Etiquettes to Follow in Business Meetings

Business meetings can make or break your career, and they are very important if you want to expand your ventures and take your organisation to new heights.

They are equally challenging to nail, and certain codes of conduct must be followed to create a lasting impression and improve your networking.

Be punctual:

Time is a limited resource and everyone’s time commitment needs to be valued. Be present for a meeting well before time to make a good impression as this speaks volumes about your work ethic.

Make introductions:

Introduce everyone in a decreasing order of hierarchy to enable better interaction in a meeting. This will highlight your presence at the meeting, and you will be able to bring your communication skills to the fore.

Posture is important:

Sit upright and don’t slouch, as this may reflect on your attitude at work. How you sit for a meeting gives away your level of concentration and seriousness. So an appropriate posture while sitting is imperative.

Be loud enough:

Being soft-spoken is a sign of lesser confidence and an attribute of submissiveness that can work against you. You need to be audible to everyone in the room. Your voice needs to be bold enough so that your listeners get a taste of your self-confidence and leadership skills.

Keep your phone away:

Keep your phones away from the table and put them on silent mode. Having your phones blink or vibrate while they’re on the table is a rude gesture and distracts the people attending the meeting.

Eating rules:

Avoid eating at a meeting as it causes disturbance and creates unnecessary noises. Also, make sure not to leave any used glasses or plates at the table after the meeting. This reflects poorly on your professionalism.

Ask questions well before time:

Don’t ask untimely questions and put in irrelevant comments. Especially at the very end, it can be irritating if someone starts to extend the meeting by asking questions that are not important.

So are you ready to rock that meeting?


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