How To Get Your Official Documents Translated?

Google Translate Translation allows you to translate HTML text and plain text texts in just about any browser. The size of the translated documents (which are specified by Google in its FAQs) is 1MB. 

You can do a good translation in some everyday situations but use a translator carefully when you use it for official business documents. The bigger the document, the longer translation will be; therefore, it will likely produce more results. 

It has a well-regarded reputation for accuracy, but it also male mistakes sometimes and should always be used with caution.

What is an official translation?

The government body seeks official document translation in order to receive an additional level of certification. An official translation is legal proof of translation by a skilled expert interpreter certified to reflect the original source documents. Millions of articles are being translated daily.

Who is an official translator?

Official translators are people who were given a successful score on the tests provided by the competent authorities and met the expected educational standards. After these processes, translators accept the title of officially speaking translator by the court authorities. 

Their special stamp and legal signatures allow them to translate documents intended to be read in formal and legal matters. 

Official organizations require an official translation to distinguish the professional translation in important legal matters like a translation of an important document or a translation by an expert in both languages. 

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The documents you have to get translated.

If you apply for a student visa, you must translate all your foreign documents, academic transcripts, and degrees. It’s better to get to know immigration policies before preparing an application. 

The digital world won’t assist you during official linguistic services. Contact a qualified person who is fully familiar with the USCIS guidelines. 

Why do I need to get my translation certified only to submit it to the US?

It may be hard for USCIS personnel to find out what documents contain any foreign information. So they are requested to provide a certified translation in which the translator assumes the credibility and quality of the translator’s translation for acceptance. 

This rule was imposed on speeding up and simplifying the process of immigration because if every immigrant is called back to explain documenting the immigration process, then the process is more complicated and requires much more paperwork. 

Since a translation must also be checked for accuracy, all must be certified before being re-entrant with a USCIS agency. A translation agency should verify all copies to ensure accuracy.

USCIS Translation

Any certification program must meet the certification required by USCIS. Credibility is a decisive factor in every transaction. 

This agency prides itself on producing various services that are dependable. They assign each source file to an expert who has experience dealing with legal documents and ensure that they only translate in their native language. 

They assign all relevant source documents to professionals who have experience with legal documents. They are translated in their native tongues only. 

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Certified Translation With Rush Translate

RushTranslate is one of the largest providers of certification translation services across the USA. 

The translation must be written literally – meaning every text seen in it. Translation writers cannot delete/add texts, interpret them differently, or interpret textual concepts. 

The author indicates to the translator that the service was performed by a trained translator fluent in their respective languages. They provide:

  • All certified translations incorporating letterhead with order and page numbers on all pages.
  • Contact info.
  • ATA Corporate Member number.

List the features of official document translation?

An official translation usually includes proofs such as a stamp or is accompanied by a certificate or statement from the translator. 

Accuracy of official translation is a very important thing since they usually serve a government-required purpose. 

Should a student do graduate work abroad, the student may have his college undergraduate transcript translated by an official translator as many university staffs are unfamiliar with that language. 

The most important characteristic of the official translation revolves around the translation being accurate, clear, and sounding natural.

Why do I need document translation?

Document Translation allows the conversion of Word, Excel, PDF documents, and other formats but retains their original format. 

Asynchronous translation allows you to batch and manage your job queues to translate a document effectively for yourself and your organization. 

Use glossaries and customized vocabulary to ensure particular words and phrases translate the way you want. Standard Translator services offer both HTML translations in plain text. 

Supported format: Word and PDF.

Average turnaround times for translation services

A human translator could easily translate a document containing 2,000 words in the span of a day. A translator can easily write about 1500 words per day for complex or technical documents. 

Some translation organizations employ multilingual translators to split text and speed up the translation. Translators can do 2,500 words a day that contains only text. 

The quality assurance process will take approximately two days, so you add this total to the number of days it takes to prepare, write and edit the translation before formatting the translation according to the client’s request. 

The team consists of a project manager translator, editor, and desktop publication.

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Avoid delays in processing your immigration case.

When applying for immigration, the person must provide valid and correct documents that can support his application in a court of law. 

USCIS requires translators to complete documents in their native language. 

RushTranslate’s extensive experience with the translation of various documents for immigration reasons makes them confident in terms of competence—the translations you receive come in complete compliance with the regulatory requirements of USCRI. They also assure you of the accurate delivery of documents.

Guaranteed acceptance

Any USCIS official records must be handed to a reliable translator. 

RushTranslate has a 100% acceptance rate which means all the translated immigration documents they provide are always approved by USCIS. They also offer further services like an urgent translation at no cost. 

