society as news is part and parcel of daily life.

Attractive pay packages, fulfilling experiences, fame, and adventure potential make this a highly sought-after field.


With the rise and growth of cinema, the demand for a good screenwriter is always on the rise. The screenwriter is the creator of a film plot, and it has become one of the most highly paid professions for writers.

Advertising (Creative):

From creating catchy taglines to composing jingles, advertising has many departments for writers. And the best part? The pay scale is high, and the work environment is very exciting.

The pen is a weapon; use it wisely. Let your passion be your future.

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