Non-Engineering Fields for Engineers

Engineers are amongst the most versatile and multi-talented professionals of all. And with the current trend of engineers foraying into various disciplines, they can escape the rat race if they want and pursue something else even more passionately.

Here are a few career options you can look at if you have an engineering degree but do not wish to be an engineer.


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Obtaining an engineering degree is no piece of cake. You have to acquaint yourself with technology and science extensively. You can utilize this knowledge combined with your creativity to become a writer- be it articles or science fiction.

The rich experiences and the intellectual maturity of engineers make this a lucrative option. Technical writing jobs pay exceptionally well.


Being well-versed in technology makes it easier for engineers to handle the equipment. Also, the uncanny experiences in engineering make them more creatively inclined and hence more successful in this venture.

You will be great at creating sci-fi movies because of your experience in the territory.


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Attention to detail, along with an artistic instinct, makes photography a lucrative option with high success rates. Many engineering colleges have photography clubs that encourage the shutterbug in you.

If physics and optics are right up your sleeve and you desire to capture moments, then photography is the alley for you.

Event Management

Engineers are rough and tough people with excellent communication skills, and they also have a way with people. They can work under pressure and handle deadlines. Such qualities are ideal in the field of event management.


With highly industrious and enterprising personas and the highest percentage of MBA aspirants, the field of engineering has potential entrepreneurs who can change the world.

Many engineers divert into business and put their skills to use.

Game Designing

All the gadget freaks and game enthusiasts who are bored of their routine job can opt for game designing as it is a highly creative and well-paying field that will utilize your tech knowledge to the fullest.

So, all the engineers out there, don’t worry if you didn’t find the right engineering job for you because there are a lot other options.

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