5 Ways Impunctuality Will Hurt Your Career

Are you running late at all times? Can’t help it? 

You probably need a wake-up call if your answers to these questions were yes. 

You might not realize this, but punctuality is the most important thing for a professional to thrive. If you’re always running late to work, it can prove catastrophic for your career and job prospects. Tardiness at work is more lethal than you think. Here’s why. 

Lack of respect – 

Suppose if the CEO calls you for a meeting, would you run late? 

Not really? Why? Because the CEO is the most respected person in your organization, right? 

But you would be running late for the other meetings. This exactly shows that you don’t value those meetings and the employers at a lower level than the CEO. 

This shows that you don’t respect anybody’s time and effort, presence for a meeting, or even the goals you need to achieve. 

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Not reliable –

Believe it or not, if you’re late to a meeting, people form the impression that you’re late for everything else, too, your projects, customer sales calls, and basically everything. 

Being late raises doubts about your reliability for responsibilities and trustworthiness. So obviously, you won’t be preferred for the valuable projects for the organization as people would just think you will mess it up. 

Lack of priorities –

Successful people know how to manage and prioritize things. Everybody is busy. But time management is the mantra for success. 

If you can manage to handle what’s on the table right now, you will be able to handle the future responsibilities in enhanced capacity too. But if you can’t handle what you’re already served with, this is bad news for the promotion seekers. 

Political posturing – 

There is always a hierarchy in the workplace, and usually, the highest-ranking person in the meeting is allowed to be a little late, whether it’s right or wrong. 

So if you manage to run late, everyone will just assume that you think you’re more important than your bosses, so what does that make you in their eyes?

Yes, you guessed it right. Arrogant.

Photo by Dylan Gillis on Unsplash/Copyright 2021

Wasting money – 

Each hour you spend at work is valuable. Meetings are at stake for hundreds of dollars, and wasting time means wasting the organization’s hard-earned money, and arriving late by even a few minutes costs a lot of your company time. 

So, knock yourself on the back of your head if you have been doing the same thing. 

You don’t realize how much impunctuality sets you on the slippery slope of failure. Every day you are getting closer and closer to becoming a failure, which is certainly not anyone’s goal.

So, wake up and start being punctual if you want your dreams to come into reality.

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