Upon order, you will also receive visa translation with guaranteed acceptance by the Government of the United States in case of legal trouble. 

Frequently Asked Questions

A word-for-word Human translation in RushTranslate letterhead includes signed and stamped certification for official use by United States Immigration Service and Universities courts and many local states and federal Government. 

Notarization provides identifying information to authenticate the signature of the certification. Turnaround times are calculated according to the maximum number of Pages of order and are included in each order at checkout. 

USCIS Translation Services for Immigration

They will provide you with the high-quality translation of an official document and offer you the most reliable customer service. This will meet all USCIS translation requirements. 

Along with certification, they’re also providing notarization so you can leave the Public Notary. They might also provide certification by obtaining certification from the notaries before you present your documents to the authorities along with your immigration – application. 

Translation With Google Translate

Fast, reliable and hassle-free

Doc Translator utilizes Google Translate’s incredible power to translate your documents automatically. Keeps your original office document layout. 

Upload your data, and it will immediately translate it for you retaining its delicate layout. The translated text will be renamed to your document, preserving original text formatting. 

Google Translator automatically reads text exactly where it should be read to the right place. 

RTL Language Support: Right-to-Left

Online Doc Translator now supports the translating for all languages on right-to-left: Arabic, Hebrew Arabic, or Hebrew. Information is read from right to left and read from left to right in RTL layouts. 

The language is written using cursive scripts to render complex text layouts, document orientation mirroring, and text alignment for bidirectional languages. 

Factors affecting translation turnaround time

The speed of work depends upon the quality of the source word, the use of translation tools, and the complexities of the document. 

Are digital copies or hard copies needed for USCIS?

USCIS accepts all documents sent for processing via computer just as it accepts electronic and hard copies. 

If you received an English translation, you could either send it to USCIS or print it out and leave it at them. Both USCIS will accept them both, and the UK will accept them in the US.

Do I need a notarized translation for USCIS?

Notarized translations aren’t required by USCIS, but certain documents will still need notarized translations. It is best to contact them.

What is included in the certification statement?

ATA also has a sample certification in the shorter form. The short form can be used by translation, not requiring notarization. The longer form is intended for certifications requiring notarization. 

The certification statements should be modified accordingly to meet specific end-user requirements. It is best to ask the customer whether there is such a special requirement.

For example, some end users may take issue with a translator sharing a similar name, request certification statements on the translator’s letterhead, or use specific text.

A translation can be certified by anyone in the United States.

Moreover, the translator does not have to be certified to have certified translations. Both the individual translator and the person who made the translation can verify the translations. 

A translator may also certify the translation of another person as long as the translator has thoroughly examined the translation in detail. 

Certificate statements must confirm whether the signer has translated or examined the translation of the document. Such translations risk rejection by the end-user but are generally frowned at by translators alike.

Sample certified translations

The digital copy of your translation will be delivered as a PDF and be similarly formatted as your source document. We’ve tried not to repeat our conception.

Apostille Translation

An apostille is a confirmation of signing on the document and is issued by the government. If the translation is used in a country that is a part of the Hague Convention, the Apostille must show that the foreign governments that accept the official translation will bear the signature. 

Sometimes the recipient country must voluntarily translate the official translation of the application. The Apostille translation is not required because it is already recognized internationally by the parties to the Hague Convention. The process assures the authenticity of the document.

Sworn translation

A sworn translator is a translator who is authorized to translate a government official document. The translator provides accurate information and assumes responsibility for the official translation by signing and sealing documents. 

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Notarized translation

A Notarized translation is a verified translation sealed by a notary public. 

It is used for college admissions documents, government papers or other documents, and documents needed in court. Notarization makes the translation document an official translation which is official too.

Can you list the common uses of a certified translation?

Clients may need to receive Certified translation services in many ways. Procedures in government bodies such as getting work visas from a government agency or public employees often require written translations. 

Educational institutions are also required to provide certified translations of candidates’ applications. Legal cases civil and criminal (e.g., adoption/divorce) may require certification translations, as can the adoption/criminal case.

Additional resources

The Apostille or certificate of authenticity represents a form of identification. The Apostille Certificate is certified as genuine. The credentialed Apostille or the certificate of authentication is an illustration of an authentication process. 

Apostilles Certificates may be used to authenticate an identity card. This device can also be used for identification purposes within the United States and for validation purposes.

Is there any cost for using Doc Translator?

Doc Translator is operated by volunteers. We can maintain operations in part through advertisers & the generous gifts we receive from users who feel that we offer something worthwhile to them.

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