How to Recruit a Product Manager?

When business, technology, and user experience all come together, they converge into what is known as Product Management.

The job of a Product Manager, deservedly known as the “CEO of the product,” is to discover a beneficial, utilizable, and viable product.

If you are looking to hire somebody who can design and develop a profitable, outstanding, and useful product, then the Product Manager is your guy!

How to Select a Product Manager?

A few things to bear in mind while selecting a suitable candidate for this job are as follows:

• Your candidate should possess a solid knowledge of engineering concepts.
• They should discuss the essential architecture of a product they have launched effortlessly.
• They should be capable of elaborating on software products they’ve launched previously.
• A suitable candidate will be competent enough to give examples of lessons learned by means of the feedback given by their users.

Product Manager Interview Questions

Listed below are 12 interview questions (operational and situational) to hire the best person for this job:

1. Explain how you would monetize Twitter.

2. Tell me about your process for designing product features in detail.

3. Elucidate a product you have launched previously, as well as your users and competition.

4. Name some products or people who have inspired your method of designing products.

5. Elaborate on how you decide on what not to build?

6. You mentioned one feature from the product in your engineer-speak. Describe it.

7. Describe a commercially successful product of your choice. What, according to you, makes it so successful?

8. You’re almost ready to launch your SaaS product. How do you plan to gather feedback?

9. Throw some light on a time when your engineers questioned a decision you made. What was the problem? How would you defend their opinion?

10. Elaborate on your experience with writing product manuals.

11. These are the flaws in our products. What would you do to improve them? Explain step by step.

12. Tell us how you would like to spend your first week on the job?

There you go, now you are all set to recruit new people.

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