5 Tips to Keep Yourself Motivated At Work And Stay Happy

Often, we find that work is something that we either love to hate or hate to love. This eternal paradox is not that hard to break. It may happen that you are not happy with your work, or your motivation declines. To turn the tables and beat that negativity, check out these handy tips:

Do not mix work with personal life.

It is a very bad combination. Learn to classify your personal and professional life. Be it problems or happy events, keeping both separate will ensure maximum effectiveness. When you leave home, you leave your personal life behind. Likewise, when you leave your office, shed all that workload and concentrate on your family.

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Benefits of being organized

It’s probably something you’ve heard a million times. When you organize your tasks, it becomes ridiculously easy to complete them one by one. Prioritizing them makes you even more efficient. You can quickly strike off the important tasks on your lists to relieve your work anxiety.

Rewards are effective

Remember when your parents handed you candy every time you did something good? You gained satisfaction for making that good effort and got a reward on top of that. Well, it works when you are an adult too. Acknowledge your own efforts or achievements. And then you reward yourself for doing so.

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Being positive

This is a no-brainer. Everyone knows that nobody can remain positive all the time. We are human beings, after all. But that does not mean that we should be negative all the time. There are different strategies to deal with stress, anger, sorrow, and hate. Communicate your feelings with a professional and find solutions to move on.


It is easy to get stressed out at work. When that happens, relax. Try your hands at Yoga and learn to breathe slowly when you are stressed. It can do you (and others around you) a world of good.

Top Tips to Do More At Your Work

What should you do if you feel that your boss is unfairly favoring an employee?

Favoritism at the workplace is the biggest bane ever. From creating an unhealthy work environment to pushing down revenues to a significant level, the work ethic of the entire organization suffers greatly if nepotism and partiality thrive and cease to end. But there’s little you can do when your boss is heading all the operations and departments at your office. You just sit there performing a thankless job, powerless about the entire situation. So here’s a guide on how to handle this without risking your job. 

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Find out if you’re really a victim. 

If you see yourself as being overlooked over someone else, just analyze the situation thoroughly to be certain of it. Sometimes it turns out that you’re just playing the victim. 

What if the performance of the person being favored is better than yours? Make sure to work on yourself and be completely convinced of a superlative performance before you arrive at a decision. 

Speak up.

You might want to talk it out with your boss, but make sure you’re diplomatic. Don’t make it seem like a confrontation or, worse, an ambush. Just be very concise and clear, and communicate your concerns very calmly.

Don’t accuse

Your boss’ behavior might severely impact you, but just don’t lose it in front of them. Don’t accuse or mention others as witnesses to your boss’ doing. This will make your boss more defensive, and if your coworkers backtrack on their statements, you will just get into trouble. So probably just don’t discuss the favoritism part and just offer to be of assistance instead. 

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Continue to persevere 

Professionalism goes a long way in creating a name for yourself. Contribute your part to the company, and show your care for the team, bosses, and clients at all times. Don’t let the favoritism affect your work ethic.  

Analyze the reason, don’t judge

Just try to find out why there’s favoritism for the particular employee. It could be friendship, some special circumstances, or a common experience. Maybe it’s trust. Don’t resent your favored coworker. They may not even realize they’re being favored. It probably isn’t even their fault. Maintain a healthy relationship with your colleague without any blaming or bad beef. 

So, these are some of the tips on how you can stay motivated and productive in the workplace. Never lose sight of your ultimate goal and let temporary materialistic things deviate from it.


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