6 Pragmatic Ways to Choose a Job You Love

Often, you may find yourself submerged in deep thoughts, questioning your career choices. This hits you hard, especially on days when you’re having a rather stressful day at work.

You go back home feeling anxious and seek advice from a family member who would probably respond with, “What do you want to do then?”

Whether you are looking for a job switch or just starting a career, here are six ways to help you discover your true calling –

1. Consider your interests 

Isn’t it obvious? If you want the perfect job, it has to be one that’s congruous to your interests. Write down 3 of your interests that can be transformed into a great career.

Use the G+P+V formula, which stands for Gifts, Passion, and Values. Once you’ve done this, half the battle is won!

2. Test a test 

Evaluating your interests and passion is an essential factor while choosing a suitable job. Having said that, you should not only love your job but also be capable of doing it well.

A personality test like the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator will help you discern your skills and personality traits, providing the direction you need. There are plenty of other job-specific aptitude tests that will aid you in understanding what you’re good at.

Image by athree23 from Pixabay/Copyright 2022

3. Explore new career paths through research 

It’s surprising how so many of us were not even aware that our dream jobs existed until much later in life. Make use of the WWW to search for unconventional job opportunities available today.

You might find something that you’ve always wanted to do but didn’t know existed.

4. Think about your current state  

Some career options may require years of formal training and can also be expensive. You need to figure out if you are financially and mentally ready to undertake these courses.

Remember that there is an alternative for everything. Your decision should never be based on this point alone. Aside from your financial situation, you have to also ask yourself if you are willing to invest the time and effort it demands.

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5. Take an internship 

If the above points didn’t work for you, try taking an internship. It may not pay you well, but it is the most practical way of gauging the best-suited job for yourself.

Some of us can only be sure of a job once we actually do it. Only consider this once you have narrowed down your options.

6. Make the decision 

You are sure to find multiple career paths where you can excel. 

A lot of us waste time doing something we hate simply because we can’t decide! Here’s what you should do – Stop thinking about the cons of making a wrong choice, or you’ll experience analysis paralysis. Just go ahead and pick one. If it doesn’t work, pick another one. It’s impossible to move forward if you cannot even make a decision.

Even in today’s competitive world, it’s never too late to choose a happier, more fulfilling life for yourself. Treat your career as a marathon and not a sprint. It can turn out to be completely different from where you started off. Heck, you can even have more than one career!

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