5 Things to Pack for Studying in the UK

Now that you’ve cleared the visa application process and your IELTS proficiency test, there’s another hurdle that you need to jump through – what to pack for the UK.

If you are from India and especially from the South, you will know that the climate is very different in the UK. Now that you are going to a completely different nation, you need to be well-prepared.

Here are five things you need to pack for studying in the UK:

1. Documents

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Carry all your essential documents with you. These include your passport, visa, copy of your acceptance letter from the university, prescription for any medical illness or anything in general, driver’s license, debit cards, credit cards, birth certificate, education certificates, immunization certificate, and current academic transcripts of tertiary studies.

2. Raincoat

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United Kingdom’s weather changes in minutes. You can see all four seasons in a single day in the UK.

It rains quite a lot there as well. You have no option but to carry your raincoat and umbrella with you everywhere.

3. Extra chargers

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Always carry extra laptop and phone chargers with you in the UK.

It might be challenging to find a charger with the same voltage as your previous one.

4. First aid kit

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Always have a small first aid kit in your bag wherever you travel. No one ever hopes to be cut or bruised, but just in case, you have to be prepared.

Convenience stores in the UK aren’t open all day long as in India, and you might not even find one near you.

5. Hoodies and light jackets

Pack only a couple of hoodies and lightweight jackets. Avoid buying heavy winter jackets in India because they are expensive and you need different kinds there.

Winter jackets are pretty cheap in the UK and of good quality.

So, with these 5 things to pack you are all good to go to the UK to study.

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